Monday, March 7, 2016

Has Israel Become Too Weak and Stupid to Survive ?

US drone 'kills 150 Somali militants'

The US attacks terrorist training camps while they are full,
Israel only attacks them when they are empty.

As I was reading about this preemptive attack by US forces fighting Islamic terrorists in Somalia I was reminded how Israel always waits till the Hamas terrorists leave their training camps at the end of the day and are safely in bed after a warm meal.

Only then does Israel's pathetic leader send out the IAF to bomb the empty training camps with a few mini bottle rockets in order to not anger those committed to wiping Israel off the face of the earth.
The enemy sees and smells weakness with the wimpy PM poodle, too afraid to send the correct message to Israel's enemies.
So they grow stronger and stronger, and Israel will suffer greatly for this stupid policy.

Over the years I've wondered why Israel has not made a decisive move to decapitate the Hamas threat from Gaza and always attacks them timidly after they have been attacked.
Hamas knows that their headquarters deep under the hospital's of Gaza are safe and Israel is too afraid to touch the heads of the snake where they hide.

I am afraid if I defeat Hamas, my masters
will get angry with me

The truth is, Israel is ruled by a weak and stupid leader too fearful to end the growing threat from Gaza.
A preemptive strike on Hamas that cripples their ability to threaten Israel any longer has been replaced with policy of stupidity, appeasement and false hope.
While Hamas digs tunnels Israel sends in the concrete and lots of food to keep the terrorists healthy and strong.
Before Israel did something like this and took out this many trained terrorists they would drop flyers over the training camp to warn them to flee so they could fight another day and kill innocent Israeli's.
Fearful and weak Israel has been successfully restrained and is now only reactive, and only after they have been hit by the enemy do they do anything and it is always weak and timid response that gives the enemy another opportunity to grow and strengthen into an even greater threat as we see now in Gaza and Lebanon.
Will stupid Israel wake up in time and get serious about "ending" this very bad status quo of the poodle Benji ?

PM Netanyhau is not the man for the job as he is only interested in maintaining this unsustainable status quo for his self centered image.
He is incapable of standing up to pressure from the White House to retreat and so he has retreated every time from Gaza before the job was finished. He can not say no.

Netanyahu is not a leader, he is a follower of failed policy and bad planners who have forgotten the concept of defeating ones enemies.

The great speech maker can't even defeat Hamas, he's all talk no real action except when it comes to halting Jewish homebuilders in Judea and Samaria to please his gods in Washington. He's too cowardly to strike the enemy as we saw the U.S. do today in Somalia.

He can not stand up to any pressure, being a politician and nothing more.
With dhimmi leadership like this that coddles the enemy, Israel is in more trouble than they realize.


CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

All the Israeli leaders have been like that (if you are old enough, you may remember how afraid the Left was after the 6-Day War of all the land that came into our hands. Why do you think they've been trying to get rid of it ever since?). Yes, one would think he would know better, but singling out Bibi doesn't aid understanding.

Marcel Cousineau said...

The left and right have always looked to Washington as Israel's god.
They only obey it's commandments.

They never said no except for Shamir, Begin tried.

'but singling out Bibi doesn't aid understanding.'

Remembering and reminding those awake, who and what he really is, the truth is always good.
I hate every false way, (media lies 24/7 everywhere) and the deception so prevalent today, how easily the masses are brainwashed.

Look at how many have been seduced to believe that Islam is a religion of peace by no other than the last four devious US Presidents and the evil globalist media, Israeli media included.

He's gotten away with much hypocrisy and evil.
I didn't mention his release of hundreds of Islamic terrorists, many who have returned to killing innocent Jews again.
He did evil to those in Migron in the dark of night.
How soon the people forget.
He should not get a pass for the many things, his failure to twice defeat Hamas when he had the opportunity.
In hindsight when thousands of Israeli's are dead because Gaza was not neutralized early, only then will the survivors wake up and understand.

So singling out Netanyahu is right and foresight for me.