Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Crazed Swede or Convert to Islam ?

Will we ever find out ?


Spain's interior minister Juan Ignacio Zoido tweeted earlier: "The driver of the stolen butane truck in Barcelona detained has a psychiatric history. It was not a terrorist act."

That was quick, even before a thorough investigation. 

Always a red flag for me !!!

There are many mentally deranged people who turn to the only religion of violence and hate in order to carry out heinous crimes against innocent people for the cause of Satan's evil Islam.

BTW, Don't you have to be crazed, psychotic, mad, insane to begin with, to become a Muslim terrorist with the hope of 72 virgins for doing violence in the name of a bloodthirsty god ?


President Trump did try and warn us about the new Sweden and we all saw how the perverts in the media went after him.

I liked the old Sweden even thought it's socialist, spent a little time there before the Islamic invasion that destroyed it.

It was (past tense) a somewhat normal European country.

But that is no longer the case no matter how hard the lying media try to cover up the reality of Europe's ongoing decay and downfall.

Barcelona police shoot at man driving lorry loaded with butane gas tanks at high speed against traffic

I smell cover up or outright lies coming as usual !

Only question I have ;
Was this crazed Swedish citizen Joakim Robin Berggren a lover of Barcelona Spain's butane gas filled trucks or a convert to Islam ?

ISIS loves to use western converts to Islam to do their dirty work for them.

He could have stolen a regular car, why a propane truck ???

With the way that the lying perverts in the Western  media cover up for Islam's terrorism I do wonder if we will ever find out.

Try finding this interesting "police shoot truck filled with propane gas" news story in any America news source.

Good luck getting any real news from the fake news US media 

I did send the link to Drudge. Maybe he will pick it up ?


Islamic State wolves set sights on sheep of Israel

If they can draw Israel into the war maybe they will bring Muslims together to reunite and fight Israel ?
Is this their last ditch game plan as Mosul and Raqqa are set to fall ?

Islamic State linked group expands foothold in southern Syria near Israel

Islamic State-linked Syrian militant groups on Monday launched a surprise attack on moderate rebels in southwestern Syria near the Golan Heights near where the Jordanian and Israeli borders converge, seizing several villages and a large town, rebels and witnesses said.
"In a surprise attack Islamic State made an attack on positions held by the Free Syrian Army FSA groups which no one expected to happen so fast,"

The militants launched a wide-scale dawn attack from their enclave where they are entrenched in the towns of Jamla, Ain Zakar Nafaa and al Shajra, deploying dozens of armored vehicles and several tanks to overrun nearby towns aided by sleeper cells among locals who helped the attackers, two rebel sources said.


“A detailed guide to the Jihad warrior”

Muslim - brain damaged by Islam

Arab Israeli citizen from the central Israeli city of Tayibe overdoses on Islam

 The potent toxin, Islam, has caused severe brain damage to Enas Haj-Haia

Shin Bet foils ISIS-affiliated terror attack


Washington idiots stop throwing money away in Syria

Exclusive: CIA-backed aid for Syrian rebels frozen after Islamist attack - sources

The Muslim terrorist group that the devious media call Syrian Rebels, FSA trying to overthrow Assad have been funded by Jihad Hussein Obama in America's latest of too many wars to destabilize the Middle East.

It's very good news that weapons cash and training seems to have stopped.


We are still dealing with the messes (wasted lives and wasted trillion$)  we've made in Afghanistan, Iran, Libya and the mess we tried to make in Egypt under Chief Terrorist in the White House for eight unrestrained and unhindered years, Jihad Hussein Obama.

Jihad H. Obama, America's Destroyer in Chief did much damage across the world and in the USA

hat tip - Linda Sorci

A low level radiation dose for Europe before the coming big one


Anonymous said...

Samson7able :

Excellent post Marcel.

I do hope Drudge picks that story up. I had heard nothing about that.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Thank you brother!

'I had heard nothing about that.'

Of course not. We live in the no longer free but gravely dishonest and dark United Socialist States of America where the control freak elite snakes control the news we get.

Lies and deception rule in America thanks to the perverse media sluts.

Linda Sorci said...

Good Morning, Marcel,

It's interesting how we view the 'news'. When I was younger (I'm pushing hard at 70 - another year, God willing), whatever the reporters said must have been true. It was the Soviets who engaged in propaganda. And the Germans. And every other suppressive society. But not America. No - not here. Unless you get to be my age and look back at the fake news and fact spin that we were fed. For example, Pearl Harbor or the JFK murder - and so much more.

All we have now is the same 'organization' on steroids. Sound cynical? Yep.

Funny thing is that these stupid lame stream media types don't realize they're being duped too. They think they're king of the hill, but they won't have any more protection or status than the rest of us when it all falls down.

Great job trying to hold them to account, Marcel.
God bless you, brother, and keep you in His hand. Keep on keepin' on shining light into darkness!


Linda Sorci said...

I, too, hope Drudge picks that story up!

Marcel Cousineau said...

The MSM get away with more than they should because the majority don't care, are asleep or brainwashed.

It's always the minority that stand.

The readership here is so low that google gatekeepers seem to let the truth slip in with this blog.

Romans 1:18 came to mind ;

For [God does not overlook sin and] the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men who in their wickedness suppress and stifle the truth,

Linda Sorci said...

Indeed! And won't many be shocked when they learn that God's opinion is the one that counts!

Linda Sorci said...

. . . and then there's this:


Really? It seems to me that the MSM already provides enough fake news, but evidently the left still isn't satisfied. They need a fake news site for more fake news. Pitiful!

Marcel Cousineau said...

Their incredible arrogance and pride has blinded them.

I saw a link to this where G. Looney got his chance to rant there.
These little demi-gods assume they are the first and last word on everything when they are nothing but trash and soon to be dust in the wind.

Drudge put up the article on THE Swedish fellow in Barcelona.


Marcel Cousineau said...

"The driver of the stolen butane truck in Barcelona detained has a psychiatric history. It was not a terrorist act."

US official: ISIS has ‘people in place’ to conduct ‘steady’ attacks