Thursday, March 10, 2016

Palestinians Declare War Against Israel

Forget about intifada, this is war

The Palestinian's have declared war against Israel and Israel is still treating them as 'peace partners'

That is insanity on Israel's part.

The Islamic/Arab War against Israel that began in 1948 has never ended.

Even though there is much talk of a phony peace process, the Palestinian branch of Islam's war against Israel is busy killing Jews on a daily basis and Israel's leaders are impotent.

As long as Netanyahu keeps his Washington gods happy, Jewish blood is cheap!

All he's interested in doing is keeping this present, failed,dying status quo half-alive.
From observing this closely over the decades (since 1977) I can tell you that Israel's pathetic leadership won't get serious and do anything to end this until thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of Jews are dead.

That's what it going to take to get the spineless, fearful cowards like Netanyahu to act decisively and end this ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Palestinian Leader Abbas Praises Women Islamic Terrorist Who Tried to Kill IDF Soldier

Hamas and Fatah - Different Wings of Same Vulture
Israel is too stupid to kill this bloodthirsty, ugly bird

The leader of the Palestinian's Abu Mazen praises and honors these killers of Jews while the perverted nations of the world continue to pressure and force Israel to make suicidal concessions to them.

To reward those who kill Jews in the name of their religion with anything except their own extermination is evil and sends the wrong message that Islamic terrorism works and pays well.

Israel's Palestinian peace jihad partners

That the nations are all doing this can only mean one thing

The anger and wrath of a just God is upon the nations of the world. Its' going to get ugly.

So look for more strange, destructive weather events across the globe, more wars, more political, economic and ethnic divisions within countries which will transform into bloody civil unrest....and look for Islamic terrorist attacks in the countries that pushed to give Israel's land to the Palestinian branch of Islamic terrorism.

Strange signs in the heavens and on the earth

More corruption, more crime more unexpected Zika like plagues, more internecine Islamic genocide,
more crop failures leading to famine and sever destruction upon those at the top of the list in pushing to divide Jerusalem and Israel to the Palestinian's and their evil Islamic jihad against Israel where they always target innocent civilian's women and children.


'The innocent blood of all of these dead and wounded, these terrorized Jews is on your head because you chose to reward evil Islam's bad behavior at the expense of God's people Israel.'

The U.S. is at the top of this list in giving phony lip service rebuke to the Palestinian's but never doing anything to hold them accountable, (in fact always rewarding the Palestinians for spilling Jewish blood) so I look for Angry God to punish America severely, and very soon for this evil against His Israel.


Karen said...

Please stop using an apostrophe to make a word plural. Just add an 's', as in Palestinians. Plural. No apostrophe needed. Thank you.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks ?

Please get your focus on the message and ignore the apostrophe mistakes.

Fighting the lies and cover up of those who portray the Palestinian's as victims when they are fighting an Islamic inspired war against the Jews is much more important than a non violent ' which seems to bother you more ?
Where is your heart and soul at ?