Friday, November 6, 2015

The Truth is Hard to find in New America

Everyday in Obama's changed America we are bombarded by Washington lies and propaganda.
The arrogant media hate the truth when it interferes with the diabolical agenda of the demonic globalists.
Climate Change, global warming is the control freaks fabricated plan to push forward their totalitarian tyranny.
The rigged employment numbers are the latest fable to hit the airwaves this 6th of November.
Smooth Talking Fox

How easily the masses, the sheeple are corralled and drugged to sleep by the silky, smooth talking, over paid liars.
Early this week the worthless western media reported that 'government and aviation experts' were going over the information on the BLACK BOX and cockpit recorder recovered from the Russian plane SHOT DOWN over the IS infested Sinai.

Black Box Info being kept hidden ?

The Egyptian's, Russian's, US are silent as to what was recovered and also on the evident signs from the plane crash debris that a missile did shoot down this passenger jet.
Egypt is unwilling to defeat IS in the Sinai and content to leave them as a useful war machine on Israel's border ... and for this nefarious scheme, Egypt is paying in the loss of tourists and revenues.

The US Police state is advancing their ploy of a bomb being place in the cargo hold to advance their totalitarian agenda of treating every American citizen as a terrorist with their out of control Airport searches while they give Islamic terrorists weapons and free entry into this country with their open border policy.
When was the last time you heard anything about the recovered black boxes?

I guess I missed it / I didn't hear anything about the conclusive information gleaned from the cockpit recorder and the black box ???
"Move along ,nothing to see here", that is until well armed and well supplied by the West, IS shoots down another passenger jet. The Fox is guarding the chicken coop.

I want to pass on this DEBKA article because I found it to be the most factual and TRUTHFUL in the sea of deception and lies being fed us by the mainstream government propaganda media.
They all know what and who brought down this passenger jet from day one and since then they have tried to divert us away from the truth until we get tired and lose interest in this 'old story'.
Move along nothing to see here folks, until IS brings down the next passenger jet and they will thanks to the liars and incompetent perverts in charge.

Anti-Aircraft Missiles in IS Hands Imperils Saudi, Jordanian and Israeli Skies

We have evil people in charge everywhere who care noting for the truth and operate in the dark with lies as their fist go to plan.
God gives a wicked nation the evil leaders it so richly deserves.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
Proverbs 29:2
We are going to see more and more mourning and sorrow in Obama and the NWO's new america.
Here is another example from the incompetent, clueless idiots in charge in California, they do not know why a Muslim terrorist they imported into the US did what he did at UC, Merced.
Then they came up with a bogus excuse that he was angry for being kicked out of a class.

Clueless, Incompetent Authorities are investigating a motive. They say Mohammad was armed with a hunting knife, and that its blade was 8 to 10 inches long.

The insecurity experts are brain addled, very,very slow, and also are are not permitted by their plantation master to call it what it is; ISLAMIC TERRORISM.

Why don't they release the two page manifesto ? easy ,another cover-up

Warnke added that although Mohammad made several references to ‘Allah’, he does not believe the attack was connected to religion or terrorism.

The truth about Islam is the last thing Obama and his gang want us to hear.  
The evil ones go out of their way to protect the Islamic terrorist they have allowed to flood into the US.
They continue their big lie that Satan's Islam is a religion of peace because they, themselves work for Hell inc.


Anonymous said...

A land of total lies!
It is difficult to believe that ANYONE cannot see how this is all planned and choreographed.

I believe NOTHING that comes out of the baal worshipping city of Washington D.C. What a demon hole that place is.

It looks like the U.S. SERIOUSLY wants to pick a war with Russia! They are trying every lie they can come up with to cover their crimes against humanity, and provoke or entrap Russia, who is hurting their "pet" ISIS - the DAESH.

May the LORD GOD protect HIS Children and grant them discernment.

Marcel Cousineau said...

Talk about picking a fight with Russia who intend to stand by their man, Syrian President Assad.
I heard a radio report from sec def, ash carter on the possibility of sending more ground troops into Syria.
It's easy to see where this is headed.