Thursday, March 30, 2017


The Lord nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples.

Psalms 33:10

A vain and hopeless plot- Two State Solution

THE Arab League Summit in Jordan yesterday are, front row from left, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki Mahamat, EU foreign policy chief Frederica Mogherini and Organization of Islamic Cooperation Secretary-General Yousef bin Ahmed al-Othai. (photo credit:REUTERS)


Arab leaders, meeting at the King Hussein bin Talal Convention Center at the Dead Sea in Jordan.

The 28th Arab League Summit endorsed the two-state final solution to carve up and eventually destroy Israel plot in its closing statement on Wednesday, saying the Arab world would be 'taqiyya' ready to reconcile with Israel if it withdrew from the land it conquered in the 1967 war.

If the Jews are stupid enough to trust us then they shall get what they have deserved since they took our Muslim lands to create a stable and prosperous infidel nation in the midst of so many failed Islamic countries.

Abbas says Arab rulers will use taqiyya to convey message in "one untrustworthy voice."

Why are the nations in an uproar [in turmoil against God],
And why do the people devise a vain and hopeless plot?

The kings of the earth take their stand;
And the rulers take counsel together
Against the Lord and His Anointed (the Davidic King, the Messiah, the Christ), saying,

“Let us break apart their [divine] bands [of restraint]
And cast away their cords [of control] from us.”

He who sits [enthroned] in the heavens laughs [at their rebellion];
The [Sovereign] Lord scoffs at them [and in supreme contempt He mocks them].

Then He will speak to them in His [profound] anger
And terrify them with His displeasure, saying,

“Yet as for Me, I have anointed and firmly installed My King
Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”


Destroyed Syria

What Syria & Islam intended to do to Israel and the Jews has fallen on them.

Syrian refugees: more than 5m have now fled country, says UN



 A resurrected and expanding global business 

Is this the most dangerous backwater in the world?

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Divided Arabs Unite On Jerusalem

Just as the old testament prophets foretold, Jerusalem takes center stage in these last of the last days of mans corrupted and failed rule on rebel planet earth.

Arab leaders seek common ground at summit on Palestinian state

"There could actually be a product of the Arab summit - a unified attitude towards Washington's policy in Palestine.

(Sorry Arabs, no matter how many times you say it, There is no Palestine ! )

They might disagree on all other issues, but I think this is the unifying one," said Mustafa Alani, an Iraqi security expert with close ties to the Saudi Interior Ministry.
A draft resolution on Jerusalem and seen by Reuters will require all Arab states to respond to any move by any country to move its embassy there, without specifying the United States.

"The Palestinian  Israel issue is the central issue." 

It is the root cause of conflict in the region and its resolution is the key to peace and stability.

Translation - 

'Israel's existence and prosperity in a sea of Islamic dysfunction and self destruction really makes us Arabs look real bad and so we need to go to war and exterminate Israel.'

End the Islamic occupation of Israel


The only thing that can unite the severely divided Islamic world now cannibalizing itself is Israel which they see as unbelievers, infidels.
Infidels who have offended Muslims and their false prophet Mohammed and put into question the veracity of the violent and bloodthirsty cult of Islam by standing strong, wealthy and prosperous, stable and growing on land no longer under their backwards, middle ages style domination.

Dar al Islam, the House of Islam, has lost Muslim land and this is untenable to all good Muslims. This is why there is such deep hatred against Israel and the Jews and no hope for any true peace. 

This reality while already impoverished and failed surrounding Arab/Muslim nations are destroying one another is too much for any thinking Muslim to bear and so Jerusalem will take center stage as the cult of death target Israel for liquidation.

As I've written before, Islam and Israel can not co-exist, one will have to disappear and it is Islam that is soon to disappear, suffering major defeat at the hand of THE TRUE LIVING  God whose name is not allah.

You can read about Islam's complete defeat and end in Ezekiel 38-39


Islam wins award,  #1 destroyers of civilization

'Everything we built for 20 years, gone in a blink' – life in the ruins of Aleppo


Russia is not bluffing!

I do not believe that the Russians are lying. I do believe that they are serious and that pride has blinded the US to the seriousness of this latest (maybe last) warning ? 


Monday, March 27, 2017

Globalist Mega-Mergers Raise Food Security Fears

Control the food supply and it's over for the majority.

Take the mark and bow down, serve, and worship the beast or you won't eat or live, unless you grow your own food and the Lord hides you.

He was also permitted to wage war against the saints (God’s people) and to overcome 
them, and authority and power over every tribe and people and language and nation.

Rev 13:7

EU greenlights Dow-DuPont mega-merger raising food security fears

The EU has approved a $130bn mega-merger between Dow and DuPont, heralding a new round of agribusiness takeover.
Brussels is widely expected to clear another hookup between Syngenta and ChemChina in the next two weeks, with notification of a marriage between Monsanto and Bayer expected later in the year.




Boko Haram Islamists Muslim terrorists raided a village in northeast Nigeria, in the latest rampage to steal food and medical supplies.


France can't even take care of their colonial outpost in the New World and yet they keep trying to tell Israel what to do.


The assassin who was invited to Gaza by assassinated Mazen Fuqaha, commander of Hamas’s military wing.

Killing of a Hamas Leader Could Signal a New Conflict With Israel


Birmingham, Britain’s second-biggest city behind London, has produced a disproportionate number of convicted Islamist militants, including some linked to the Sept. 11 attacks, and to last year’s bombings in Brussels.


Insane Washington

Even after America's failed involvements in the Middle East from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria and Libya, wasted lives, wasted trillions, the new president weighs an urge to meddle militarily in the cursed Islamic land of Yemen in a proxy war against Iran that will turn horribly catastrophic.

Trump administration weighs deeper involvement in Yemen war

It would also be a clear signal of the administration’s intention to move more aggressively against Iran.


Fences are good to keep bad Muslims out 


Welcome to Yemen


8 years after an arrest warrant was issued against Sudan's genocidal dictator for life Omar al-Bashir, by the ICC for crimes against humanity in Darfur, he is welcomed, invited to lawless Jordan for the gathering of the ;

Arab League of Internecine Wars and Failed Islam

The Arab, Islamic world of hypocrites along with the UN, US, and EU hypocrites have given Sudan's genocide leader Omar al-Bashir a pass because he is a genocidal Muslim.

Islam's Genocide ALWAYS Gets a Pass !

... because the real focus of the perverted, evil injustice organizations of the earth, the UN, US, EU, Arab League of Internecine Wars and Failed Islam is against Israel and the Jews for being good home builders.

Jordan says Arabs must unite to address crises

Safadi painted a grim picture, saying the "Arab political system (ISLAM) has failed to solve the crises and halt the collapse as the trust of Arab citizens in the joint Arab institutions has eroded." He says more than 12 million Arab children are being denied access to an education, presumably in part because of (MUSLIM) conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

Sudan's official news agency says President Omar al-Bashir will attend Wednesday's Arab Summit in Jordan, despite a long-standing warrant for his arrest by the International Criminal Court on charges of war crimes and genocide.

Al-Bashir was charged in connection with alleged atrocities in the country's Darfur region. The U.N. estimates 300,000 people have died there and 2.7 million have fled their homes.


Warrant of Arrest for Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir

04 March 2009 | Pre-Trial Chamber I | Warrant of Arrest


Arab League embrace their  genocidal Sudanese partner Omar


Washington's warmonger insanity continues

It would also be a clear signal of the administration’s intention to move more aggressively against Iran.


"The political and military relations right now between the Islamic Republic and Russia are the strongest that we’ve seen ever," 

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Planet Earth Having Nervous BreakDown

If you just read the headlines it's hard to miss in between the wars, famines, violent weather, brutal inhumane crimes, humanity on perversity steroids, the people of this earth are in melt down and daily, more and more at each others throats everywhere.

Riots and protest marches from Russia to Chile,  French Guiana to Hong Kong with Islamic terrorists attacks on the increase in the lands of the infidels, but especially in their own cursed and self-destroyed lands.

On top of all this we hear the major powers, Russia, China, USA, openly talking about nuclear war.

Too many nuclear powers are now openly talking about preemptive first strikes  

Major nuclear wars ARE approaching on the horizon with impotent, empty suit windbag world leaders unable to do anything about Iran and North Korea's malevolent nuclear ambitions.

The vast majority of people see all of this and look for the many ways to bury their heads in the sand, but it won't be too long before their flight from reality no longer works.

Its going to be an in your face, no where to hide, awakening that will dispel all the lies from the lying media and the lying class politicians who sold too many their snake oil cures that never worked.

"Sin, rebellion against the Creator, is the cause of humanity's downfall, something everyone ignored, up until now".

Now it's in our face and there is no fixing what ails the mad, insane inhabitants of earth.    

Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you in great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time [remaining]!” 
Revelation 12:12b

And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 
Luke 21:25-26

Israel, Jerusalem, is ground zero for the cosmic showdown between Satan and God.
Look for the devils rage to increase against Israel and the Jews in the coming months.

Anti-Israel protesters block entrance at AIPAC conference

Notice how the insane nuts are not too bothered by all the bloodshed and violence from the Satanic death cult of Islam but Israel gets them all fired up 


The growing rage against Israel is all directed by Satan and his followers because he knows he is running out of time.

One thing that really drives the inhabitants of the earth stark raving mad (under demonic, Satanic influence) are Jews building homes on their ancient homeland.
Everyone on this earth, the US, EU, UN, Russia, China, Islam, etc. are trying to stop the Jews from doing what God told them to do when He brought them back to their/His land, re-build their homes, cities, towns.

The Satan inspired leaders of the nations and their fake news media are always calling the tiny sliver of Jewish land "occupied"as they work with the death cult of Islam to eradicate Israel.
In a way this is true, it is occupied by extremely racist Islamic invaders who are working hard to conquer Israel and all of the earth for their bloodthirsty and mad god Satan whom they call allah.

Jewish Population growth in Islamic occupied Judea & Samaria is end of 2-state solution

JERUSALEM — The number of Israeli settlers Jews living in the Muslim occupied West Bank has soared by nearly one-quarter over the past five years to over 420,000 people, a prominent settler Jewish leader said Sunday, presenting new population figures that he said put to rest the internationally backed idea of a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians.

This has the devil fit to be tied

I will gather together all the [Gentile] nations [that were hostile to My people]
And bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat (the Lord has judged).
And there I will deal with them and enter into judgment with them there
For [their treatment of] My people, My inheritance, Israel,
Whom they have scattered among the nations,
And [because] they have encroached on My land and divided it up.

Work diligently to miss your appointment here where God will destroy the armies of the depraved nations

All of the mad, wicked nations have an approaching appointment with God in the valley of Jehoshaphat which they will not be able to miss. If you do not want to be marked for destruction work on not being there. 

Alone in the UK With a Koran and Islam

... and secret text message orders from Islamic State to carry out an attack 

UK police still believe London attacker was acting alone

British anti-terrorism police said on Saturday they still believe the man who launched a deadly attack outside parliament this week was acting alone but conceded they may never understand his motive.


The "authorities" are lying to you, no such thing as a lone wolf.
They are "Islamic wolves", soldiers of allah, fighting jihad against non believers (infidels) to advance their agenda of global Islamic domination.

Secret text message ordered the 'lone wolf' to carry out London terror attack

ISIS Muslim fanatics used the secretive messaging site Telegram to call for a “lone wolf” attack on Parliament just weeks before Khalid Masood struck.

No freedom Islam lies about everything  

Sadly the West is being led by incompetent fools and sinister lying devils.
This latest attack by a follower of the false prophet Mohammed is another example of the lengths that the perverse UK and European governments go to to remove the root cause of all terrorism, the religion of Islam.


But they will never connect the dots and always play the clueless idiots and devious rats who sell us their lies and their poison snake oil;

"they may never understand his motive"

Of course they know his motive. Everyone who is honest that is. 

The Koran teaches good MUSLIMS to kill infidels.

To admit this the perverted liars would have to admit that they and their immigration policies have brought the West to it's knees. and globalist traitors, evil men and women will never do this.

Britain- you are being led by liars and fools. 
The motive is Islamic dominance. Terrorism and the muhajirun (refugees) are their chief weapons


We would have healed Babylon, but she was not to be healed.
Abandon her and let each [captive] return to his own country,
For her guilt and judgment have reached to heaven
And are lifted up to the very skies.

The fights appeared to start in the early afternoon when around a dozen anti-Trump protesters dressed in all black refused to move from a bike path to allow a larger group of pro-Trump supporters taking part in the Make America Great Again rally to pass

The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God. Psalms 9:17

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mosul, Iraq - The Hypocrites Always Use Disproportionate Force

.... while they point their fingers at Israel and tie their hands with an impossible to meet standard

“I [the Lord] have cut off and destroyed nations [as a warning to Judah];
Their corner towers (battlements) are in ruins.
I have made their streets desolate
So that no one passes by;
Their cities are destroyed
So that there is no man, there is no inhabitant.

Zephaniah 3:6

Watching the Islamic terrorists many wars against Israel since the early 70's it's always predictable how quickly the foul, hypocrite nations, the US, EU and UN, come to the rescue of the Islamic terrorists (Palestinians)
These self righteous hypocrites use their bag of tricks to tie Israels hands and restrain them, making sure they will never defeat those who openly call for Israel's extermination.

These sniveling hypocrites often cry; "ISRAEL !!! You" must stop using disproportionate force"" against Hamas who hide behind their wives and children to fight and fire rockets into Israeli cities.

Many of you remember the outcry across the world after Israel was accused of  killing a few civilians in their last Gaza war to end the rockets being fired into their civilian populations.

I really do not hear much of an outcry over this 'war crime', do you ?

It's always the same; 

"It was a mistake", no accountability, the nothing to see here, move along, double standard, soon to be forgotten, where only tiny Israel, surrounded by cannibals and sadistic butchers, is perpetually roasted and held to an impossible standard for defending themselves against genocidal Hamas and Hezbollah.

(AP photo)Western Mosul neighborhood where over 150 civilians killed by US airstrikes

"Nothing that should justify an attack of this scale. It was not in proportion to the threat and soldiers could have fixed this."

Iraq suspends Mosul offensive after coalition airstrike atrocity

A US Centcom statement confirmed coalition planes had carried out the attack on 17 March.

Rescuers continued to retrieve bodies from the rubble of the Mosul Jadida neighbourhood on Saturday, more than a week after the coalition attacks, which are believed to have led to one of the highest civilian tolls in the region(150 dead so far) since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.


The funeral of Mazan Fukha, the Hamas commander who was assassinated Friday night outside his home in the Gaza Strip, turned into a display of strength as dozens of armed militants Muslim terrorists from genocide embracing Hamas marched beside the casket


Filthy Reprobate Nations

Dictatorships at UNHRC try to silence UN Watch's Hillel Neuer


Trouble Brewing Persian Gulf 

Thanks for that great deal you made with Iran, Jihad H. Obama 

Iran denies harassing U.S. warships in Gulf, warns of clashes

"We emphasize that the Americans would be responsible for any unrest in the Persian Gulf, and again warn that the U.S. military must change its behavior," Jazayeri said, without elaborating.


Iran Faces Stricter Sanctions in Bipartisan House, Senate Bills

We know how Iran will respond. 
They will not bow to any US pressure and I believe they are now ready to fight the 'Great Satan" along with their other rather large allies.

Mad McCain: World 'cries out' for more failed US and EU leadership

I wonder how much stocks and investment$ this war lunatic has in the Military Industrial Complex ?

Rabid Globalist Madman McCain Lauds Failed EU, NATO and US leadership 

After 16 wasted years of American failure in the Afghanistan quagmire where they are unable to defeat the Taliban, and 15 wasted years in the Iraq quagmire where ISIS was birthed the crazed Senator from Arizona is still at it.

The world need more of the same leadership that helped to destabilize and destroy once stable Iraq and Libya, trained and armed Islamic terrorists to overthrow an elected Syrian leader Assad and destabilize Syria ?

"And lets not forget how Senator's McCain and Graham went to Ukraine to antagonize Russia"
One thing these vile creatures will never do is send their children and grandchildren to fight their useless and insane wars.

When warmonger nuts are in power the future looks bleak

In a "new world order under enormous strain" and in "the titanic struggle with forces of radicalism … we can't stand by and lament, we've got to be involved," like our involvement in Iraq and Libya that led to the enormous problems we now face, like our pathetic lack of any real action that has made the North Korea and Iran nuclear nightmare a reality today.


The brainwash Goebbels Western media will never report that Khalid the London terrorist was a Muslim because that may cause you to begin to wonder what is wrong with the only religion, Islam, that creates so much global terrorism.  

With what little propaganda and lies reporting the globalist media is still doing on the London Islamic terrorist attack it is no surprise that they keep feeding the same brainwash narrative that he was a common petty criminal.

Here is more on the Muslim terrorist Khalid Masood that the media refuses to identify as a Muslim terrorists that you may not have heard ?  

London attacker was in Saudi Arabia 3 times, but not on security officials' radar, says embassy

Mentally deranged and perverse Western leaders are extremely soft with Muslim terrorists they coddle. They ALWAYS  fail to connect the dots, and only get serious after they do their Islamic religious duties against infidels.


Extremist Leftist Democrats and their connection to Islamic terrorism

Convicted Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Yousef Odeh, an organizer of a Day Without a Woman, has agreed to leave the country in exchange for no jail time for failing to disclose the conviction on her U.S. visa application.


The degenerating world

A look at degenerating Africa

 Revenge against Cong dictator Kabila  

Friday, March 24, 2017

Degenerate U.N.'s Criminal Negligence Will Get Millions Killed

The world is facing serious threats from the United Nations failure to stop nuclear North Korea and its speeded up drive to build ICBM's that will reach the U.S. and any other country they choose to threaten and terrorize.

Sanctions have never worked and that is their only failed and repeated move. Insane.

The world is also facing a growing and serious "terrorism" threat hatched from Islam's long standing, and never ending goal of global domination and the UN sweeps it all under the rug because violent, intolerant and genocidal Islam gets a pass.

Witness Sudan's Omar al Bashir getting a pass for his genocide in Darfur because he is a Muslim.

Instead of focusing on Iran and it's open proclamation to exterminate Israel, and enforcing U.N. resolution 1701 the degenerate world body are busy with other more important things.

So what is the primary focus of the United Useless Nations ?

Jews building homes on their ancient homeland that the greedy Arabs, who already have way too much land, want to steal under a false peace scheme.

UN condemns huge Israeli settlement plan

The United Failed and Discombobulated Nations has denounced recent Israeli initiatives to accelerate settlement construction in Islamic occupied Palestinian Israeli territory, stressing that "unilateral actions" and not Islamic terrorism and racism are an obstacle to peace based on the Fourth Reich's final two-state solution to reward Islams terrorism and punish the Jews.


The worthless UN is incapable of stopping little fat boy

If North Korea completes the miniaturization of nuclear warheads and mounts the weapon on an intercontinental ballistic missile, it will have a weapons capable of striking the U.S. mainland.


Recent press reports that have received little attention in the West indicate that China is quintupling the size of its marine corps, from roughly 20,000 to 100,000 troops.



Her mother told WHEC-TV in Rochester that her daughter died in Jordan while loading a bomb onto a plane.


Canada gives cult of death Islam a pass

Imam calling for Jews to be killed in sermon at Montreal mosque draws police complaint

There Are So Many Lies Being Told About Israel

Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you in great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time [remaining]!”
          REVELATION 12:12 

This is one of the best fact based messages about Israel by John Little, and why there is so much opposition to this tiny sliver of land from the forces of darkness.

The Truth About Israel


If I had to pick a title for this time, this century, in mans history I would have to call it;


It is nearly impossible to find the truth in these days of mass confusion and major deception where the lying media are fixated on their fake news agenda and they feed us a steady diet of lies as they lead the world into the latest form of slavery, slavery to the elites and their globalist government agenda where the truth is not to be found.


Here is another example of the lousy fake news media intentionally failing to do their job.

Riots break out in Papua New Guinea capital Port Moresby

"It was not clear what had prompted the riots "

Of course it is clear what caused the riots. What are they covering up this time?
The media no longer tell us the news if it goes against their twisted and perverted agenda.

A web search on this news story found the same "it is not clear" lie.  

It's like the MUSLIM terrorist who attacked the dumbed down sheep of Britain  this week.
They call him every name in the book (British born, criminal, radicalized, etc.) except 1, MUSLIM.

I hope you are thinking and wondering, asking why the perverse global media are so determined to cover up for the religion of all terrorism.

With a one world government and their Goebbels fake news arm, freedom is just an illusion


Socialist Canada's double standard when it comes to Islam

The Canadian government of hypocrites and cowards will do nothing, they are too busy covering up the crimes of the cult of death Islam


Listen carefully, the day of the Lord is coming,
Cruel, with wrath and raging anger,
To make the land a horror [of devastation];
And He shall exterminate its sinners from it.
For the stars of heaven and their constellations
Will not flash with their light;
The sun will be dark when it rises,
And the moon will not shed its light.
In this way I will punish the world for its evil
And the wicked for their wickedness [their sin, their injustice, their wrongdoing];
I will also put an end to the arrogance of the proud
And will abase the arrogance of the tyrant.
I will make mortal man more rare than fine gold,
And mankind [scarcer] than the pure gold of Ophir.
Therefore I will make the heavens tremble;
And the earth will be shaken from its place
At the wrath of the Lord of hosts
In the day of His burning anger.