Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Israel's Netanyahu to Islamic World - I Will Always Capitulate

Netanyahu's track record of retreat is long and telling.

He has once again told the Arab/Islamic world that threats, violence and terrorism work and Israel will always submit as a dhimmi to Islam's demands. This is not a good sign for always appeasing Israel.

Benji the well trained poodle is Israel's first dhimmi P.M., under submission to the will of Islam and everyone else but the Holy One of Israel.

idol worshiper

IDF -Army of Retreat

Under his weak and always capitulating leadership Israel has revealed to her enemies that it is incapable of defeating Hamas after many wars in Gaza 

The same goes for Hezbollah !

After weak Israel retreated from Gaza in 2005 to please her Washington pimp it wasn't long before missiles started falling on Israeli cities.

During "Operation Cast Lead" all it took for Israel to retreat before defeating Hamas was a visit from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Once again in 2014 when Israel went into Gaza after Hamas, the lap dog Netanyahu retreated again after a visit from Secretary of State John Kerry.

This ongoing Israel show of weakness and fear towards the threats and violence of the Islamic world breeds great pride and dangerous ambitions with her Arab neighbors.
What will be the next push from the Islamic world where Israel is once again required to roll over under threats of major war.

The roll over on command lap dog Netanyahu by his never ending capitulation and weakness has only brought this major, unavoidable conflict closer by emboldening Israel's enemies.


Faith or Fear ?

Faithless Israel is fearful Israel and fear brings trouble, Israel's enemies smell blood.

Amman embassy shooting was just what Netanyahu needed

What’s the problem with the metal detectors, ministers are asking. Why there are metal detectors in Mecca too. They don’t understand that the dispute is not over metal detectors, but over sovereignty. The rules of the game were set 50 years ago by then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan:

The Israeli flag won’t be raised over the Temple Mount mosques. Israel will be the defacto sovereign, through the Israel Police, but the Waqf, whose leaders receive their salary from Jordan, will be responsible for the daily activity. Every move will be coordinated. Dayan was afraid, rightfully, of a religious war that would sweep the entire Muslim world.


'someone that frightens Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu more than they do, it is the prospect of a major escalation of violence or war. 
Netanyahu can play with fire, can allow ministers such as Jewish Home’s Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked and Likud’s Miri Regev to determine the cabinet’s policy for a few days.
But the moment signs of real trouble appear on the horizon, Netanyahu himself rushes to concede, albeit while presenting his concessions as achievements.
“The Temple Mount is in our hands,” Israel has maintained since 1967, but to the chagrin of many, it is not solely in Israel’s hands. The events of the past 10 days underline the heavy price, including in blood, for anybody who seeks to ignore this.

The Mount is also in the hands of the Jordanians, thanks to (faithless) Israel’s own decision to allow the Waqf to continue to administer the site after the end of the Six Day War.'


Now Muslims want more "surrender" from Israel

Muslim leaders advised worshipers to continue to stay away from the Temple Mount on Tuesday, even after Israel removed the metal detectors and security cameras that touched off a boycott of the holy site polluted by the abominable lie of Islam.


Aftermath-Muslim suicide bomber attack on fellow Muslims at prayer in Mosque

Would Muslims blow up their own Mosque on the Temple Mount in order to start Islam's last war against Israel ?

Of course they would, they have a long record of destroying their own Mosques for less reason. 
Israel's destruction is a strong motivating factor to do just that.

Here are just a few of hundreds of Mosques destroyed by Muslims. 

Now that P.M. Netanyahu has once again retreated on another important issue, security on the Temple Mount, how hard would it be for Muslims terrorists who have found a way to place bombs in lap tops to accomplish this catastrophic event and blame it on the Jews, settlers.
We already know how easily the Islamic world would fall for this "BLAME THE JEWS", and march on Jerusalem.



"Unfortunately, the prospects for adopting this bill are real. We are alarmed by the fact that a very dangerous mine is being planted under the foundations of relations between our countries."

Land mines have a way of going off when not expected


This video was shared by Hezbollah affiliated media and is described as showing forces advancing in the Arsal area. 


In March, retired PLA Major General Wang Haiyun said it was "necessary to prepare military action as soon as possible for a potential war" on the peninsula.
Beijing is moving to reinforce the border as tensions on the Korean Peninsula rise and some in the US call for regime change in Pyongyang.


"We urge the Indian side not to take any chances or hold any illusions." He added that China had strengthened its capabilities in safeguarding its national sovereignty over the past 90 years. "It's easier to shake a mountain than to shake the PLA," he said

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