Saturday, February 6, 2016

North Korea, What is the Hurry ?

Update- Sunday 8:30 EST 

The UN Security Council is to hold an emergency meeting later following North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket.

The meeting was requested by South Korea, Japan and the US to agree on a collective response to the launch.
US Secretary of State John Kerry warned of "significant measures to hold the DPRK [North Korea] to account."

Significant measures ?
What, like pointing their fingers at Kim Jong-un and saying 'Bad Boy, Bad Boy' or will they do something stupid that leads to all out war ?

There are no good options left for the worthless leaders who waited too late to do anything.
The same situation Israel faces because it trusted in the US to deal effectively with Iran.   
It's all downhill from here on out, folks.

Update: 12:00 EST Saturday

WW III Can't be far behind / all fronts boiling over

Russian hands-off warning to US, Saudis, Turks amid crucial Aleppo battle

The five-year Syrian civil war, faces its most critical moment. Saturday, Feb. 6, a combined force of Syrian army and Hizballah troops and an Iraqi Shiite militia under Iranian officers, were led by Russian air and Spetsnaz (special forces) officers into pressing forward to encircle 35,000 rebels trapped in Aleppo, the country’s largest city.


Keep in mind that Russia, North Korea, Iran and China are all working towards the same goal.
Guess what that goal is ?

North Korea advances 'satellite' launch

From my observation's over the years (of myself and others) those who are in a hurry are prone to make mistakes, often serious mistakes.
The reason they are giving everyone a heads up on their plans to launch 'something' into space is so that it won't bee seen as a surprise attack ICBM, giving them some degree of cover.
Japan has already threatened to shoot it down, whatever it is, and South Korea has threatened harsh measures.

So, it's not hard to see how we could wake up to a major war in the coming days, maybe even an EMP ?

It might just be me, but something does not smell right, ring true here.
Of course I don't trust or believe Kim Un Jong, the North Korean's but I also understand that they do nothing like this without a nod from China, permission.
will the dark one unleash darkness on the USA?

So why have they advanced their planned launch ?
Maybe it's no big deal, maybe ?
Dec7,1941 was no big deal until after the big surprise.
Is it possibly to take brain dead American's away from their big party day, TV sets, commercial$ and inane (stupid,silly) Football Super Bowl Sunday ?
China and Russia already know the American Emperor has no clothes.
As the article below states, China is angry with continued US meddling around its front yard South China Sea, and I do mean angry enough to cut Obama/USA down to size.
And what better way/day than an unexpected, surprise attack on a special day of party and celebration over America's pigskin idol.

I could be wrong, but either way, it's coming, sooner than later.
My guess is that they are tired of America's meddling and destruction of Libya.
It's attempt to weaken Russia by meddling in Ukraine.
America's ongoing training, funding and arming of Islamic terrorists to remove Assad from Syria in order to install a Greater Sunni Islamic Caliphate there.
The truth is;

Here's more on 'the America problem' I see.

Recently President Obama sent US Navy ships into the South China sea.

Angry China shadows U.S. warship near man-made islands

That was in late October of last year and the tensions have only risen between the idiot in the White House and China.
 I think it is very possible that China will use their loyal and well trained attack dog North Korea to send a POWERFUL message to Obama-Nation.
I don't know if this is it, but it is coming and coming sooner than most sleeping, deceived, drugged and poisoned by toxic TV, lying media propaganda, American's realize.
You do realize that the smart phone in your hand will be useless when our enemies detonate an EMP over the heartland of the USA, as well as everything else that we rely on, food, electricity, fuel, Hospital's, medical, lights in the night, etc. ?
Picture your local food store, Wal Mart Super Center when the back up generators run out of fuel.
The most alarming and fearful thing I see is that God, the Creator is very angry with godless America and it's polluting the world with it's homosexual agenda, it's Hollywood violence, perversion and it's baby killing agenda and peace war against Israel.
And when God has His bulls eye on a nation, it's over!

February 6 headlines at

But don't you worry, Obama and the gang have everything under control.
They are busy with bringing destruction here there and everywhere by their stupidity and stupid policies.

Mix Islam into any peaceful environment and you get trouble

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