Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Obama's Liberated Libya, A Safe Haven for ISLAMIC State Caliphate

Top IS commanders 'taking refuge' in Libya

Hey pal, I've got to get rid of you so I can bring in my ISIL boys

Several senior commanders from the so-called Islamic State have moved to Libya from Iraq and Syria in recent months, according to a top Libyan intelligence official.

Why is the media covering up Obama's "accomplishment" in Libya in getting rid of Qaddafi ?

Because they are corrupt and follow the evil globalist agenda.
If the completely corrupt U.S. propaganda media were to cover the news, the public would be hearing about the serious damage Obama, Hillary Clinton and NATO did to Libya by their criminal malfeasance and nefarious policies.

How they are responsible for the flood of Muslim refugees into Europe fleeing the disaster created by B. Hussein O and countless thousands killed by Muslim on Muslim genocide because of his failed policy.

hundreds of Christian's have been crucified and beheaded because of Obama's Libya policy and the worthless world and worthless and culpable, non opposition party, the Republican's are also in silent, cover up mode.
Washington has become an evil place. 

Today the jihadist in the White House is busy doing his taqiyya in Baltimore, selling the lie that Islam is a religion of peace when in fact it is one of hate, intolerance and great bloodletting evil.
have a jihad day!

Interesting how they give the broom rider Hillary and the destroyer Obama a pass and how the US media will ignore the fact that Obama's newly liberated Libya is a safe haven for his Islamic state brothers in jihad arms.

The evil ones stick together and give their fellow workers of darkness a pass.
How much else has the evil US media covered up with this corrupt, unaccountable and criminal regime ?
Notice how they go after others for nothing in comparison to the evil they are doing and have done.
They may get a pass now, but justice will rain all over their wretched parade of lies and corruption.
God will settle the score with this evil lot.

“But let justice roll down like waters And righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.
Amos 5
The pretty face of corruption, greed, lies and evil


 UN - Useless Nations  

Syria conflict: UN suspends peace talks in Geneva

God's judgment on Syria can not be stopped by the Useless Nations. The Islamic world, all of Israel's enemies and false friends are under God's judgments.
It's not complicated. Those at war against God's agenda are in self destruct mode as we see in Syria, the Islamic world, Europe with it's self destruction Islamic invasion, and America which elected the pathological liar and destroyer Obama twice.

It will come about in that day that I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples;
all who lift it will be severely injured.
And all the nations of the earth will be gathered against it.
And in that day I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem
Zechariah 12:3/9
Syria is Destroyed - I will set about to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem
How many times has Syria initiated war against Jerusalem, Israel ?

I don't know about you, but lately I've been noticing a lot of severe injury in the Islamic world, self destructing at the hands of Muslim on Muslim genocide.

And I also see nations destroyed, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the list keeps growing.
The destruction has already begun and will only get worse, especially when the nations gather together to wipe out Israel .

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