Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Hague Give Sudan's President a Pass For Darfur Genocide

We have a longstanding major double standard, a major injustice by the World Court, the ICC, that has been covered up by media across the world for too long.

In March 2009, al-Bashir became the first sitting president to be indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), for allegedly directing a campaign of mass killing, rape, and pillage against civilians in Darfur.

Here is the double standard that this corrupt World Court of Injustice in the Hague continues to pursue.
They have given Sudan's president Omar al Bashir a pass because he is a Muslim who practiced genocide in Darfur for years.
They have swept his crimes against humanity under the rug with the hope that it is all forgotten while Serbia leader Karadzic is sentenced today for lesser crimes.

Karadzic faces Bosnia war crimes verdict in The Hague 

UN judges at The Hague are to deliver their verdict in the case of former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, who faces multiple counts of genocide and crimes against humanity.

The injustice of the international Criminal Court

Sudan's Omar al Bashir gets a pass for genocide because he is a Muslim

After his years of genocide in Darfur, Sudan's Omar al Bashir, even after an arrest warrant was issued against him 7 years ago remains a free man.

As we saw with Yasser Arafat and Sudan's 'Genocide of Darfur' president Omar al Bashir, the devil's court, The Hague, protect their own.
Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's Muslim butcher indicted and with an outstanding ICC arrest warrant that the West is too cowardly and hypocritical to enforce, is given a free pass while Israel is targeted, restrained and abused like no other nation on earth.

The focus of the UN, US and EU seven years after Bashir has been charged has not been on the genocidal Muslim President of Sudan but has been non stop against Israel for building homes on their land and other inane charges.
What this proves to everyone is that the US, EU, UN and ICC are not about justice and all about an evil Satanic agenda targeting Israel and giving his religion of hate, intolerance and bloodshed, ISLAM, a pass.
Can anyone be surprised that Satan and his minions used Islam to targeted injustice Europe and Brussels for Islam's Terrorism ?

That is how he always repays his hypocrite partners in wickedness and injustice !

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