Saturday, February 20, 2016


On Saturday, the government imposed a nationwide curfew and declared a 30-day state of emergency, giving extra powers to police to arrest people without a warrant in the interest of public safety.

It won't take much for Obama to get done what he wants done!

This was one big storm

Cyclone Winston leaves trail of destruction in Fiji

Just think about how easily the two fly by night, semi-trained, pressure cooker Islamic terrorist Tsarnaev brother bombers turned Boston upside down.
The two low level terrorists shut Boston down, giving the black clad police a beta test on how to rule over the population by martial law.

Locked and loaded-US Military training in Tampa, Fl.

Border agents told to stand down

It's not hard to connect the dots to what Obama is up to, especially with the shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
Whoever did this, it was terrorism!

Many false flag events orchestrated by this president are not out of the question.
His Fast and Furious past prove this beyond any doubt.

With China media telling it's navy to "fire shots" and "ram" US navy ships,
with Obama's wide open border and well trained Islamic terrorists coming in with ease, the Iranian, Hezbollah, IS, al Qaeda terrorist cells and others planning major attacks inside the US, and a busy N. Korea-EMP, what is happening in Fiji now will look tame in comparison to what we will soon see.

America is at the center of the coming storm

Hat Tip John @ OMEGA SHOCK


Joe Snyder said...

Rebel Planet is so right on about so many things I don't have any specific comments except "keep up the good work" and "thanks for confirming what God is saying to me too" Much Appreciated. Brother Joe in Jacksonville, FL

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank you Joe!
Interesting times, serious times, strong delusion ongoing for those not seeking the LORD, only one go at this. No do over.