Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Destruction Cometh, No, Its Here !

The Lord keeps all who love Him; but all the wicked He will destroy.
Psalm 145:29
Those who are standing on the Solid Rock, Jesus Christ won't be swept away by the storms now raging across the rebel planet.
Do not believe the lies of the false prophets that this upheavel and destruction is caused by man ; Climate Change.
The correct term for what we are now witnessing everywhere is ; God's Wrath , God gets angry, something the decievers didn't tell you.
His righteous judgments will now increase with severity , not even the imposter god Obama can stop it.
"God sends long overdue judgment on wicked humanity", is the truth that the evil elite will try and cover up until their last, foul breath.
Seek the Lord while He may be found, Open your BIBLE, pray like you have never prayed before. Time has run out for many.
Do not make the mistake of putting it off any longer.

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