Sunday, April 2, 2017

When Israel Bows to US for Peace, They Always Get War

Whenever Israel ignores God's will and does what the US wants it to do, bad things always happen, guaranteed !!!

Now, another major disaster is in the making 

Trump to host Middle East leaders after Israel curbs settlement construction

Trump will meet in the White House with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday and with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Wednesday.

America, Chief Meddler in carving up Israel

The US has been at the forefront meddling in Israel's sovereign affairs under the guise of peace, especially since Bubba Billy's Era, the failed Oslo Accord of 1993... and failed Wye, failed Camp David, failed Tenant, failed Zinni, failed Mitchell, failed Madrid, failed Hebron, failed Road Map, failed Sharm el Sheikh, failed Aquaba, failed Annapolis, failed etc., etc.

When the big failure was signed on the White House lawn with Palestinian Terrorist Yasser Arafat and Israeli PM Yitzak Rabin that is when the suicide bombing of innocent Jews by the Palestinians skyrocketed.

Since then ALL the nations, with the US at the head of this evil table, have been working hard to return Israel to the 1967 Auschwitz borders where it will be much easier for the Arab/Islamic armies to conquer Israel.

Today, President Trump is leading this evil agenda against Israel under the guise of bringing peace to the Middle East.

The Two State Solution belongs to Satan and not God

The US, EU and UN know the Palestinians don't want peace
The peace process is about weakening Israel for her extermination

The EU and UN are always right behind treacherous America Babylon with their pitchforks and clubs targeting Israel, never the Islamic terrorists (Palestinians). It's only Israel that is always abused and restrained.
Goodwill gestures are always demanded of Israel but never from the Palestinian Terrorism Authority.
Their lies, broken promises and empty word are always enough to please the Washington pimps of the fake peace.

America will pay a heavy price for this evil against Israel

I'm writing about this again because there is a deep and dark cloud of deception over Christians in America who falsely believe that US intervention as peace broker between the Jews and Arabs is a good thing that will benefit all parties involved.

On the contrary, the opposite is true.
This latest Trump intervention to carve up Israel under Satan's false peace will lead to massive destruction and major war.
I believe God has had enough of US meddling with Israel and will finally pluck the wings off the eagle.

Israel's false messiah of 2005

Never Again, Again and Again

Back in the summer of 2005 then President Bush used threats and inordinate pressure to force Israeli P.M. Sharon to remove every remaining Jew from Gaza for the fake peace process where the only thing Israel got in return was a rain of thousands of rockets on their cities.

This Bush/USA meddling led to the Hamas take over of Gaza and a number of wars which now increase with intensity and destruction.
The USA is always there to restrain Israel from defeating the Hamas terrorists for some reason.
The same restrain game happened again when President Bush sent Secretary Rice to rescue Hezbollah and stop Israel from defeating them in the 2006 war.

The same hypocrite nation fighting unending, failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for over a decade.

Whenever Israel yields to pressure and threats from false ally, America Babylon, which has become Israel's defacto God, war is right around the corner and never peace.

Israel's enemies always see Israels retreats as weakness, and this is the dark and evil business that America is involved in against Israel under the lie of peace, something Israel never seems to learn so soon after the Gush Katif/Gaza debacle.

Whenever Israel retreats from any piece of land that God has given them, big trouble is not far behind.

 There was another Israeli retreat because of pressure from the U.S. in 2000 that has gravely endangered Israel. The Second Lebanon War of 2006 was a direct result of Israels retreat six years previously, and the next war will more than likely be nuclear war.

"Israel always gets the same results from appeasement and retreat by the Palestinians and their Arab neighbors"

Israel Leaves South Lebanon After 22 Years

BEIRUT — Israel's "security zone" became Lebanon's "liberated zone" as the last Israeli troops pulled out of southern Lebanon early today, swiftly ending the Jewish state's 22-year occupation of this nation.

Ever since Israel listened to Washington and retreated from South Lebanon and Gaza the threat to Israel has only grown more severe with no peace in sight.

Now as the latest fool meddler Trump sticks his nose in to fix the Islam/ Infidel problem of Israel and the Arabs we can expect a much bigger war not far off.  

Israel will eventually come to the realization that peace does not come from Washington but by the Holy One of Israel, alone!

Prepare for War  

.... because that is all that America is about since they forsook God, and the Islamic occupation of Israels lands will eventually come to a full end. 


Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks for dredging up all the bad memories for me, Marcel.


Hi noodles,

I decided to leave out your other comment as it's dangerously inflammatory.

I do believe that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it in an even greater and more catastrophic way, especially when it is the recent past.


.... and how the Palestinians rewarded Israel for their incredible stupidity in bowing to the will of USA, Cowboy, Skull & Bones Boy Bush and ignoring the will of God.
It looks like Israel has chosen to learn the painful and hard way once again.
It must be golden boy Trump's hair where NETANYAHU/ISRAEL obeys him and ignores God ?

Noodles said...

Saw N. Bennet on the Hebrew news complaining about Netenyahu missing the opportunity the change the narrative with the Americans.
Sad to say, but I think Netenyahu also somehow has one foot (if not both) in the NWO, but there will be hell to pay and how far off could Gog & Magog be?
You did well to delete part of my comment and not the whole...must be the ol' dark sense of humor at work again.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks for that news.
I found it at YNET.

Bennett laments missed settlement opportunity,7340,L-4944057,00.html

“The story is not President Trump, but the position of the Israeli government, because we did not place a determined Israeli initiative on the table, two states filled the vacuum,” he wrote. “We missed an historic opportunity.”


The politician Benji the poodle has always been a loyal lap dog to his Globalist masters.
As all slick politicians, He talks the talk but never walks the walk.