Friday, July 24, 2015

A Lose, Lose For Everyone

As with the Iran nuclear agreement, whether it stands or falls, both outcomes are bad. Whether we get to keep our guns or they are taken, either way the bloodshed will increase.The result of forsaking God gives Americans no good options. No matter what the godless choose to do, it is a lose, lose for everyone.Even the righteous will suffer. However difficult it is to listen to the President, I hope you heard his interview with the BBC on the latest mass shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana.If not you can read it below.
Remember a few years back when Obama's hand picked fellow radical Attorney General Eric Holder was connected with the criminal gun running operation to the Mexican drug cartel?
Well, Obama and his left hand thug got caught, but never held accountable. They were given a pass by the Republican co-conspirators in disarming the last hold out nation to the Totalarian New World Order. When the Global governance gangsters introduce their draconian rule by tyranny, the citizenry must not have the ability to resist them. This is why we are guaranteed to see more and more shootings like this until the tyrants come for the guns of all honest, law abiding citizens. As AG Eric the Red Holder taught us, they do not plan to disarm their partners in revolution, the gangs and fellow criminals, its the good citizens who are a threat to their evil tyranny. If Obama and his elite really cared they would bring God back into this dying country, not bloody Islam that he is so fond of, school prayer, teach morality and the 10 Commandments, and make sure God's Word was taught everywhere. He would not be releasing violent criminals back into our cities to prey on the innocent again. He would outlaw the perversion that has brought America to its end. Obama is way behind schedule on disarming America so he's going to act soon and it will be bloody, a lose, lose for everyone. This is all part of God's judgment on this wicked and now reprobate nation. Hide yourself in the Lord, look to Him alone as Daniel did in the lions den. The righteous are not under God's wrath and they are few.
Obama's Devious Agenda Unmasked.The agit-propaganda master speaks. (from the BBC interview) Keep in mind while reading the words of Obama that he continues to send billions in weapons of war to countries in the Middle East, arming Islamic terrorists in Syria to overthrow Assad, as well as supplying arms to ongoing war in Ukraine. The issue of guns,scroll down to;

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