Monday, March 14, 2016

Khweis Mohammed Jamal

Khweis is America's latest export to the killing fields of Islam.

Will the media turn him into a poor, misguided victim ?

The Islamic terrorists come and go from the US with ease because the Government is not really serious about stopping them....
or they are incredibly incompetent, even after all the billions of dollars wasted on DHS, NSA, CIA.
We do know that US ally and NATO member Turkey has kept the revolving door wide open for them to cross in and out of Syria, only stopping or arresting very few for show and pretend.

Islamic State fighter from U.S. in custody in Iraq

When these (TRAINED KILLERS) Islamic terrorists return to the U.S. they are not arrested, just put under poor, limited surveillance by the overtaxed FBI, if that.

Pretty much, they are protected by our government-media, propaganda ministry.
Proof of this is the lack of coverage of this important news story.
The twisted U.S. media will without a doubt cover this up or bury it after half a day.

The jihadist in the White House always, always makes sure news stories like this are swept under the rug.
He wouldn't want people here to get the real facts on the violent religion he peddles as civilized and peaceful.
See what I did to Libya ? And I got away with it !

Maybe President Hussein O. will give him a job at the White House when he gets back ?

Recently another Muslim learning to fly planes in California Emadeldin Elsayed threatened to kill Donald Trump on Facebook and the only punishment he will receive is to be deported in June, if that.

Our Government and their Media, Propaganda Ministry have gone real soft on Islamic terrorists, they're too busy trying to take down, defeat/destroy Donald Trump.

Has Bowie Berghdal been sentenced yet or has this turncoat also been given a pass ?

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