Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hussein Obama's Jihad Against America

And the arrogant one will stumble and fall with no one to raise him up.
Jeremiah 50:32

The US has been under attack from within for a long time. It didn't just start with the Destroyer in Chief. One thing has changed though, he has accelerated America's collapse in every way. After President Bush and Jihad Obama got away with lying to us on a daily basis saying; " Islam is a religion of peace " while all the evidence points in the opposite direction, the deceivers knew that the average American citizen had been sufficiently dumbed down, brainwashed, and that they could get away with their evil plans with little to no resistance. Feed the people lies because that is what they want to hear is what politicians and pathological liars know beyond any doubt. The best liar wins in the new amoral America.
America's Tolerance for Evil has grown into a weed now choking the remaining life out of it.

The Government/Media has placed the masses in a deep coma.
One of many examples I will give you is how Hussein O. is flooding America with Muslims who have not been properly vetted. What is truly amazing to see is the silence and total apathy of the American people being prepared and led to their slaughter by evil men now in control.
What greater sign of God's judgment on a wicked nation?
Obama and his fellow destroyers use the Department of Homeland Security for their nefarious agenda.
How crafty, to use the agency tasked to protect us to instead destroy us, and they're getting away with it so easily.
American's no longer question the pile of lies from the evil ones they have elected to rule over them and of course they never hold them accountable, never!
The Islamic enemy is so emboldened on US soil now because they know they have a friend in the White House and he has neutered the FBI and all security agencies by giving the religion that invented the suicide bomber protected status. It's amazing to see how little resistance there is to Obama's nefarious agenda from the deadwood Republicans or anyone.
That tells me two things;
1. We've already been overthrown, a revolutionary coup by the insanely sinister globalist destroyers.
2. This is all part of God's final judgment on America Babylon and no one can stop it. See Jeremiah 50-51
We're being overun by people that mean us harm and thats the plan now moving fast forward. When the evil one collapses the Economy that is when most comatose American's will wake up...too late!
Middle Eastern men tracking and intimidating wives of US servicemen on Military bases in America
They are getting bolder and bolder thanks to their Cheif Enabler in the White House.
DHS, Making America Safer for the Islamic Terrorists
Making sure they are provided with everything they need for jihad against we 'infidels' after the criminal government has imported them into the country.They're better taken care of than the Veterans.Thanks Hussein O., Mr.Jihad in the White House.


Anonymous said...

I see this too. Obviously this plan has been in the works for a long time. Mr. President is a "puppet mouth" just speaking what his managers tell him to speak. He implements their plans. A slave of satan sits in the "rainbow house". It is so open, yet no one does anything. As you have said, "We must pray as never before". The Peace of The LORD be with you.

Marcel Cousineau said...

when God sends His judgment, man is powerless, not even Donald the Trump can stop the slide down to hell. Psalm 9:17
Prayer won"t stop it. As God told Jeremiah :do not pray for these people. We have to make sure our house is in order and seek cover under the Lord's mighty wings.

Anonymous said...