Saturday, February 20, 2016

Netanyahu is Afraid To Defeat Hamas

Mr. whine and speeches has failed, too busy crying to his globalist gods to do something instead of trusting God and taking a stand.

What a smelly politician.

He knows that because Israel has waited too long to defeat Hamas that it will now be a much more costly and bloody price Israel will have to pay for their gross failures.

"Our Washington pimps have given us a red light to not defeat Hamas, but we have a green light to build missiles to shoot down some of the Hamas/Hezbollah missiles."
Israeli leadership

I finally found someone in Israel who gets it.

It takes real courage in Israel to break away from the mass delusion of peace by appeasement and speak the truth.

It's not the tunnels Mr. Netanyahu

As I have been writing recently and warning that the "new" Israel of the restraint yoke of false peace which Empire America has placed tightly around its neck can't even defeat Hamas.

Today the idiots in charge can only make pitiful excuses as to why they will not defeat Hamas.

Heck, Israel can't even defeat Hezbollah as they wasted so much time crying to their pimps about Iran instead of taking care of business themselves.
That was really stupid of you Israel.

The WEAK and blind leader of Israel is leading the people of Israel into the ditch as he works hard to please his many overlords and pimps.

It's impossible to spin the insanity of Israel's failure to defeat Hamas any other way than national stupidity that leads to national suicide.
Netanyahu's pimp's and god's are very small
Maybe he is not praying hard enough to them ?
I read some of the comments after this article and there were no shortage of Kool-Aid Drinkers for the empty suit, political speech maker, cheap prostitute Netanyahu.
He serves the interests of his globalist gangsters above Israel's interests.
The still sane people of Israel should really be praying hard and seeking the LORD with WEAK, smooth talking, useless idiots like this leading you.

Israel's fearful grasshoppers and the Temple Mount

The reason that the Netnyahu government stops fellow Jews from praying on the Temple Mount, questions and arrests them is because they already have their Temple in Washington where they run to and pray often.
Remember when P.M. Netanyahu ran over there and made a 'prayerful' speech before the (worthless) Low Priests of the Con-Temple, trying to get them to stop pimp/god Obama's nuclear deal with Iran ?

What a waste of time the grasshopper Netanyahu's feckless efforts are.

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