Wednesday, March 9, 2016

America's Subtle Transformation into a Stasi Style Police State

America, with it's ultra high tech information gathering, spying tools, facial recognition, mind reading, pre-crimes software, drones, and God knows what else, keeping an eye on it's citizens makes the East German Stasi look like girl scouts.

Pentagon Admits Operating Military Drone Flights Over U.S.

Drone (mission) creep, it starts out innocent and small and you know where it goes from there.

Don't be naive, the lawless Obama regime is out of control, it's illegal, they're armed and they're not looking for Muslim terrorists, they're importing them here along with illegals, felons and criminal gangs.

Welcome to the Obama revolution, man

Snowden: FBI's claim it can't unlock the San Bernardino iPhone is 'bull*$#it'

I don't have a doubt that the FBI has more abilities than they lead us to believe, that goes for NSA, CIA, DIA, and all branches of government.
Why do you think even the IRS, DOA, DHS, USPS have been hoarding so much ammunition and weapons.

The Energy Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Commerce Department, and the U.S. Agency for International Development are a few of the federal entities that boast an armed division, tasked with investigating fraud and suspected criminal activities. As such, the agents get to carry guns.

The one thing they do best is lie and spread dis-information, having learned well from the Soviet Union. The Communist mindset isn't dead, it's just changed clothes and moved to Washington with the leftist's crafty, soft fist, revolution ...soon to go hard fist.

The way that our Orwellian government lies to us about everything, it's comforting to know that Edward Snowden had the courage to expose this evil, totalitarian beast that is always spying on everyone and at war with it's citizens and with so many countries all at once.

Eventually God will bring this monster down to the dust. The proud ones who hide and spy in the dark and assumed they had replaced God with their omnipotent, all seeing NSA eyes will themselves be exposed to the light - judgment day.

Simple solution to the FBI's (not credible) inability to unlock the I phone of the Islamic terrorist they imported into the US.

Get the Chinese to send them the information on the terrorist's phone that they were not listening in on because they were too busy listening to us.

This is why Obama keeps the border wide open and has ordered Customs and Border Protection to stand down.
When he goes to Cuba, the dictators will have much to talk and compare notes about.
God has given wicked America the evil leaders it deserves.

They couldn't have pulled this off without the media in their pocket


Department of Homeland Security and ICE, a serious threat to the American people

another 'mistake' where no one is ever held accountable, they just get another raise in pay.

Suspect in 5 deaths across 2 states arrested in Missouri

They knowingly allow these criminal illegals to roam the land and rape, rob and kill American citizens on a regular basis.
Obama has personally ordered the release of thousands of criminal, illegal felons from prison to prey on the American people again.

Right now we have an invasion on our southern border and they are doing nothing to stop it, in fact it's their agenda, to destroy this nation.

They've destroyed the middle class and declared war on the American people and these are their foot soldiers with more coming across the border daily.


London Has Been Conquered

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