Thursday, March 3, 2016

Poor, Misunderstood Emadeldin Elsayed

How is it that we are only hearing about it now and I only learned about it from a foreign media ?

Interesting how he was arrested 'last month' for this threat and the govt/media is for the most part covering it up to protect the false image of Islam they feed us daily.

"It's just a stupid post"

Mr Elsayed said he wrote the message because he was angered by Mr Trump's comments about Muslims.

Emadeldin Elsayed-Good Student

US Secret Service agents interviewed Mr Elsayed in early February after he posted a photo of Mr Trump on Facebook and wrote he was willing to serve a life sentence for killing the billionaire and the world would thank him.

"I don't know why would they think I am a threat to the national security of the United States just because of a stupid post."
"He is honestly a good student," Mr Khatib said. "He seemed to be a good guy."


It looks like this just another misunderstood 'good Muslim' invited into the US to learn how to fly. Didn't we try that in 2001 ? 

..and the corrupt Washington elites still haven't learned anything, or are they working on another 9/11 ? 

May be deported ? As opposed to maybe not ?

Or maybe President Obama will give him a job in his administration because he is a 'good student' ?

It seem that we are led by dangerous fools and idiots who endanger American lives everyday with their stupid, failed policies.

Or is all of this US illegal immigration policy, Obama Open Borders and out of control student visa process from radical hotbeds of Islamic terrorism Arab nations intentional ?

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