Monday, March 21, 2016

VP Joe Biden's Bull Sh*t Speech at AIPAC

Have you noticed that is it always US policy to make Israel "feel guilty" for doing something wrong, never the violent, bloodthirsty Palestinians whom they always portray as the offended party, the victims ?

Interesting how the US is always 'concerned' about Jews building homes, which they perversely call 'settlements', as a threat to their phony peace scam but they never hold Palestinian terrorism, bloodshed and murdering of Jews as a threat to their so called peace.
I think it's because that really does not bother them as much as Jews building homes on their land.

Biden and his twisted, perverted leftist gang never, never hold the Palestinians accountable for their violence and Islamic driven terrorism and instead ALWAYS blame it on Israel, Jews building homes.

Biden: Settlements raise questions about commitment to peace

These Jews are really suckers for our bogus counterfeit peace
They keep falling for it even after Hamas rockets and jihad for Israel's withdrawal from Gush Katif.

US Vice President Joe Biden called on Israel's government on Sunday to demonstrate its commitment to America's Aushwitz Borders for Israel Peace Pogrom.

The two-state final solution to end the conflict with the Palestinians is hurting because Jewish settlement expansion is weakening prospects for our peace of many Jewish graves.
We do not worry about another Palestinian intifada or jihad against Israel, we are OK with that, but we are very worried about Jews building homes, that is truly our only concern.

"We've stressed to both parties that I and the US government will continue to ignore Palestinian terrorism and the wholesale killing of Jews daily by them and their children.

Incitement by the Palestinians is acceptable to us, we will continue to send them money and support their jihad, Jews building homes is not acceptable.

We will only focus on the need for Israel alone to take meaningful steps to demonstrate their commitment to our crafty two-state final solution.
Obama and I expect more Jewish appeasement and retreat to Islam's terrorism and we are quite content with mere words from the Palestinians," Biden said.

"There's got to be a little more 'show-me' from Israel, and none from our Palestinian terrorist partners to advance our solution to the Jewish problem, Israel.

This Auschwitz Borders solution of America against Israel under the guise of peace cannot continue to erode, we need to keep our Arab friend's happy with progress on our agenda in dealing with the Jewish problem, he said.

We must cut Israel down to unsustainable borders quickly.
Time is running out and we do like the Palestinian map very much.
That is why we have never opposed it or said anything about their VERY OPEN plan to exterminate Israel!

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