Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Second Islamic Invasion of Europe is Much Worse Than The First

Europe, having forsaken the God of the Bible and turning on Israel is in the last stage of decay.
When our Judeo-Christian foundation is cast aside and the Light that made our path clear is rejected, then darkness (Islam) fills the void.
That is what is happening now in the West.

The first invasion of Europe by Satan's hordes led to the defeat and capture of Spain. They were only stopped at the Battle of Tours, 732 in Poitiers, France

There have been more mosque's of the false prophet built in Europe in the last thirty five years than in the previous one thousand two hundred and fifty years.
Let that sink in!

The terminal cancer has eaten away at the E.U. brain in Brussels and every European capitol.
The Future Looks Bright With Islam

While the Islamic hordes flood into Europe this second and last time, instead of defeating them the dark, godless west enable and assist their destroyers at every opportunity, government welfare, housing,food assistance to name but a few and of course gross incompetence by the governments and their worthless state security, intelligence and defense establishment.

Islamic terrorists are well treated, even coddled in the US and Europe

A prime example of terminal Europe's spastic final twitching's of a dead man was this week on the high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris. On board the train was a known Islamic terrorist who had recently fought and trained with IS in Syria.
Please keep in mind that so called NATO ally Islamic Turkey keeps the border wide open for these jihad of Islam killers to come and go as they please.
So why didn't Spain have him locked up for life or executed for belonging to a murderous cult of death ?
The West is too weak and stupid to act rationally, only spastic moves are now possible.
So the soft and fluffy Spanish intelligence warned the Belgians and the French that they had an active,hot,well trained, Islamic terrorist on their hands.

Four Separate EU Intelligence Agencies Knew They Had An Islamic Terrorist Roaming Free Across Europe AND DID NOTHING !

So what did the terminally ill Euro trash that is always bashing Israel for not capitulating to the death cult do ?
They let him get his hands on an AK-47 and as many as 9 fully loaded magazines along with a gun and box cutter, and they let him board a train with all of this.

The US/EU media are mainly focusing on the 3 American heroes in order to ignore the Muslim terrorists who easily managed to get on the train.
Why you might ask? The reason is simple.
The idiots in charge of Europe do not want to offend their invited, invading jihadists against all infidels, guests, so they treat the genocidal cult with undeserved respect.
The evil elite are never held accountable for their failures because 'failure' is their policy.

Finally there is beginning to be a small backlash as the Islamic invasion from North Africa floods Italy and Greece with hundreds of thousands of followers of the false prophet Mohammed. It's taken a long time but finally the too tolerant Europeans have had enough of their insane leaders suicidal actions
Only after an Islamic terrorist attack do the worthless European Establishment spring into action, but they and the US Authorities will never call it what it is; Islamic Terrorism.

Migrants Islamic Invasion Overwhelms Security at Macedonia Border

There are a few Europeans as we saw in Germany,Slovakia and Macedonia this week fighting back against the Islamic invasion and they are being harassed,arrested and bushwhacked by the evil E.U. who go out of their way to flood Europe with this deadly Islamic invasion.
The small minority of Germans and others who are fighting for their survival are vilified and attacked while Brussels makes excuses and covers up for the Islamic terrorists they keep flooding Europe with.

Caution, Insanity At Work

In the UK if you resist the draconian state and their suicidal policies you are likely to be arrested for hate speech or worse, while the true haters and masters of violence and bloody, religious jihad are given a pass.
The Brits have been reduced to submissive dhimmi's by their own governement. They're finished before they can even stand up and resist this evil onslaught.
Muslim Protest in the UK, OK

By now I assume that you can see the overt evil at work in high places because all of this is also happening on a daily basis in America, because it is the agenda of the Lucifer inspired globalists who control the Democrat and Republican parties.
If Donald Trump keeps talking about "really" shutting down the border and stopping all this illegal immigration, even after the nefarious US media tried to bring him down, I don't have any doubt that the evil US globalists will have him meet the fate of Andrew Breitbart or Michael Hastings or some Obama drone in the night.
We are living in dark times folks, it took a few days for ABC news (radio) to finally identify the Moroccan connected to ISLAM, for two days they only called him a 'gunman', even after they knew who he was. Why do the government media elite of the US and Europe go out of their way to defend and protect evil you may ask ?
It's simple ,they are birds of the same feather and serve the same father of lies Satan.
The West having thrown off God has gone off the cliff in a mass suicide sort of way and Islam is only accepting their death invitation because that is what Islam is all about , Death.


Anonymous said...

I heard yesterday, from an Arizona sheriffs department, that the county next to Phoenix is very nearly "occupied" by the "daesh / isis group, along with drug cartel forces.

The Sheriffs office there stopped a large group of these jihadists, and confiscating 108 weapons including AK-47's. These are some of the ones being allowed to pour across the border unimpeded. Washington knows about this and DOES NOTHING!!

There is obviously an "Islamic supremacist " in the house that is called white, recently rainbow colored. He is getting his instructions from those pushing an anti-Christ agenda, He is a well paid "puppet" put into office by the manipulations of the "puppet masters". One large lie is operating. Prophetic Scriptures are being fulfilled daily.

May the LORF GOD help the Followers of HIS Beloved SON+ overcome the assault that is being encouraged and formed against them.

The LORD+ knows what they are doing, even as they plan it in secret. May the LORD+ help us with supernatural strength.

Marcel Cousineau said...

any way to verify the seizure of 108 weapons?

Anonymous said...

The article was found on the Steve Quayle website, in a video interview with the Sherriff of that county that is next to the city of phoenix. The Sherriff said that the situation there was VERY bad.

Sorry I did not include the source for the article. I think the article and video can be accessed in the S.Q. archives with
"ISIS in Arizona".

Marcel Cousineau said...

Of course the very bad US media will keep this hidden from the public.
It definitely going from bad to worse everywhere. Even the filthy rich are losing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. The Sheriffs name is Paul Babeu, Sherriff of Pinal County Arizona. I could not locate the original video and report that I saw. Some information can be accessed by typing in " Arizona Sherriff warns Southern border is broken, ISIS" . SorryI could not locate the original .

Anonymous said...

Sorry for so many comments today. I was able to find the original video interview. Go to I just watched it again. A group of around 75 drug cartel people were intercepted inside U.S. border, and they did confiscate 108 weapons including AK-47s. Some connection between isis and cartel?

I will cease and desist for now. Bless you brother.

Marcel Cousineau said...

you went above and beyond the call of duty. I think too many of God's people cease and desist too soon when we are called to endure unto the end. Good to see you getting more practice and training as we all need more. Thanks for the info, there is just so much happening its hard to keep up. Hopefully others will see this and get a heads up on the dire situation spreading from Arizona to all parts of the US.