Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Palestinian to World, Punish Israel But Never US

"Punish Israel for building homes but never punish us for our acts of barbaric terrorism of Islam against innocent infidel Jews, and by all means keep the billions in support of our bloody cause coming in." 

We are Palestinian's, WE ARE PUNISHMENT PROOF!


JERUSALEM (AP) -- A Palestinian Cabinet minister on Tuesday called on the international community to punish Israel for a contentious new law, just hours after the Israeli parliament adopted the bill to retroactively legalize thousands of West Bank settlement homes built unlawfully on private Palestinian land.

We the Palestinian people are very, very happy that you the international community are more concerned about Jews building homes than you are about our dysfunctional House of Islam where so much suffering, death and violence is coming from to attack so many innocents across the world. Thank you for ignoring our ongoing Islamic terrorism against the infidel Jews. 

As we say in the Arab world ;


We are very happy that our friends in the international community always overlook our unlawful Palestinian brand of Islamic terrorism and actually fund our agenda of exterminating Israel by way of the peace process and hundreds of billions of dollars in support.

So we come to you again our dear perverts and deviants in the International community to please ignore our never ending violence, terrorism, murder of innocent Jews and failure to live up to any of the agreements we have signed and only go after Israel and the infidel Jews.


Media cover up and propaganda : 


Yes we do ignore and also cover up acts of Islamic terrorism in order to keep the lie alive that Islam is a religion of peace.

We in the media are so full of lies and sit as the gatekeepers to protect the religion of all terrorism and this is why we will never report that it is Islam which is instigating these acts of terrorism across the world.  And that is why we will never use the correct and true term Islamic terrorism.

It is also why we are going after President Trump at every opportunity because he is not going along with our deception to protect our extremely violent, and totalitarian religion from hell where freedom is a thing of the past for the sheep we are leading to slaughter.

Donald Trump Is Not Welcome To Address Parliament, U.K. Speaker Declares

We sniveling hypocrites in the U.K. have been overthrown by Islam which we inadvertently opened our doors wide to.
We are in the process of learning submission from our conquerors.
we Brits have welcomed in our conquerors with open arms

Now that we have been defeated by the Trojan horse of Islam we have learned to accept our status as dhimmis and this is why someone like President Donald Trump or a Michael Savage is not allowed to speak their views any longer in the UK.
Lets face it, the thin and false veneer of freedom in the U.K. is just that, lies and propaganda so that the submission of the West to Islam can go forward as it has here in  the land that forsook the Magna Carta in order to appease the followers of the false prophet, Mohammed.  

Islam's message to Texas/America


Anonymous said...

Amen Marcel, Samson7able here,
The followers of the false demon possessed messenger of satan, mohammad are busy doing just what their blood thirsty founder did.
Terrorize, butcher and rape all who dare to disagree with his filthy lies.
But if any one hits back at them, " "Oh, stop, stop, you are being so cruel to us "Peaceful" muslims". You are hindering our plan to conquer the world and killing all Jews and Christians for our false prophet and our dirty little demon-god". And their fellow slaves of satan in D.C. and elsewhere across the globe loudly support these murderers and rapists! What fools.

Marcel Cousineau said...

'"And their fellow slaves of satan in D.C. and elsewhere across the globe loudly support these murderers and rapists! What fools."'

THANKS for your comment brother.
How insane the godless perverts have become after they rejected God.
Even with all the evidence to the contrary they choose be remain blind and call evil, good.
He has given them over to blindness and stupidity as the embrace their destroyers, the muhajirun, wrongly called refugees.

On judgment day these reprobates who are silent and give terrorism Islam a pass will have no excuse.

Linda Sorci said...

This seems too blatant to simply be blindness. It looks more to me like intentional alignment with the evil one and his evil ideology from hell.

Marcel Cousineau said...

I agree. All we have to do is see how the flow of billions of dollars never stops to flow to the Islamic terrorists whom the world, US,EU, UN have renamed 'poor Palestinian (Muslim) victims'

Evil has a way of twisting the truth and calling good, evil and evil, good.

The world system is evil and that is why Jesus will end it when He returns.


Marcel Cousineau said...

Interesting how the posts/publishing are working today !

Linda Sorci said...

Interesting, for sure. But the notifications for the post were still lagging way behind. Took quite awhile to hit my inbox.

Marcel Cousineau said...

The WHOLE internet is not as stable as they would have us believe.
Even with all the anti-virus software it's full of holes.

Everything is becoming more unstable, Praise God for the SOLID, unmovable ROCK Jesus Christ.

Linda Sorci said...

Amen, Brother! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Samson7able here:
I am agreed about it not being pure stupidity!

It is more of a well laid out plan, 911, cruise missile to pentagon, needless fake war in Iraq to stop those bad "weapons of mass destruction", and to begin the process of creating millions of refugees to pour into Europe and the U.S. Creating and funding IS to terrorize the world.

Then aiding and abetting the islamic jihadists and trying to tell the populace that they are really "peaceful". Not total stupidity, but a long range plan being worked out by VERY EVIL MEN.

May YHWH strike them down and take vengeance for the Whole House of Israel and for the little meek ones of the earth who are nothing to these servants of satan.

Marcel Cousineau said...

How they let Turkey get away with keeping the door wide open for all the Muslim terrorists 'VOLUNTEERS' from across the world to cross from Turkey into Syria FOR YEARS is another heads up to their evil agenda as is what Obama tries to do in Egypt with his Muslim Brotherhood terrorist buddies.

Thank God the people rose up along with the military and got rid of MORSI.