Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Ill Wind Blowing On Israel

The old Israel (pre 1993) understood what was at stake and defeated the Arab armies of Jordan, Syria and Egypt that threatened their existence in a matter of days.
The new Israel (post fake peace Oslo) is incapable of even defeating Hamas after many wars and too many years.
The same goes for Israel's failure to defeat Hezbollah.
Weak leaders always bowing to the restraint and perverse will of their false god, their American idol has been a sure recipe for disaster.
Israel has been snared 'by the peace.'
The new Israel is in serious trouble because they went to Washington for a phony, worthless peace instead of the LORD.

Nasrallah: Ammonia plant in Haifa is my atomic bomb

We only understand the language of defeat. Israel has lost this language
and so we are greatly encouraged
Nasrallah then quoted an Israeli expert saying that the residents of Haifa are afraid of a deadly attack on the ammonia plant which contains more that 15,000 tons of gas.

An explosion there could kill hundreds of thousands of people in the area.
The same expert compared the hypothetical attack to a "nuclear bomb."

Toothless Israel in denial ?

Often in life we ignore a problem and hope it goes away.
It always comes back with a bigger bite then if we had dealt with it before, as we see with Israel's enemy to the north.
Rather then put a stake in the heart of Hezbollah, Israel's has waited until the problem has grown to serious proportions
Now the Russian bear has found a suitable home in Syria where they fight alongside Hezbollah, the Syrian and Iranian armies.

The once easy solution of wiping Hezbollah off the face of the earth has become much more complicated

The Bear Moves in
Has Israel waited too long to defeat Hezbollah ?
I wonder if Ehud Barak gave this possibility any thought when he fled South Lebanon in the middle of the night ?
We are seeing the unfolding results of very bad and costly decisions mistakes from Israel's easily manipulated leadership.

Israel's failure to defeat Hezbollah and Hamas, wipe them off the face of the earth, encouraged Iran and the other followers of the false prophet.
This grave mistake to defeat those whose unwavering commitment is to destroy Israel will come back to hit Israel harder than it has ever been hit in it's existence.

The stupidity and weakness of Israel allowing the US to restrain them and allow Hezbollah and Hamas to grow into an even greater threat is criminal on the part of the government and military.

This along with the long standing government policy of retreat and appeasement has only encouraged the death cult's in Gaza and Beirut to advance their plans.

The question is;
Will Israel wait until hundreds of thousands of it's citizens are dead to do what they should have done long, long ago or will Israel preempt what is surely on it's way?

I'd retreat for a six pack of cheap beer
When Ehud Barak's retreated from South Lebanon and betrayed the SLA, what/who was he under the influence of, Mary Poppins, Mickey Mouse ?
Did they drug him in Washington or did he happily drink their delusion flavored Kool-Aid, peace of the grave ?
The failed course of a two state final solution should have been rejected when the first Arafat suicide bomber was sent into Israel.
The time to end the insane, guaranteed to lose, Israeli mentality of appeasement and retreat in the face of such an implacable enemy who only understand total and complete defeat was a long time ago.

This major failure will lead to great loss of life and suffering for Israel.

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