Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Religion of Terrorism


If it is a religion of peace why is there so much jihad and bloodshed from this 1 religion ?
Why have so many Muslim's from across the world joined to fight with Islamic State?
The truth is we have been lied to by our own lying politicians who serve the dark side

Brussels attacks: Belgian prosecutors charge two men with terrorist activities 

I've noticed a standard operating procedure with the global propaganda media like this news report from the guardian in the U.K.
Everywhere across the globe, the elite controlled media, brainwashing schools, corrupt, incompetent governments, religious leaders and universities protect their darling, death cult religion of mass murder and bloodshed. They look to be in cahoots with the chaos creating religion from hell.

They do not want to offend what is evil and give too much undeserved respect and honor to this darkness and death worshiping religion of hate and intolerance.
The media will not inform the public that the Muslim terrorists are greatly motivated by the promise of 72 virgins as the reward for their evil acts by this perverse religion we know as Islam.

It's a strange and dark world we live in ! 

It's the same with every very controlled US media, everyone of them leave out an important clue as to what motivates these terrorists to do what they do;


They never report, define or uncover the religion that motivates these terrorists to do what they do.

You can be sure if it were Christian's or Jews doing this across the world that they would never let us forget it.
So why do they go out of their way to keep the cause, 'terrorism of Islam' away from their news reporting of daily allah inspired terrorist attacks across the globe ?
The big reason is to keep the masses passive and comatose, deceived and brainwashed, while they are targeted for death in Islam's global jihad (war) against the Infidel, unbelieving West.

The other reason for the united dis-information message of the New World Order Media's protection of this religion of terrorism, rule, is because the globalist agenda and the Islamic Global Caliphate agenda intersect due to the dark totalitarian bent of both powerful and evil, Satanic forces.
They are all in the same bed, birds of the same feather, even the Catholic Pope of Rome and Obama who follow the same god, Lucifer.

This is why the perverted, God hating left is so silent when it comes to crimes against humanity and atrocities and bombings around the world from the religion of terrorism.

So, I ask the World Propaganda Media ;

I wonder if the terrorists they arrested in Belgium are Muslim ? You left out that important piece of the puzzle for some strange reason. Is it your sly propaganda to omit the facts and the truth, or is it just more sloppy reporting ? Both, OK, I thought so.

The global propaganda news media always leave that out. It's like they are trying to protect the religion of terrorism !

In closing I have a question for everyone of you reading this;
Have you been brainwashed by the elites many tentacles of global propaganda conformity (lies) into believing that Islam is a religion of peace ?
Do not fall into this strong delusion that now engulfs the world, and even Israel, is my prayer for you, because Islam is evil, it is Satanic as it's fruit and works attest to and prove every day, everywhere.

In Israel under the deep spell of the globalists, whenever a Muslim terrorist attacks and kills Jews, their propaganda media, following the lying global media, call the attacks;
'nationalistically motivated'.

What garbage they feed the sheep of Israel headed for slaughter!
If the Israeli government media were truth oriented, they would at least report that the Muslim terrorist attacks were 72 virgin in paradise motivated... but that would connect the readers and listeners with the death cult religion from hell, and they would rather protect the lie than expose it.

They can't bring themselves to speak the truth, that it is 110% Islam motivated.


Obama flooding America with more followers of the false prophet and the religion of no-peace

The Man With a Mission

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