Tuesday, March 8, 2016

War Zone America

The Party is Over

During the Vietnam war the 3 US news networks used to tally the number of dead Viet Cong "enemy" killed by US forces on a daily basis to remind us of the ongoing, useless war that we were supposedly winning.
Every night we would hear how many enemy our military had killed.
That war ended long ago, but today we have a new war and it's a home-front war, in our homes, streets, big cities small towns, malls and every other place you can imagine.
Today this war is escalating and our blind and brain dead politician's from Washington on down to the local level will never connect this astronomical increase in violence here with Psalm 9:17.
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.
America is now in the speeded up process of being transformed into hell.
The godless idiots and reprobates on the left will always blame the gun but never the evil nature of sinful man because they hate God and everything good.
Nobody, not the witch Hillary or Ted or Donald can stop this empire decay and terminal rot.
We've been given much time and many opportunities to turn around only to sink deeper into the Hell Stew that wickedness always serves up.

When American's were taught to pray to God in public schools, read the bible and learn His commandments and He was not banned from the public square, this country was not a war zone and people were civilized, not mad animals.

Believe it or not, life was precious and people cared once upon a time in America. Now our elected liars and con artists lead the dumb, amoral sheep to the awaiting jaws of hell.
Today America is a war zone and its getting worse by the hour.

The flood of Muslims and illegal immigrants is a big part of this judgment.
We can see this Islamic invasion in spiritually dead Europe, the light has gone out and darkness (Islam) is filling the void.
The same thing happening here in America.

This is the direct result of a nation which has turned it's back on God and His laws and we are only seeing the beginning of this complete meltdown of what was once a great nation, once the greatest nation on the earth.

That is no longer true.

When we were a civilized and God fearing country, guns were not a problem, but with evil and godless men and women now outnumbering the few remaining good people, guns are a problem.

It is such a growing problem that American's will have to be disarmed.
This will be a lose, lose, a dismal failure for both sides of this debate and only increase the bloodshed exponentially. Psalm 9:17, remember it because that is America's final destination and we're in the last lap of this race to hell.

I sure would not want to be a police officer in godless America where life has become dirt cheap, not just for unborn babies anymore, but for everyone.

Psalm 9:17 God's promise to America - Delivered.

The Counted

the dead and forgotten



What is really insane is that Israel looks to this reprobate nation for anything.
Following in it's big brother footsteps, it's no surprise that Israel is facing the same 'wickedness' problems at home.


Anonymous said...

Amen on Psalm 9 :17! It is so obvious now.
May The LORD GOD protect HIS people, the Whole House of Israel.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Yes it is, but...
It's sure not obvious to the wicked, and the idol worshipers.
They really believe Hillary or the other ones will save them from what is coming and they don't give God any real thought.