Monday, February 29, 2016

Under The Influence of Islam in Moscow

She is alleged to have shouted "Allahu Akbar" after revealing the head to police.

The evil that drives someone, a nanny no less, to do such a thing to a little child and leads the same person to parade with her trophy in hand and shout in the streets of Moscow for hours;
should not be forgotten here.

Do not separate the two.
She is shouting praise to the god of Islam she serves and did this for, her master, god of evil, haSatan.
It will help you understand the true nature of Islam in between the lies of the media and the propaganda of degenerate Western governments who are in league with this evil curse on humanity.

This is another example of the evil that is Islam which targets the innocent, especially little defenseless children.

It's easy to blame 'drugs' or mental illness and ignore the teachings of the evil, false prophet Mohammed, and this curse on humanity, this sinister religious cult built on the corpse of millions of innocent, dead souls.

The Russian's, like the West go out of their way to ignore the many, many signs of this unspeakable evil against a four year old child for political correctness and to shield the dark and evil nature that is Islam.
All of the fearful grasshoppers and cowards in leadership in Israel and the West give aid and comfort to this evil, this scourge now invading Europe (for a second time) and America under the direction of the jihadist in the White House does not bode well for our day.
This is no other than judgment upon the wicked and godless, perverted nations which have forgotten God.
Psalm 9:17

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