Monday, February 22, 2016

Restrained Israel Prepares for Another Failed Engagement

Ya'alon: Israel preparing for possibility of war with Hamas

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Monday Israel was preparing for the possibility of another war against Hamas in Gaza in which we  will not finish it again.
We are not allowed to end this and so we have embraced the cycle of madness and that is our dear leader P.M. Netanyahu's policy, which is very pleasing to our enemies and odd friends.

We are expecting many more wars with Hamas because we are unwilling to defeat them, we do not have permission, no green light from our god's at Temple in Washington.

"We've been enjoying unprecedented, intermittent quiet, Hamas hasn't fired one bullet, only rockets" Ya'alon said aboard the USS Carney, an American battleship, where he received his orders from his masters.

I'm sorry Generals, all I see is the red light from my masters,

No green light, we are not permitted to defeat the enemy!
"Hamas is growing in power because of our failure to defeat them, we didn't think otherwise but we are not permitted to think too much.

You have to understand that we are a restrained nation of dhimmis and weak leaders who now bay jizya to the Palestinian's. We've allowed ourselves to be easily restrained because we, the delusional leaders of Israel trust in lies and lying liars instead of haShem.
We are also helping those committed to our extermination (Islam's peace) in many ways to grow stronger instead of wiping them off the face of the earth, as this pleases our false god in Washington greatly" he added.

We've been preparing for the possibility that at some point a front will be opened in the south, and we'll have to deal with it, after many, many, many, dead Israeli's, a sacrifices for our "bogey, bogus peace " the defense minister continued.
"We’re not stagnate, just crazy, and we operate both with defensive and offensive measures only after we get a green light from our gods in Washington whom we serve with great loyalty and devotion."
We are grasshoppers and do not know any other way.

If Tel Aviv was the only location where 'infidel' Jews lived, the Palestinian's (Islam) would call it occupied territory.
That charge is only directed against Israel, even after Israel left Gaza, Hamas and Fatah call for an end to the occupation.
The US in it's never ending wars has occupied Afghanistan since 2001 and occupied Iraq for over a decade and we never hear the world or media frantically calling for an end to the wars like they do after a few days with Israel.

The same double standard and hypocrisy goes for the ongoing 5 year war in Syria which they are now, too late, in trying to end.
Only Israel is pressured beyond extreme to quit, and for one reason.

It's only with Israel that the pressure to end the possibility of Jews defeating another Arab/Islamic army is HIGHEST PRIORITY.

Israel keeps falling for the same trick whenever the possibility of victory over the enemy draws near.

And now if Israel tries to end the Hamas threat permanently, after just day's of fighting the global (US, EU, UN) machine makes sure it ends promptly without a clear Israeli victory.

Netanyahu quit Gaza twice before victory, first when Hillary flew in on her broom and when Kerry dropped in to rescue Hamas.
It's sad to see such spineless wimps always capitulate to minimal pressure from bad friends.

Why doesn't Israel call for an end to the terrorist occupation of Judea and Samaria ?

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