Wednesday, November 11, 2015


After the media cover up and lies on the Muslim terrorist attack at UC Merced last week we find out from a news source 'outside' the Pravda Propaganda US media that he was carrying a print out of the IS (Islamic State) flag on him.

Student shot dead after stabbing four people at California university carried IS flag printout

The US Media will continue to feed us lies and propaganda to cover up the true nature of Islam
Axis of Evil- Darlings of the Dark Media 
The hard left media protect their evil cohorts and always attack to destroy anyone good who opposes or exposes them. The "controlled" media goose-step to the agenda of their evil globalist partners who advance their Fourth Reich agenda here in America and across the globe. They have successfully dumbed down the majority as the Pathological Liar in Chief knows well that he can get away with just about everything their evil minds have planned for America.


Anonymous said...

We can expect nothing more from the "Lie Machine " that the U.S. and its media puppets have become.

Why this big push to make islam look like something it is NOT. Anyone who can read can see that islam is a demonic death cult, following its demon possessed founder. and his book of instructions to kill and rape anyone who disagrees with him.

Why is the government trying to cover up what the muslims do? It is obvious what they do!

Anonymous said...

Why is the government trying to cover up what the muslims do?

They serve the same master, Satan.

Birds of the same feather, evil and darkness abounds in these last days and this is why God's wrath will be more severe than when He destroyed all flesh with the great flood.

Anonymous said...