Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Israel Has Been Well Trained to Not Defeat Hamas

Yemen conflict: US air strike 'kills al-Qaeda militants'

At least 40 militants have been killed in a US air strike on an al-Qaeda training camp in south-eastern Yemen, local officials and medics say.

"The US war planes struck as al-Qaeda people stood in line to receive their dinner," the local official said.

Israel's sure recipe to lose any war

Israel would never, could never do what their U.S. pimps are doing to defeat the Islamic terrorists.
They are too busy making their Hamas enemy comfortable, fat and happy in Gaza.
Whenever Israel targets Hamas they call first and make sure every terrorist has gone home and then only strike empty training camps and empty buildings.

Israel has grown very predictable, soft and weak, only emboldening their enemies.
Israel's military used to know how to fight and defeat their enemies but under the counterfeit peace process that all changed.
After many years Israel has been molded into the shape of a little poodle on a tight leash always trained to ask for permission and to show restraint, never permitted to defeat another Arab army again.
The false charge of disproportionate force levied against Israel by the U.S. too many times has worked well in turning the Lion of Judah into a purring pussycat.
Meanwhile the hypocritical U.S. uses disproportionate force everywhere in the world every day of the week.

The use of overwhelming force by Israel to crush the Islamic threat once and for all is forbidden by their pimps of no peace in Washington and the weak Israeli leadership are always too willing to oblige their overlords in order to keep them happy.
Israel's push over leaders are so easy to push over, all it takes is a little feather or a light breeze.

Under the poodle Netanyahu, the IDF is more interested in PR relations and paying Hamas the jizya of dhimmitude.
This defeatist policy of weakness and appeasement by Israel makes the coming big war a big certainty.

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