Friday, March 4, 2016

Unfinished Business

North Korea Truce Coming to an End

With the US and South Korea heading into major war games this month, and the recent harsh sanctions from the UN this week, these are  all the ingredients that lead back to a hot war, only this time, nuclear war. 
There is a lot of miscalculation going on here, especially from Obama and his Asia 'reset' on China.
It's clear that the globalists are pushing the little mad dictator into a corner where he will react like all mad dictators react.

Armistice - an agreement made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time; a truce.

The armistice was signed on July 27, 1953, and was designed to "insure a complete cessation of hostilities and of all acts of armed force in Korea until a final peaceful settlement is achieved.

The armistice is however only a cease-fire between military forces, rather than an agreement between governments. No peace treaty was signed which means that the Korean War has not officially ended.

Time to Finish it ?

We have a recent temporary, limited ceasefire between Russia and the US with their proxy war in Syria and at the same time the unfinished Korean war from the early 1950's looks like it's about to go hot and finally finish up.

This time North Korea has achieved nuclear weapons status. So, the strong, strong, possibility of nukes being used by both sides is on the table, unlike before.

The experts don't know how well armed the North Korean's are yet, but we all shall soon learn.
Don't let anyone fool you, North Korea is China's throw away pawn for such a time as this and this is a coalition of America's enemies working together, which includes Iran.

The Red Horse of Revelation 6: 3-4 is out of the barn and ready to ride.

With the EU on the brink of collapse and the US economy, held together with duct tape and bailing wire, and at the mercy of China, it's not hard to see the chess board has now been set up for "checkmate" on the latest MENĒ, MENĒ, TEKĒL, UPHARSIN Empire.

Let's Finish This - Game On !

It's clear to me that when the unfinished business with North Korea and Syria are moved into the finished pile the US will no longer exist as we know it.
All of the fools who put their eggs in the Trump or Hillary basket will come to learn the meanings of the word's futility and vanity... that is the few who survive.
Because all of America is ground zero this time, not just NYC.

US Braces for North Korean provocations

North Korea Makes Nuclear Threat

It's going to take a major event for Israel to get their eyes off the Washington god they serve and back to the Holy One of Israel alone !

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