Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Plague of Rats Upon The Land

"And he cried out with a mighty voice,saying, "Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! And she has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird.
Revelation 18:2

If you can't see this reality across the land today then you've buried your head in the sand and are out due to a lack of oxygen. All you have to do is go to any media outside the US and read the headlines, just the headlines, and you will see our decadent,terminal, reprobate condition as a nation under evil leadership that has removed all morality from the land.
Since we rejected the Light as a nation, darkness has filled the void across the land and not 1 worthless politician has the courage to deal with this fact with an unrepentant,reprobate people.
America, the good old USA is now under a slew of invasions, criminals, viruses, Islamic terrorists, deadly weather, ect. that will soon destroy the proud empire. 
As Empires go, America has not learned the lessons of what has brought down those once great world empires before us. Pride, the arrogance on B.H Obama and D. Trump's face is our collective self inflicted bullet to the brain as a great world power. 
The signs are all around us, in fact they are overwhelming us on a daily basis. Here are a few "signs"; The people have chosen a pathological liar (and spineless cowards incapable of standing up for the truth out of fear of man) to lead them,they are so removed from reality that the propaganda arm of the Government, the media is able to feed them a steady stream of lies when not in bread and circus mode. 
America On Self Destruct
How much of the world now view America
If you don't understand what the CFR and what its agenda is about, its probably too late for you.
Its all NWO. They control the media,education and who gets elected president of these fractured states of America. Using the term rodents to describe them and what they have done to this country is too kind of an example to describe them. Their globalist agenda is directly out of the playbook of the Dragon,Lucifer. You can't get anywhere near the top unless you are part of this nefarious club and their plans for global governance ala' Tower of Babel, Final Edition.
The illegal immigrant invasion made possible by the insane rodents of Washington and the corrupt perverts now intentionally sinking the ship of state should be evident to every US citizen by now. Those who do not see or understand what Obama and his underlings are doing are the walking dead, don't waste your time even trying to wake these dead and doomed souls up, it's too late for them because they chose to live in a fantasy, a big fat lie and reality is going to hit them so hard its going to finish them.
The Bible says; 'When the wicked are in authority the people mourn.' If you are not mourning and in great sorrow yet, you will be. Their next move is to destroy the US economy and they've prepared, the totalitarian establishment has prepared for it. A Militarized police state,a dictator in the White House with evil in his heart and enough bullets and machine guns to keep the lowly serfs of the oligarchs in total submission as they are marched to the slaughterhouse.


  1. I just read Revelation 18. Two things stood out. "The smoke of her burning" and "in one day" destruction comes, For STRONG is The LORD GOD Who judges her" Children of GOD, Disciples of JESUS / YESHUA, hide yourselves in HIM+. The Judgment will equal the sin. Bless you for speaking Truth.

    1. Thanks.
      In one hour.
      Daniel 12:10
      Hack problems.

  2. Most want their delusion and lies.The truth is under attack by those who serve the father of lies and the NSA/ Stasi agents of the New World dis-Order.
    Daniel 12:10
    Marcel C.

  3. Yes! You are right. In verse 8 it says one day. But un 17 it states ONE HOUR! It seems that that will be VERY SUDDEN and FINAL. What Judgment / Wrath will our LORD+ use on Babylon? Bless you. Hope your " hack problems" are fixed.

  4. God is good.He will humble the wicked.
    Looking good here, Praise God!!!