Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Third and Final Phase of Islam's Jihad

The majority of  people in the West have been brainwashed to open their arms to the invasion of the Muhajirun who are deceptively called refugees.

Jordan's King Abdullah II in Washington for high-level talks in test for US president on juggling Arab allies, immigration ban

Grasshoppers of Israel Targeting Faithful Fellow Jews

Perverse and faithless Israeli government pogrom against fellow Jews obedient to God's command to build up Zion done to please the godless nations. 

It is shameful, evil and a sin against God to drive fellow Jews off the land .


Anonymous said...

Hello Marcel, Samson7able here;
Good video. I watched a couple of the videos attached to this one. One about CAIR protesting this video being used by NYPD for anti terror training, and the other about the son of Hamas leader becoming a Christian and telling the truth about what islam really is. He says the problem with islam is it's god, a brutal, murdering, cruel entity. May The LORD+ help him to stand. Bless you this evening Marcel.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Good to hear from you brother, it's lonely out here in google land :).

Truly amazing how the anti-Christian,anti-God rejecters of Jesus and Truth have been swallowed up in this lie of Islam that will lead to their self inflicted destruction.

God bless and keep you brother.

Anonymous said...

Keep this going please, great job!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thanks all things are possible with God.


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