Monday, July 17, 2017

Vichy Government Returns to France Under Macron

This time the cowardly French have surrendered to the new Nazi's of Islam and blame the Jews for the lack of peace between Israel and it's Arab Muslim occupiers. 

"""The Vichy French president, Emmanuel Macron, has denounced France’s collaboration in the Holocaust, lashing out at those who negate or minimize the country’s role in sending tens of thousands of Jews to their deaths as he and France.""

France once again betrays the Jews by blaming the lack of peace between Israel and the Arabs on Jews building homes instead of Islam and it deep dark roots of hatred, intolerance, violence and bloodshed towards the Jews and all infidels.

Macron assailed Jewish settlement construction as a threat to international hopes for peace.

'Macron, too much of a cowardly French leader to assail Muslims, their terrorism, hate, intolerance and violence for the lack of peace' 

 France organised this': Macron denounces FRENCH state role in Holocaust atrocity




Maize, rice, wheat: alarm at rising climate risk to vital crops

Governments may be seriously underestimating the risks of crop disasters occurring in major farming regions around the world, a study by British researchers has found.

It's all part of God's judgments on the nations wickedness and sin. 
Wars, famines, plagues...

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