Sunday, December 17, 2017

Indonesia Playing With Ring of Fire

...I will make you a great nation,


And I will bless you,
And make your name great;
And so you shall be a blessing;
3 And I will bless those who bless you,
And the one who curses you I will curse.
And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”

Muslims of Indonesia and across the earth should use caution when cursing Israel as this brings a curse upon their heads and their lands. 

Remember dear Muslim that it is the God of Israel who shakes the ground beneath your feet and bring volcanoes back to life to preform His judgement's upon the evil and the wicked. 

ring of fire

Indonesia clerics call for boycott of US products over Jerusalem move

Some 80,000 rally in Jakarta in 10th straight day of protests; petition by Indonesia clerics calls for a boycott of American and Israeli products until Trump revokes recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.


The followers of the false prophet Mohammed do the works of the devil, Satan !


Three heavily armed Muslim suicide bombers attacked a crowded church Sunday in Quetta, southwestern Pakistan, killing at least eight worshipers from the minority Christian community.

Officials and doctors said women and children were among the victims of the Islam inspired attack on the Bethel Memorial Methodist Church, located in a highly secured central part of the city.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Burning Anger, 2018 Is Only Going to Get Hotter

He sent upon them His burning anger,
Fury and indignation and trouble,
A band of destroying angels.

California's Thomas wildfire enters its second week – in pictures

Thomas fire, the largest of the blazes burning in southern California, has engulfed more than 900 buildings, including at least 700 homes, since it broke out on 4 December.


New evacuation orders were issued on Saturday in Santa Barbara County, California, as wind gusts up to 60mph pushed the third-largest wildfire in state history towards a wealthy enclave which is home to Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities.



The 15-member UN Security Council is reviewing a draft resolution that would rescind such decisions and demand that “all states comply with Security Council resolutions regarding the Holy City of Jerusalem,”


Pope Frankie, World leader of anti-Israel Pagainzed Christianity

The pope and King Abdullah, who is the custodian of the pagan, abomintion Muslim unholy sites in Jerusalem’s Old City, are likely to discuss the ongoing tensions.

And of course the religion of hate, violence, intolerance and never ending murder and bloodshed on a global basis, Islam gets a pass while Israel gets the blame.
Can you see the evil Satanic attacks from all quarters on the Israel of God ramping up like never before ?

Expect to see much more of God's burning anger and wrath against the wicked & His enemies in the coming year !   

If You Get This Wrong You Lose

34 لِتُسَبِّحِ اللهَ السَّماءُ وَالأرْضُ وَكُلُّ ما فِيهِما.
35 لأنَّ اللهَ يُخَلِّصُ صِهْيَوْنَ،
وَيَبنِي مُدُنَ يَهُوذا.
لِيَسكُنَ هُناكَ شَعبُهُ وَيَرِثُوا الأرْضَ.
36 فَيَرِثَها نَسلُ عَبِيدِهِ أيضاً،
وَيَسكُنَ كُلُّ مُحِبِّي اسْمِهِ هُناكَ.


Islamic State threatens US attacks over Jerusalem decision

In a message on one of its accounts on the Telegram instant messaging service titled "Wait for us" and "ISIS in Manhattan," the group said it would carry out operations and showed images of New York's Times Square and what appeared to be an explosive bomb belt and detonator.

Come on in. The door is wide open.
Thanks to Democrats, RINOs, Globalists and their
Destroy America Immigration Policy

"The recognition of your dog 'Trump' (sic) Jerusalem as the capital of Israel will make us recognize explosives as the capital of your country."

Since 1993 when the US embarked on it's final suicidal mission of carving up the land God gave to Israel for a Palestinian state, it's all been downhill for this once great nation.

Our leaders have been turned into reprobate fools, IDIOTS, who bring destruction upon America by their insane, perverted and twisted laws and evil policies.

"We weren't destroyed overnight, but by the death of 1,000 cuts."

And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

Zechariah 12:3

The US has been cut to pieces and Humpty Dumpty can't put it back together again.
The economic mirage Trump has created is just that, a temporary and very deceptive mirage.

It is 1 of many idols of America that God shall strike down.

"cut into pieces"

Humpty Dumpty, trying so hard to put the pieces back together


There is no Palestine, never was, never will be !

The name "Palestine" was a filthy and derogatory name meant to be an insult to all Jews and those who use this term today are enemies of Israel. (whether they admit it or not)

The doomed Roman Empire renamed Israel, Palestine, with the aim to make Israel disappear forever.

Reality is that it is the Roman Empire that disappeared forever, long gone.

 Israel is here and here to stay !

The Brits have a knack for imitating the long gone Romans by calling Israel, Palestine, whenever they can. 
The world at war with the Israel of God, too stupid to figure out that Israel is here to stay, and it is they who shall follow the ones before them who assume to eradicate Israel and the Jews.
By creating another failed Islamic state that they so desperately want to name Abomination Palestine they have all brought a Divine  curse upon their countries and themselves.

You see  what is happening to the cannibal Islamic world (enemies of Israel) as they devour one another. 


Edward Herzbaum - Survivor

Friday, December 15, 2017

No Peace, No Love in Apartheid Islam

In apartheid Islam, there is no love or acceptance if you are outside of their evil, disorganized, blood soaked religion which teaches hate, violence, and intolerance to their children from birth.
Where the terrorized dead are piled up high to the sky.

Have you ever wondered why so many uncivilized Muslims countries are completely destroyed, and failed nation states compared to the rest of the civilized world ?

Islamic State’s self-styled capital is in ruins and its population scattered. Who will rebuild Raqqah?

The entire population — nearly 300,000 people — fled over more than four years of fighting, moving into displacement camps and crowding in with relatives in cities scattered across Syria and beyond.

The city is riddled with deadly booby traps and unexploded ordnance. Bombs have been found under rugs, inside ovens and refrigerators and, in at least one instance, stuffed into a teddy bear.

Why rebuild destroyed Muslim countries, they will just destroy them again ? 

You really have to wonder why every immoral Western leader, the EU, UN and US, and the rest of the world give this evil entity a pass ???

No compassion, no tolerance, no peace, no love, only hate and evil

Miss Iraq Flees Country After Backlash From Selfie With Miss Israel

She faced criticism and death threats for taking the selfie, which was posted on Instagram with the caption "Peace and Love from Miss Iraq and Miss Israel," and also for modeling in a bikini.


idiots of the west import evil and destruction into their lands

Germany's Muslim invaders bring their hate and intolerance with them

People burning Israeli flags on German streets "do not understand, or do not respect, what it means to be German" President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Friday, commenting on the recent protest that saw angry crowds in Berlin's Neukölln neighborhood destroying symbols of Israel.

that is because they are followers of the false prophet Mohammed, you fool !


... from Muslims invaders the stupid French invited in with open arms

French-Jewish families are being forced from their homes in Paris suburbs as Europe continues to be convulsed by levels of anti-Semitism not seen since the end of the Second World War.


Together Fatah & Hamas will kill the naive Jews and steal their land
under our Islamic peace process

In Fiery Speech, Palestinian President Abbas Condemns United States, Threatens Violence,  Denies Jewish History

At an Organization of the Islamic Conference summit in Turkey Wednesday, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a defiant speech in which he condemned the Trump administration and the United States, called on countries to end their recognition of Israel, threatened the world with violence, and claimed that Jewish history in Jerusalem is fabricated.


If you are not a Muslim and are an infidel, a Jew or a Christian you are not welcome in our 

Apartheid Organization of Global Islamic Oppression


No peace with Islam  

Very soon, President Trump will have to decide whether America should remain a bystander to Iranian expansionism or take steps to confront this menace to international security and sponsor of global terrorism.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Some People Are Not Smelling The Coffee That's Burning

It's tragic that when God sends destruction that modern day pagans have less commonsense then their   pagan ancestors who understood that it was God who controlled nature and the elements.
Today the masses have been brainwashed by the lie of evolution and climate change and the mother nature delusion.

The people  have forgotten God !

Watching the video below and the people of Dominica who survived the devastation of Hurricane Maria this  Bible verse came to mind.

The wicked, in the haughtiness of his face, will not seek nor inquire for Him; All his thoughts are, “There is no God [so there is no accountability or punishment].”
Psalms 10:4

God is nowhere to be found in the video, but everything else is mentioned, including 'mind, PTSD, and the big lie of climate change.

Someone in the video said ;

'Some People Are Not Smelling The Coffee That's Burning'

The 'burning coffee' should have been 'the burning anger of God'

Although God created earth, life, the wind, the sea, the waves, hurricanes, and everything else the evil message here is one sanitized when it comes to God and His judgments for sin, personal and national.

How can God get their attention ?

Some don’t have bodies to bury’: My journey back to Dominica after the hurricane - video

“And in the greatness of Your excellence You overthrow those who rise up against You;
You send forth Your burning anger, and it consumes them as chaff.
“At the blast of Your nostrils the waters were piled up... 
Exodus 15:7

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Israel's Failed Policy of Appeasement, Retreat and Capitulation Brings Armageddon

Early on Israel defeated every Arab / Muslim army and won deterrence over their enemies.
That has all been lost since Israel went to the US for peace instead of God.

With the US led failed policy of fools, appeasement, Israel is now incapable of defeating Hamas or Hezbollah.

After many God given victories over Arab armies superior in numbers, Israel chose the faithless path of weakness, appeasement and submission to those intent on finishing what German Dictator Adolph Hitler started.

Israel chose to follow the fake peace 2 state solution of the idol they chose to serve, America, instead of the One who gave them the victory over their enemies.

Goodwill gestures to the new Nazi's is beyond stupid, it's evil on Israel's part.

For decades Israel has yielded to nefarious Washington's pressure to submit to evil and reward Palestinian, Islamic terrorism with Neville Chamberlain's appeasement strategy that failed miserably  with Hitlers Germany.

Israel most recent capitulation and submission to Islam solidified the status of Israel as dhimmi's who must always capitulate to threats and intimidation from the religion of terrorism.

Infidels who give in to Islam and it's threats of violence don't just lose a hand and an arm, they lose everything.

Israel begins removal of metal detectors from Temple Mount

Netanyahu's capitulation to Islamic treats comes with a terrible price.

Rewarding and appeasing evil always bring more bloodshed

We all know the outcome of this appeasement of evil.
All the goodwill gestures and billions wasted on Palestinians for a phony peace process, the retreats and surrender Israel has done were signs of weakness to Israel's enemies and this has greatly encouraged the Islamic world to complete Hitlers final solution.

Hitler has returned, The Fourth Reich is here

Erdogan: World should recognise Jerusalem as Palestinian capital

"Those who fight with their friends forget to fight with their enemies,"

Turkish Dicator Erdogan


This is the final outcome of Israel's appeasement of Turkey under pressure from their nefarious idol of no-peace America.
The very opposite of peace. 

Peace with Islam is impossible, it must be so severely wounded by Israel that what remains of it will never again think to attack Israel.


from ; Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jizya or jizyah (Arabic: جزية‎‎ ǧizya IPA: [dʒizja]; Ottoman Turkish: جزيه cizye) is a per capita yearly tax historically levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim subjects—dhimmis—permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law.

After Turkeys extremist Muslim dictator Erdogan long and abusive hostility to Israel, Jerusalem paid them off with a $21 million dollar bribe to normalize relations under pressure from Bully USA to appease evil once again.

Israel's downhill slide began when they surrendered the Temple Mount to their defeated foes in 1967.
The appeasement and retreat of Israel has not worked well to bring peace, but it has encouraged their enemies to demand more and more and to send their jihad children out to attack and kill Jews across Israel.

Something faith challenged Israel has yet to learn !

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

One Big Mess

Jesus asked them, “Have you never read in the Scriptures:

Jesus said unto them, Did you never read in the scriptures,
The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord's doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes?

Therefore say I unto you, The kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof.

And whosoever shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.

Matthew 21:42-44

Rebel Planet Earth having rejected the Light of the World, the chief Cornerstone, the Way, the Truth, and the Life, Jesus Christ the Messiah, is careening, out of control into a head on crash with the Creator.

America having rejected the light and the truth
is now being swallowed up in darkness and sure doom !

The lunatic elite, Obama globalist perverts, and world leaders all cry out in unison with their so called greatest threat to this earth, 'climate change', 'global warming', as more and more disasters and calamities fall from above upon this broken, wretched, polluted planet.

It's not global warming, it's global sin

These world leaders, perverse wise men and little rebel gods of the earth will never acknowledge the God of Israel, creator of heaven and earth and that He is judging it's inhabitants for their sin, wickedness and rebellion against His immutable laws and only remedy for sin, the blood sacrifice, payment for the sins of the world, Jesus Christ.

The pagan world leaders will acknowledge a "Mother Earth" who does not exist and feed the masses with many other lies to try and cement their wicked, hatched in hell agenda upon everyone.

God in heaven laughs at them and scorns these greatest fools, leaders of earth's rebellion against Him. 

He will only let them  get so far.


Islam, destroyer of worlds 

How  evil Islam brings catastrophic civilization destruction and famine, even to the countries of their own fellow Muslims.

The world witnessed what Muslims did to fellow Muslims and to Syria, Libya and Iraq in their blood-lust orgies of death and destruction jihads of Islam.

Think about what Islam has done to we infidels since this sinister creature from the bottomless pit was hatched in the 7th century in the deserts of dark and inhumane, Saudi Arabia.

Since Saudi Arabia launched its military intervention in Yemen in March 2015, more than 10,000 civilians have died. More than 250 fishing boats have been damaged or destroyed and 152 fishermen have been killed by coalition warships and helicopters in the Red Sea.


“Those destined for death, to death;
And those destined for the sword, to the sword;
And those destined for famine, to famine;
And those destined for captivity, to captivity.”’


Why 'Make America Great Again' doesn't have a  prayer 

Queer nations always have an expiration date

Donald Trump's Queer Ambassador to Germany

Socially conservative Republicans and evangelical Christians used to object to Grenell as the first openly-gay spokesman on a Republican presidential campaign, but no more, now they are compromised, lukewarm apostates who have betrayed truth and the faith for immoral $ expediency.

They love and serve their idol mammon more than they love God.


end of Islam nears

Iran Guards Commander Says Ready to Back Palestinian Forces

Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Qassem Soleimani says his nation is ready to support Palestinian forces in the Gaza Strip, days after the U.S. recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Tilda Swinton, Mark Ruffalo, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel, Who Cares ?

Writers, actors and musicians condemn Trump Jerusalem move

Tilda Swinton, Mark Ruffalo, Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno are among dozens of writers, musicians and actors who have condemned Donald Trump’s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

'It comes as no surprise to me that these artists have chosen to side with the inventors of the suicide bomber.' 

California, Paradise Lost

California's Thomas Fire scorches area larger than New York City

California's new Sodom & Gomorrah look 

American's who once walked in the light of truth and all it's blessings have rejected it and chosen evil, the darkness and all the cursed that it brings.

We are witnessing just the beginning of the many curses that California and the rest of America are now under.

What we are witnessing now in Sodom & Gomorrah West are the painful consequences of sin and rebellion against a Holy God.

Hollywood peddling it's global violence and sexual perversion. The people electing and following reprobate lying, blind leading the blind leaders who have rejected salvation and blessings that only Jesus can give and made false gods and idols of materialism, mammon and  greed, with abominations like homosexual marriage, all of this evil and rebellion against the Creator comes with a heavy and painful price.

The end result of rebellion against God and wickedness has always been the same, great suffering, misery, death and destruction. 

It's only begun and because California is led by perverse, wicked men and women it's going to get much, much worse.

 -Flames advance on homes off Shepard Mesa Road in Carpinteria at 5:45 Sunday morning.




He showed me all of California and said, "This is Sodom and Gomorrah! All of this, in one day it will burn! It's sin has reached the Holy One."

 Then he took me to Las Vegas. "This is Sodom and Gomorrah. In one day it will burn." Then he showed me the state of New York. "

Do you know what this is?" he asked. I said, "No." He said "This is New York.
This is Sodom and Gomorrah! In one day it will burn."

 Then he showed me all of Florida, "This is Florida." he said. "This is Sodom and Gomorrah! In one day it will burn."


all devout Muslims love to kill innocent infidels for their evil allah

BREAKING NEWS - 'Possible pipe bomb explodes' at New York's Port Authority: Suspect 'wearing wires' is taken into custody after blast near Times Square prompts evacuation of major Manhattan transport hub

The suspect is a Muslim from the religion of terrorism, Islam.

He was imported into the US by the criminally incompetent government who with the media keep lying to us about Islam and it's deep roots in  terrorism from the start.

In order to keep the masses brainwashed and stupid, we are not supposed to report the truth, so it was just a person from Bangladesh and the religion of peace.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The French Always Betray The Jews

Vichy France has surrendered to the new Nazis, Islam,
and sacrificed Israel to them

Have you noticed that is is always Israel which is required to do something, good will gestures or some other Neville Chamberlain sort of appeasement towards the Palestinian Islamic terrorist and never the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are never required to do a thing, nothing, and are always rewarded by the French, the EU, UN and US  for their terrorism against Israel.

The European sycophants of the Palestinians keep selling these Islamic terrorists, Fatah/Hamas as victims instead of the new barbaric, murderous bloodthirsty Nazi's they have proven to be

Once again under the limp noodle Macron France has gone Vichy, unlike the last time where they helped round up the Jews for Germany's Hitler and his Third Reich, this time they sacrifice Israel to the death cult of Islam and it's continuation of the final solution.

French PM Macron is the latest backstabbing, phony ally to turn a blind eye to the evil deeds of the Palestinians while betraying the Jews to this phony peace that is all about Islam conquering Israel.

Macron to Netanyahu: Jerusalem recognition doesn’t help Palestinians or Israelis

“It seems to me that freezing settlement building and confidence measures with regard to the Palestinian Authority are important acts to start with, which we discussed with Prime Minister Netanyahu,” he said.

France to the Jews, 
more appeasement, more surrender, more rewarding of evil
for our phony peace, two state final solution for the Jews

Israel's 10 Biggest Sins

Israel's Biggest Sins Against God

After the Holy One of Israel set His chosen people free from 400 years of slavery in Egypt with signs and wonders,  12 spies were sent out to scout the Promised Land, Israel.

Of the 12, 10 came back with a bad report. One of ;


Israel hasn't changed a bit since then


Exodus 23: 27-33   

2. Going along with the fraudulent Oslo, Two State destroy Israel by peace process.

3. Withdrawing from Gaza to please Washington, Skull n' Bones 'ratboy' George W. Bush and shame the name of God who gave Israel the victory over their enemies.

This show of weakness, stupid move, only encouraged Israel's enemies and lost any hard won deterrence against  Arab / Islamic armies Israel had remaining. and it invited rocket attacks on Israeli cities and not peace.

These Palestinian crimes against humanity should have ended the fake-peace process, but Israel suffers from stupid, FAITH CHALLENGED leaders who pray to Washington instead of the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
Faith challenged Israeli leaders sent the wrong message (weakness & appeasement) to her shallow friends and determined enemies !

The 'kick me' sign was glued to the backside of Israel by Israel themselves.

4. Allowing reprobate US to use the fake-peace process to restrain Israel and always preforming appeasement & goodwill gestures to the Palestinians who never deserved them.


5. Always going along with outside worlds collective rewarding the Palestinians for their terrorism against the Jewish people.

6. Failing to utterly defeat Hamas twice (2012 AND 2014) and Hezbollah in 2006 to please Washington pimps, false gods, which Israel chose to serve and obey instead of God.


8. Removing the Dome of the Rock and sending it east by air mail as a message to the Islamic World that Jerusalem is Israel's eternal capitol and Israel and the Jews are here to stay, non negotiable.


....and the most wicked and sinful of all by Jerusalem's faithless, appeasing evil and cowardly leaders.
10. Tearing down the homes of fellow Jews who in obedience to the God of Israel built up Zion

Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Weed's Are Tall And The Harvest is Ready

Weeds among Wheat 

Jesus gave them another parable [to consider], saying, “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while his men were sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds [resembling wheat] among the wheat, and went away.
 So when the plants sprouted and formed grain, the weeds appeared also. The servants of the owner came to him and said, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field?

Then how does it have weeds in it?’

He replied to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’ The servants asked him, ‘Then do you want us to go and pull them out?’

But he said, ‘No; because as you pull out the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them.

30 Let them grow together until the harvest; and at harvest time I will tell the reapers,

First gather the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”

Matthew 13

Islam is a religion of peace, you can keep your doctor, and I am not a
Fascists, a Muslim, or a Marxist !

Obama warns Americans to protect democracy or risk following Nazi Germany

Pointing to Hitler’s rise to power in Germany, he said: “You have to tend to this garden of democracy — otherwise, things can fall apart fairly quickly.

You naive America voters have a bad habit of electing pathological liars like myself too often and the damage I've done to democracy the Republic is irreversible.

And you let me and my, my, my criminal regime get away with major, major corruption, treasonous betrayal, ignoring the Constitution, and usurping power on a par with Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich.

The Egyptians learned painfully what Obama is

We new Nazi's along with our deep, Deep State, extreme hardcore leftist, my brown shirts, Muslim Brotherhood, and Islamic terrorism friends, are so deeply entrenched inside my very own Washington swamp that neither you or Trump can get rid of us.

We are here to stay and long live our sinister Luciferian revolution. 


Lawless Obama the tall weed and the corrupt Democrats planted weeds in the garden to choke out anything good that was left in it !


The president is “empowering Christian religious extremism in the US,” 

Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)


There is only 1 extremist religion that has brought it's terrorism to America. We didn't have Islam's terrorism until you and your ilk showed up.

Wherever Islam is there is Islamic terrorism, intolerance and brutal totalitarianism

The radical extremists have a way with words and always point their extremist fingers at others in order to divert us away from what they are.

Once in a while the truth of what they really are (behind the lies) comes out by accident.

Their true agenda behind their lies and smiles and phony, temporary tolerance

Christianity is a threat to Satan and all of his followers.

One thing they all have in common is their hatred for Israel and their coziness with the religion of hate, intolerance, perpetual bloodshed, and murder of innocents.

They know King Jesus is returning to Jerusalem to rule over the nations, and these now unified weeds, evil followers of Satan think they can stop Him by coming against Israel and their rightful ownership over Jerusalem.

What all honest Muslims think about freedom


99.9 % of western media covers up for Islam's goal of global conquest.

This news out of Africa is a good example of Islam's threat to global peace everywhere as the UN and perverted nations keep focusing us against Israel and the media keep lying to us about the true nature of evil Islam and cover up for their evil partners every chance they get.

I'm sure you've heard about Israel and Jerusalem most of this week, but have you heard about Islam's latest target for mass murder, barbaric Islam terrorism, bloodshed against innocents, and always violent Islamization ?

Islamist attack kills at least 15 UN peacekeepers and five soldiers in DRC

The ADF is an Islamist armed group which imposes discipline based on a strict interpretation of the sharia and which is known to be extremely brutal.

More than 50 peacekeepers were left wounded after fighters from a local Islamist extremist group overran a remote base in the east of the vast central African country after hours of confused fighting late on Thursday.

The loss is the most serious suffered in a single day by the UN since 24 Muslim Pakistani soldiers were killed in an ambush by fellow Muslims in Somalia in 1993.

Islam is causing all the wars and terrorism around the world
so we must ignore this very real and growing threat and
keep blaming and attacking Israel and the Jews.

António Guterres, UN Secretary of General Cowards described the attack by an Islamist extremist group as a ‘war crime, so we shall ignore Islam's global wars and violence, and keep attacking Israel due to our fear of Islam and it's serious threats to us and global peace.

What else are spineless, and amoral cowards to do ?


ISIS in the Congo: Video Calls Jihadists to New Turf in Central Africa

A video circulating on pro-ISIS message boards purports to show the expansion of ISIS into the Democratic Republic of the Congo, though the Islamic State has not yet pushed on their official media channels the call to join fighters in the African country.


Jihadists claiming to be 'Islamic State in Central Africa' call for militants to join them in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as Middle East 'caliphate' crumbles

Have you notice how the rest of the "moderate" Islamic world are playing good cop to these bad cops of Islam ?



"We must sacrifice Israel and the Jews to the Muslims with the hope that they will not genocide us infidels along with Israel."