Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eavesdropping on the Islamic Terrorist in the White House

We have all heard (thanks to Edward Snowden) how far the criminal regime in Washington has gone by spying on it's non Muslim citizens while they flood the land with the follower's of the false prophet Mohammed and give them special treatment, housing, food stamps, welfare and even free university education as we saw with the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston... while our homeless veterans sleep in the streets.

The shut down of Boston in April of 2013 gives us a glimpse of their plans and why they have created the 'terrorist' problem here in the U.S. and in Europe.
They are getting us used to the Police State of the emerging Fourth Global Reich.

So that a totalitarian police state, their New World Dis-Order, can arise from the ashes

This is what the American people get when they serve lying idols and turn away from the living God.
An evil leader with an evil agenda.

Obama talking to his boy Friday on Air Force One on his way back to Washington from the Philippines;

Crafty Obama
"'Those damned Republicans are trying to block my evil agenda of flooding the US with Islamic terrorist's.
Damn, I hate those Christian's, lets not get started on Israel.
That is why I'm keeping Islamic State strong and intact.

I sure hope the French and the Russian's don't mess up my plans for an Islamic invasion of Israel.

That's why I'm doing nothing about Islamic State in Sinai.

I told AG Lynch to sell the public on the lie that we would vet the Syrian fifth column "refugees", ha,ha,ha, just as well as we vetted the Chechen,Islamic terrorist, Tsarnaev brothers whom the Russian security services warned us about twice, ha,ha,ha.
We intentionally ignored them so that we could BETA test shutting down a large American city and imposing martial law.
We're ready for the next phase but we need many Paris's in America's cities.

These thousands of BLACKBOOT, Martial Law police failed to find Dzhokhar, it was a private citizen who found him hiding in his boat in the back yard.
They were too busy targeting law abiding,non Muslim American's

"My immigration policy has always been Islamic terrorist friendly", B.H.Obama.

City of Boston shut down by black boots,4/13, pre planned, prepping for martial law in America's cities

My plan is to make American cities look like Boston did in April of 2013, a city under martial law and under siege with only two Muslim terrorists doing their religious jihad duties and no one will stop me, especially not the State Governors or Republican's in congress.

How else will I get the martial law I want so bad in place so that I can rule like the ruthless despot I am and without any interference from the courts or congress.

Hillary and the gang are of the same mind that we must bring chaos to the land.
Islamic terrorists attacks on our cities is the plan so that we can impose our draconian, iron fisted tyranny, completing our radical Marxist change of America.
This is the last phase of the change I was put in office to accomplish and the time is now.

So the media and I will not allow anyone to stop my plan to flood America with Islamic terrorists.

There are already many Islamic terrorist cells here in place thanks to my open borders plan to infiltrate them in, but we need more of them especially my favorite, Islamic State.
Dear law abiding, non Muslim terrorist, your papers please 

We've already prepared the American people for our intrusive, totalitarian, martial law phase and so they will cry for us to shut down the cities as we did in Boston after our Chechen brothers set off the pressure cooker bombs.

TSA pervert looking for bomb
Look what the stupid American people have let us get away with already.
When they start getting the Paris treatment on steroids from our imported Islamic terrorists they will embrace our evil agenda for them.

We give the Islamic terrorist a free pass as we did with the Chechen bombers and make the non Muslim American citizens feel like criminals and terrorists and freedom and America are dead on arrival.

That is our plan!
Your's truly,
B. Hussein Obama

 Obama and his goose stepping UN psychopaths and fellow globalist Sodomites are way behind schedule in disarming the law abiding American public. (not his cherished inner city gangsters)

This is a critical part of the NWO agenda already in force across the rest of the globe.
He has to implement martial law to accomplish this and he needs a credible pretext.

Enter the Syrian refugees Islamic State terrorists. 

I believe this is what he is using the Syrian refugees for. Just look at what two junior varsity Islamic terrorists did in Boston, they shut down the whole city, and it was only because a private citizen found the Boston Marathon Bomber that the city wide lock down was ended. imagine what just a few well trained Islamic State Muslim jihadists can do as we saw in Paris last week. The useful idiots will go along gladly as we are herded into the tyranny of the followers of Satan.

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