Monday, November 9, 2015

Driven, Under the Influence of the Religion of Death

I doubt this story will receive much (if any) air time on US Media as it goes against the sea of lies from our Ministry of Propaganda in Washington and their media whores.
They always find any implausible excuse or crafty lies like it was a YouTube video, rather then identify Islam as the root problem for all these attacks.
Remember when the liar in chief, Hussein o told us that IS was not Islam ?
Islamic State is 100% Islam in practice, and the liar Obama knows this.
This is why he is making no real effort to exterminate them, it's only smoke and mirrors that we are seeing in the fight against IS. Russia sees thru Obama's fake war on IS and Turkeys assistance to them.

The media fails to report on the continuing fall out from Obama's Libya adventure

On the downed Russian plane in the Sinai, they will continue to push their bomb version because it would be too embarrassing if word got out that a Russian or US missile, (spoil from Obama, NATO and Hillary's take down of Libya's Kaddafi) in the hands of IS took down this passenger jet.
They will make sure everyone has his story straight and feed us their latest pile of bull manure.

A Jordanian policeman has opened fire at a police training centre outside Amman, killing two Americans, a South African and a Jordanian, officials say

Imagine the non stop 24/7 headline news reporting,the rage and outcry if this were a Jew in Israel who did this to US soldiers ?
The US media would fan the flames of Jew hate for decades not just weeks.

Because it was a Muslim from 'friendly' Jordan doing his kORAN inspired jihad duties against the kuffar (unbelievers), it will be covered up by the rats who sell us the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.
The double standard of the lying hypocrites in charge is evident on a daily basis if you are not already brainwashed by the MSM.


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