Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Faith Challenged Israel, Stuck at the Kotel

Jewish man sings Hatikvah at Temple Mount, is questioned by police

Abraham Fua, a 19-year-old Israeli Jew, has been taken in for questioning after singing the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah ("The Hope"), out loud on the Temple Mount.

The Police further stated that officers "invest great effort and resources in order to preserve the requisite unbalanced balance in the Temple Mount because we know how the unbalanced Muslims' will disturb us by their ultimate control over us by use of violence, threats and intimidation.

We really fear these giants of Islam who have the last word over us faithless Jews, and so we will always bow to their will and not haShem's will.
Our weakness and how easily we are intimidated by threats and violence always make us choose the unbalanced, balanced approach and appeasement of evil is our true religion.... because we grasshoppers have no real faith in Abba.
The Grasshopper Jews Submit to the Will of allah and Not Abba's Will

Israel is Stuck at the Kotel

We, the weak and fearful dhimmi's who rule Israel know our place of submission and will maintain this unbalanced balance where Jews are forbidden to pray at the Jews most holy site, the Temple Mount in order to please those who maintain control over us by their evil ways, their intimidation and threats and never ending violence.

The majority are always wrong, PM Grasshopper Netanyahu

The present status quo, this unbalanced balance, on the TEMPLE MOUNT can not be maintained.
Either the forces of darkness will triumph or the Joshua and Calev House of Faith will triumph over this terror, this lie, this evil desecration of what is truly Holy.
Israel will pay a heavy price for this compromise, this false balance with evil.
You can not compromise with evil and win.

The evil report of 10 of the 12 spies Moses sent into the promised land, ISRAEL.

What else do you expect from we grasshoppers who rule over Israel and who follow the path of the 10 spies of the evil report ?
 We would much rather be little grasshoppers than have faith in our God, plus we have to answer to our false god at our number 1 Temple in Washington.

'My people are stuck at the wall'-
This is what Temple Mount Faithful founder Gershon Solomon told me in the mid 90's.

Too many faithless grasshopppers rule over dhimmi-land Israel, and that is why a Jew will get arrested for praying on the Temple Mount to His God!

How is it that all powerful and most Holy one of Israel is blasphemed daily by the weak and fearful grasshoppers who are so afraid of the false prophet and his false god allah, and his evil followers that they bow in submission to it's evil and unbalanced will ?

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