Thursday, August 6, 2015


I will share with you a very important cornerstone of truth that has been supressed by the Prince of Darkness and his followers in their ongoing war against the Israel of God. The perverted global leaders including Pope Francis, Orthodox and Protestant 'Christanity', in fact all the nations on this sick planet can see that the Muslims can not even live in peace among themselves and yet they continue to force Israel to surrender and appease this unappeasable beast.
They are actually sacrificing Israel and the Jewish people to Satan.
That is exactly what they are doing, but it is they who will be devoured!
The Western media and Western Governments are hoping we do not see or grasp the inherent bloodlust and evil of this religion that worships a god of death.
In the religion of hate, this is what they do to please their god of hate and death. Along with lots of bloodshed and intolerance they love to kill each other as much as killing those who resist their evil they peddle as a religion of peace.
Our US, EU, UN Ministry of Propaganda demand that we accept this as a religion of peace or we are the problem. We know where the problem lies, its with Islam and those who lie to us about its inhumanity, lack of mercy or compassion, its evil nature, its insatiable blood lust.
Noon Prayers at the Mosque
The worst thing is that we have a president in the White House who insults our intelligence by telling us with a bold faced lie ; "This is not Islam", when he knows and we all know, This is Islam.
Think about it; A religion that claims to worship God, one group of fellow Muslims will go into a Mosque where other fellow Muslims are praying to the same god and blow himself up in order to kill them.
That is THE definition of evil ! The elite Oligarchs who are themselves evil keep pushing their delusions and lies on the masses to deceive them so they can no longer think rationally.
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter
Isaiah 5:20


Anonymous said...

A good and truthful article brother. The Islamic supremacist that sits in D.C. is a very well paid puppet for the "puppet masters". No truth can come out of that place. He has appointed other Islamic supremacists to high positions in the government.

A casual reading of verses in the quran will show that the Daesh / Isis is practicing islam to the letter. The author of said book was obviously a demon possessed butcher. His followers copy him. It IS a death cult.

To call this huge lie a "religion of peace " is an obviously sad and sorry lie.

Thanks again for a good article.

Marcel Cousineau said...

the truth has become rare, almost extinct.