Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oldie But Goodie

Guaranteed to upset Satan's minions pushing their control freak agenda and divert us away from why we are seeing the earth entering into a great time of climatic upheaval, major earthquakes, major volcanic eruptions and unnervingsigns in the heavens.
They will never tell you that God is in complete control and it is He who is sending 'climate change' because of the wickedness of mankind.
There is still time to seek the Lord and repent.
Young Nepalese girl praying to her severely damaged, helpless and worthless god

The false gods that so many souls in Nepal serve did not help them or themselves as this destroyed idol and temple reveal. Even after the major earthquake in Nepal this year, so many are still in bondage to their false gods that were shattered to pieces along with their temples. Instead of seeking the living God who is not an idol made with mans hands they continue to worship, pray and bow down before the lies that Satan has enslaved them to.
May the LORD set the many captives free from bondage to so many false religion's that permeate the planet. 

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