Monday, February 8, 2016

Is Russia Going to Settle the Score With Turkey Now ?

Russian firepower helps Syrian forces edge toward Turkey border

"Our whole existence is now threatened, not just losing more ground," said Abdul Rahim al-Najdawi from Liwa al-Tawheed, an ISLAMIC insurgent terrorist group.

When Turkey (which has been arming and supporting the Islamic terrorists fighting to overthrow Syria's Assad) shot down a Russian SU-24 Fighter jet it was inevitable that Russia would exact major revenge.
Turkey will find it hard to not do anything with this major Russian, Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah attack on their Islamic terrorist partners fighting fellow Muslim Assad.
If Turkey makes a stupid move, Putin will be ready with his forces to crush Turkey.
If NATO makes a stupid move to help Islamic terrorist supporting Turkey, a NATO member, then this could go nuclear.
The big question is; What will Obama do ?

If he and NATO sit on their hands they will be seen as impotent, useless by their enemies and the world.

Islam = Death and Destruction

After seeing this;\


...earlier today and the battle for Aleppo edging closer to the Turkish border, it dawned on me why Putin has put his troops on HIGH ALERT and mobilized 'massive drills'.
"WHY NOW " is the big elephant in the living room that few seem to be noticing.

As I alluded to last week this has the strong possibility of getting out of hand quickly, with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, UAE talking about escalation, sending in ground troops.

And then we have Russia, Hezbollah and Iran on the other side with a back from the dead Syrian Army seeking revenge.
It wouldn't take much for Iran to shut down Saudi oil platforms in the Persian Gulf and neutralize America's Fifth Fleet and nearby bases.

Enjoy the cheap gas while it's here.

If the US, EU, Saudi, Qatar, UAE trained Sunni Islamic fighters existence is now threatened what will Obama and the NATO/Islamic gangsters do to STOP Putin ?

Watch this one closely, because the US media is not, too busy with the vast wasteland of political elections and Super BOWEL MOVEMENT parades.

Israel needs to prepare because an Iranian army with a Syrian Army, and a Hezbollah army supported by ADVANCED Russian air power is not good for Israel, especially so close to it's border.

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