Friday, July 10, 2015

Blame Israel and the Jews?

This crumbling, evil world needs a scapegoat to blame everything on for it's own miserable failures.
Lately I've noticed the cannibals and vampires blaming 'Jewish Bankers' for economic collapse and their insane rants of Jews wanting to take over the world while they turn a blind
eye to the Global Caliphate jihadists conquering the world for Islam.
These rabid Jew haters are either demon posessed worker drones for their master, the dragon of Revelation 12 or they are muslims doing takiya for their false god.
Just look at the judgment that has fallen on Syria for their Jew hate and remember it's coming to the world of Israel and Jew haters.
What the Arab/Muslims have intended to do to Israel has fallen hard like God's sledgehammer on their own heads.
Muslims savagely butchering and blowing up fellow Muslims, even in their own mosques as they pray to the same unmerciful and without compassion, strange and bloodthirsty god.
The Holy One of Israel has turned Israels enemies against each other.
What an awesome God to be feared...and He's just getting started.
God keeps His word and the curse of Genesis12:3 is in play full force for all to see with their own eyes.
Islam is doomed for it's violence and evil against Israel.

I came across a good article on this spreading cancer of ; scapegoat the Jews and Israel that I had to share.
Israel; Scapegoat of the World

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