Saturday, April 15, 2017

Why Is Turkey Still a Member of NATO ?

Evil flourishes world wide in these last of the last days because Satan knows his time is running out.

Turkey has returned to it's backwards extremist Islamic roots where freedom is no more and the oppression of Islam flourishes.

As usual the impotent and godless West ignore Turkeys descent into despotism as the madman Erdogan with illusions of grandeur returns a once secular and thriving Turkey back to the days of the Islamic Ottoman Caliphate where jihad and ruthless expansionism was the primary mission.

Conquering the infidels for their bloodthirsty god allah is what Islam and Turkey are all about, but the fake-news media will never tell you this truth.

Turkey prepares for tight vote that could strengthen Erdo─čan's grip on power

'The fact that Turkey is still a member of NATO reveals the moral bankruptcy of Europe and America'

Andrew Brunson and his wife Norine have peaceably ministered in Turkey as Presbyterian church planters since 1993

As Turkey persecutes a Christian pastor, what price freedom?

Andrew and his wife, Norine, have peaceably ministered in Turkey as Presbyterian church planters since 1993. In October they were detained as a threat to national security. She was subsequently released, but Andrew remains imprisoned to this day.

Ironically, Brunson’s church in Turkey is named the Protestant Resurrection Church. While Christians around the world celebrate an empty tomb this Easter, his congregation and wife, tragically, cannot celebrate an empty jail cell. 


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