Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Great P.R. War

by P.R. I am referring to *global population reduction.

“It will come about in all the land,” Declares the Lord,
“That two parts in it will be cut off and perish;
But the third will be left in it.
Zechariah 13:8

Something high on the agenda of the evil globalist's in their mad attempt to rebuild the Tower of Babel on a global scale. Depopulation and sustainable development work together to this end.

I believe this is why they allowed North Korea to achieve nuclear status and are now backing the North Korea dictator into a corner where his only response can and will be nuclear war, a war that Russia, China, Iran and other's will enter into.

South Korea and US set for 'largest ever' war games

They used to say ; 'It can't happen to us'

After the Philippine government seized one of North Korea's ships and the very tough UN sanctions last week, this high stakes mad max game has been ratcheted up another notch and taken us into unmarked territory.
I believe the North Korean's used to call this; An act of war ?
But we've doubled down with a few more;
acts of war

This is make or break now for North Korea, and I believe they will not be broken but fight back with everything they have.
Most of the sheeple headed for slaughter are asleep.... but they will wake up... too late.

It's very possible that this unusually largest ever 'game' will lead to the real thing, something that has not caught the military planners off guard.

Just watching and just a guess, but I would not be surprised!

They know what they're doing as these 'wise ones' remember that it was only a US oil embargo on Japan in 1941 that led to their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor which brought us into WW II.

Sometimes these big wars are planned and not just stumbled into by stupid leaders.
We are already way past this "embargo provocation" with North Korea and the novice leader who now needs to prove himself to his people and the world.

It will catch the American public off guard as the deviant perverts of the US media are not even bothering to report this largest ever US/South Korean military war provocation that is all planned to unnerve the fat boy of North Korea, Kim Jong-un.

This dangerous Russian Roulette of Armies goes beyond insane to evil in a well planned population reduction sort of way.
The evil globalists will be able to advance their nefarious agenda by leaps and bounds after the major destruction, the dust settles and radiation levels drop.

Nobody will be talking about elections and the spoiler's, Cruz and Trump will be thing's of the past.


2 mad dog military powers fighting over the Syria bone

US Builds 2 Air Bases in Syria

This is to counter Russia's moves into Syria and the Middle East, and it will end in a showdown, a gunfight at the OK Corral where winner takes all.
Most likely, sooner than later.

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* Those who are not familiar with the population reduction and sustainable development agenda's, do a search, dig through and find some reputable web sites and study their, out in the open, day of light plans for reducing the global population.


doublenickel said...

I live about 50 minutes outside a large city on the West Coast in a rural area. I travel into the heart of the city on a daily basis to work. For the past few years I've been praying that the Lord would see to it that when (not if) the calamity strikes I will not be in the city at work but at home with my wife--or even farther away, on a trip, etc. Where we live is beautiful, and a provision from God (if you heard the whole story, you'd agree), but for several years I've been uncomfortable being so close to said city. I'm just trusting that I'm where He wants us for now. But hoping He'll move us soon!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Good prayer.
Out of debt, retired with no mortgage so its easier for me not to be a slave to the race of the rats... rat race.
I hate the vanity of it all that ignores God and puts that first.

I've got the same aversion to big cities...anywhere.

I believe God has put that in my heart.
They will become a cesspool of all that is bad with humanity when famine, sword, pestilence, economic collapse hit.

In fact they already are crime ridden dens of sin and wickedness under the deceptive veneer of "life"