Sunday, March 20, 2016

Operation Inherent Resolve

US sends more support troops to Iraq after ISIS rocket kills Marine

el presidente de el revolution, Obama is keeping the number of troops he is sending back into the broken sewer that is Iraq a secret.
I'm not sure if it's because he doesn't want to let IS know this time, or is it the American people he wants to keep the exact numbers from ?

President Obama has pledged numerous times there would be no "boots on the ground" in the fight against the Islamic State, the terror group also known as ISIS.

It was just a misunderstanding, the media and all of us got it wrong.
What he said was; "mo boots on the ground" ... and who cares ?
Who ever hold's our dear Comrade Obama accountable for any of his big lies ? ...and he does have his own media issued license to lie, anyhoo.

North Korea could go tactical with backpack nukes

having miniaturized weapons could result in small devices being exported and smuggled into Western cities. 


British insanity on display

In the UK, instead of arresting British Islamic terrorists when they return from jihad, killing in Syria, they wait for them to attack, and then maybe they do something, then maybe not ?


Cuba Libre ?

Viva la revolution, comrade

Scrape away the thin layer of ' positive' economic and business, media propaganda news with his historic trip to Cuba and just below the surface Obama has his hidden agenda.

I'm going to need your help, Raoul.
Please send us your best revolutionaries, agents of chaos, agitators and troublemakers.
I've kept the southern border wide open for your trained agents.

The time has come to increase our own bloody revolution in America.
I will use our secret revolution and the chaos that it brings to disarm the people of America.

This is how we plan to stop our capitalist enemy Donald Trump and fan the growing flames of division that will now lead to civil war and defeat the counter revolutionaries of the Right wing.
After the American people are disarmed our revolution will be complete, dear comrade Raoul.

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