Sunday, November 29, 2015

Memo From The Jihad Against America Oval Office

To the Propaganda Ministry and all Deception Media affiliates keeping OUR many big lies alive:

First, I want to thank all of you for giving my fellow revolutionary and jihadist Hillary a media pass and covering up for her many crimes,lies and treason against the state.
I am most especially grateful for all of you covering up the fifty million $ which Qatar donated to her and Bill's Clinton foundation, their jihad bribe to my favorite witch, and of course, Bubba the pervert.

The Time For Global Jihad Has Arrived

There has been way too much attention paid to my fellow Islamic terrorist in the past month and we need to take them off the front page if my plan to flood America with thousands of young jihadists is to succeed.
We will be pushing the Climate Change Global Brainwash meeting in Paris hard on the world population starting this week and into 2016.
Let this big lie be the focus as the real threat to earth and not my Muslim brothers who are very hungry for infidel blood and great destruction.

All Media - Milk the story on the Colorado Planned Death to Babies shooter for as long as you can, repeat, repeat, repeat as often as possible.

It's time to make war against Christian's in America and give Islam a clean bill of health.
Cover up and ignore all past Islamic attacks by Muslims in America since 9/11 and remove this threat from the minds of the easily deceived masses.
It's time to make Christian's enemy number one with this madman's attack on Planned Parenthood yesterday.
We've got more in the pipeline to smear Christian's and take the focus off of my favorite religion of peace. ha,ha,ha.

What suckers the American people are... except for a very few.

Again, I remind you to never use the word Islamic or Muslim when reporting on any Islamic jihad attack here in the US or anywhere for that matter.
You are permitted to use the word 'domestic' if you must.
We are planning to use this to describe Christian's in America, our real enemy. We shall make them the real terrorists to the public whom we've been brainwashing with our Hollywood Movie Propaganda arm.
Keep up the good work of confusing and lying to the public, without you I wouldn't be here today moving 'the agenda' forward.

Remember now, No lie is too big for our cause.
The Destroyer in Chief Washington D.C.

Russia Checkmate in Syria ?

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