Monday, November 30, 2015


When my enemies turn back, They stumble and perish before You.
For You have maintained my just cause; You have sat on the throne judging righteously.
You have rebuked the nations, You have destroyed the wicked; You have blotted out their name forever and ever.
The enemy has come to an end in perpetual ruins,
*And You have uprooted the cities; The very memory of them has perished.
*cities of Syria being uprooted since 2011. wicked nations of the world, pay attention, you are next!
Psalm 9

Lesson's for Israel From an 11 year old Palestinian

Muslim parents and Muslim leaders teach their children from birth to murder the innocent for their false god, allah.
We never hear any world leaders call for an end to this VIOLENCE ,this evil Satanic, Muslim practice.
But we do always hear them calling on Israel to do more for the peace... never calling on the cult of death to do anything to end their evil ways.
That makes the hypocrite nations and their leaders evil!

There will never be any true and lasting peace in the Middle East as long as the religion of hate is practiced.
Islam must and will be soundly defeated and then, and only then we shall see Arab and Jew living side by side in true and lasting peace.
The false peace that the US,EU,UN,Russia, China and all the nations are shoving down Israel's throat leads to Armageddon and the severe judgment of all the nations by the Holy One of Israel.

The appeasement,surrender and retreat that the evil nations are forcing on Israel only emboldens the bloodthirsty followers of the pathological false prophet, Mohammed and leads to war.
Islam has no intention of living in peace with Israel, ever, and those who assume to sacrifice ISRAEL to this evil Satanic religion birthed in hell by Satan will themselves be sacrificed.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Memo From The Jihad Against America Oval Office

To the Propaganda Ministry and all Deception Media affiliates keeping OUR many big lies alive:

First, I want to thank all of you for giving my fellow revolutionary and jihadist Hillary a media pass and covering up for her many crimes,lies and treason against the state.
I am most especially grateful for all of you covering up the fifty million $ which Qatar donated to her and Bill's Clinton foundation, their jihad bribe to my favorite witch, and of course, Bubba the pervert.

The Time For Global Jihad Has Arrived

There has been way too much attention paid to my fellow Islamic terrorist in the past month and we need to take them off the front page if my plan to flood America with thousands of young jihadists is to succeed.
We will be pushing the Climate Change Global Brainwash meeting in Paris hard on the world population starting this week and into 2016.
Let this big lie be the focus as the real threat to earth and not my Muslim brothers who are very hungry for infidel blood and great destruction.

All Media - Milk the story on the Colorado Planned Death to Babies shooter for as long as you can, repeat, repeat, repeat as often as possible.

It's time to make war against Christian's in America and give Islam a clean bill of health.
Cover up and ignore all past Islamic attacks by Muslims in America since 9/11 and remove this threat from the minds of the easily deceived masses.
It's time to make Christian's enemy number one with this madman's attack on Planned Parenthood yesterday.
We've got more in the pipeline to smear Christian's and take the focus off of my favorite religion of peace. ha,ha,ha.

What suckers the American people are... except for a very few.

Again, I remind you to never use the word Islamic or Muslim when reporting on any Islamic jihad attack here in the US or anywhere for that matter.
You are permitted to use the word 'domestic' if you must.
We are planning to use this to describe Christian's in America, our real enemy. We shall make them the real terrorists to the public whom we've been brainwashing with our Hollywood Movie Propaganda arm.
Keep up the good work of confusing and lying to the public, without you I wouldn't be here today moving 'the agenda' forward.

Remember now, No lie is too big for our cause.
The Destroyer in Chief Washington D.C.

Russia Checkmate in Syria ?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Satan's Latest Plan to Exterminate Israel and the Jews

From the beginning of Israel's God birthed existence, Satan has attempted to wipe out every Jew from the face of the earth. He knows that if he can do this, he can thwart God's plan of redemption.

Today with the help of the President of the U.S. and Islamic State he is wiping out the Christian population of the Middle East. His next move will be against Israel with Obama's partner Iran and the Islamic hordes from hell united temporarily for their final Amalek, Haman, Hitler war.

The evil spirit that drove Israel's ancient enemies is very much alive today

Obama's friend,Iran's Khameni,The latest and last Amaklek,Haman,Hitler, all wrapped up into one

Amalek set out to exterminate the Jews after they were delivered by God from over 400 years of slavery in Egypt.
As they were headed into Israel, the land God promised to Abraham and his descendants forever, evil Amalekites attacked the vulnerable women and children much like the followers of the false prophet Mohammed do today .
For this evil God called on Israel's first king, Saul to utterly destroy everyone and everything of the Amalekites. 1 Samuel 15 King Saul disobeyed God's command and showed mercy and compassion to evil, something Israel has continued to do to this day under the false US led peace scam to create an Amalekite like nation in the heart of Israel.

The prophet Samuel hewed Agag, king of the Amalekites to pieces before the Lord at Gilgal.
1 SAMUEL 15: 32-33

Later on in Israel's history, they were driven out of their land by God into captivity by the Babylonian empire, judgment for their sin and rebellion against Him.

Babylon was overthrown by the Medes and Persian's during Israel's 70 year captivity and this is where Mordechi and Esther thwarts Haman's plans for all the Jews.

The Book of Esther recounts Satan's next attempt to exterminate the Jews In Persia, modern day Iran,by the hand of Haman the Agagite, a descendant of Agag, king of the Amalikites.

Because Israel showed mercy to evil and disobeyed God, this seed of Satan, Haman rose up to a place of power to threaten the extermination of every Jew on earth.
This disobedience is why Israel continues to suffer under the Palestinians also known as Islamic terrorists of the Fatah and Hamas, bloodletting flavor of death.

27 I will send my fear before thee, and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come, and I will make all thine enemies turn their backs unto thee. 28 And I will send hornets before thee, which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite, from before thee. 29 I will not drive them out from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beast of the field multiply against thee. 30 By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land. 31 And I will set thy bounds from the Red sea even unto the sea of the Philistines, and from the desert unto the river: for I will deliver the inhabitants of the land into your hand; and thou shalt drive them out before thee. 32 Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. 33 They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee.

Exodus 23: 27-33


Esther 3

After these events King Ahasuerus promoted Haman, the son of Hammedatha the Agagite, and advanced him and established his authority over all the princes who were with him.
2 All the king’s servants who were at the king’s gate bowed down and paid homage to Haman; for so the king had commanded concerning him. But Mordecai neither bowed down nor paid homage. 3 Then the king’s servants who were at the king’s gate said to Mordecai, “Why are you transgressing the king’s command?” Now it was when they had spoken daily to him and he would not listen to them, that they told Haman to see whether Mordecai’s reason would stand; for he had told them that he was a Jew.
5 When Haman saw that Mordecai neither bowed down nor paid homage to him, Haman was filled with rage. 6 But he disdained to lay hands on Mordecai alone, for they had told him who the people of Mordecai were; therefore Haman sought to destroy all the Jews, the people of Mordecai, who were throughout the whole kingdom of Ahasuerus.

He failed, thanks to two souls who stood faithful to God, Mordecai and his adopted daughter Esther.
God placed Esther as Queen of Persia to thwart Satan's plan.
Esther 7:10

 The Nazi's are Back

Palestinian (Islamic) terrorists supported and funded by Iran, Islam, US,EU,UN

Recently, our adversary Satan tried again to annihilate all the Jews of Europe and every other Jew he could get his hands on under the short lived reign of Adolph Hitler and his Third Reich.
We all know the toll of 6 million Jews murdered by Satan's genocidal henchman and his loyal Nazi supporters and foot soldiers across Europe during WW II.

The devil, knowing his time is short is at it again, and his latest tool of genocide is Islam. The demon possessed Ayatollah of Iran is driven to exterminate Israel in one day with modern weapons of nuclear destruction.
This has been made possible by an other descendant of Amalek, President Obama who is assisting Islam in it's latest Satanic driven plan to wipe out the Jews.
This is why Obama will not defeat Islamic State and why he wants Assad replaced to help create an Islamic Caliphate that will spread across the whole earth.
 Just as all the previous attempts to wipe out Israel and the Jews, this one will also fail.

It will bring all the nations into direct confrontation with the Holy One of Israel, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob, where they will receive their just retribution for their evil in going along with Satan's plan against His Israel.
The Palestinian Nazi Salute

Those nations and empires like America who have aligned with Islam in carving up Israel to God's enemies, the sons of Amalek, will suffer the bloody consequences of their choice to stand with the evil, bloodthirsty cult of death,Islam, Amalek, against the Jews.
Wholesale slaughter and extermination directed against the Jews will return on the heads of all of Israel's enemies (Islam) and everyone of their supporters and enablers.

Those nations which push the false peace agenda to create a Palestinian (Islamic) State as a springboard to wipe out Israel will themselves be wiped out, wiped off the face of the earth.

Count on it ! 

Make some time to read the Book of Esther, it's only 9 chapters, and it will give up a heads up on how God is always one step ahead of Israel's enemies ... always.

My hope is that it will help many to turn their allegiance away from temporal evil men and their temporal evil empires and nations towards the everlasting, eternal God of Israel and His Son, Yeshua haMashiach.

Psalm 2

Why are the nations in an uproar And the peoples devising a vain thing?

 The kings of the earth take their stand And the rulers take counsel together Against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying,
“Let us tear their fetters apart And cast away their cords from us!”
He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them.
Then He will speak to them in His anger And terrify them in His fury, saying,
“But as for Me, I have installed My King Upon Zion, My holy mountain.”

“I will surely tell of the decree of the Lord: He said to Me, ‘You are My Son, Today I have begotten You.
‘Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance,

Friday, November 27, 2015


When a nation is ruled by perverts and idiots, it is doomed.
Here is a good example of stupid fools and idiots, the cream of the crop who lead America to hell.

FBI using elite surveillance teams to track at least 48 high-risk ISIS suspects

Instead of arresting each one of them for treason or some other realistic charge/crime, they allow these very real Islamic threats to roam around the country freely.

When America went to war against Japan in 1941, the president, Roosevelt and the military didn't give a second thought to rounding up everyone of Japanese ancestry and putting them in internment camps... and they were not even close to the threat to us that these Muslims are to us today.
The difference today is that we have a traitor in the White House surrounded by useful idiots in undeserved places of power and authority.

We know how well the FBI watched the Boston Bomber,Tsarnaev brothers after they were warned by Russia's FSB that the two Boston, Chechen brothers were radicalized Muslim terrorists.

The fact that the elite of the FBI are watching dangerous Muslims who pose an immediate threat to America should not bring relief to you but a wake up call to the danger we face due to evil leader like Obama and a restrained FBI DHS who are too stupid to arrest, round up, imprison Muslim terrorist that they have intentionally imported into the U.S.

America: On the Sodom and Gomorrah Path


The destroyer Obama lets these 48 Islamic terrorists run free because his mission is to change America into hell, rubble and ash.

Psalm 9:17
The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.

America is not long for the land of the living.
The rider on the red horse is headed our way, and just behind him the other riders.

And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.
Revelation 6

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Gathering of Nations Has Begun

With all the attention focused on the US, Russia proxy war now ramping up in Syria, please keep Israel as the center of what God is preparing to do.

He has already begun to judge Israel's enemies and Turkey is next

This coming war will not be Armageddon but the pre-quel war that leads to Armageddon.
In Ezekiel 38-39 list of armies and nations coming against Israel, 4 bordering Arab countries are missing, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.
The reason they are missing is because they are wiped out in this soon coming war.
It's not hard to see that this is the time Isaiah 17, the complete destruction of Damascus takes place.
This may be the hook that brings Russia and her large confederation against Israel where Ezekiel 38-39 are fulfilled.

God is in complete control and setting the stage with the now assembling players with their toys in tow.
More nations will be drawn to this region where God judges the nation.
Syria, Russia,Turkey and the ongoing escalation towards full blown war are now in motion, but the primary focus of Satan is Jerusalem.

Turkey, with Obama and NATO's nod has thrown a match into the Islamic State gas can.
It's easy to miss where all of this is headed.
The US is sending the Carrier, USS Truman and the French their only Carrier to get up close, maybe bump into many Russian warships gathering in the eastern Mediterranean.

The message from Putin to Obama and NATO is; Assad stays, Obama goes
Russia is not going to allow itself to be pushed around by the NWO gangsters and will send a shock and awe message to the checkers player in the White House and they will damage ISIS supporting Turkey severely.

God has begun to gather the armies near Israel.

Keep your eyes on God's Ground Zero, Jerusalem/Israel for His long overdue judgment of the nations.
Jerusalem, Israel - This one city will unite Satan's warring Shiite and Sunni factions of Islam.
If they don't stop killing each other there would be no Muslims left (not a bad thing)
God's word tells us that they will unite together to take Jerusalem/Israel from it's rightful owner's the Jewish people.

The location and appointment time for His and Israel's enemies to meet Him, up close and personal.

Greedy, intolerant and hate inspired Muslims who cannot even live in peace with each other, let alone we non believer are under God's wrath.
Their false prophet leads them to destruction and eternal damnation.
War, murder and bloodshed are all they know, so they have an appointment with God in the Jezreel valley where it will take 7 months to bury their stinking carcasses. Read Ezekiel 38-39
The Jezreel valley, view from har Megiddo where God's enemies armies meet their end.

God has begun to draw the armies of the rebel nations to the borders of Israel for their final appointment.
The assembling of nations has now begun and will only increase until Joel's prophecies are fulfilled... in our day....soon, very soon.
Soon the time to get right with God will be over. It's time to put away the toys and get serious.
Wipe the dust off of your bible and seek the Lord while He may be found, because when it all hits the fan, it will be too late for many.

Joel 3

For behold, in those days and at that time, When I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem,

I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the valley of Jeho-shaphat.(God Judges)

Then I will enter into judgment with them there on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel,

Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare a war; rouse the mighty men!
Let all the soldiers draw near, let them come up!

Beat your plowshares into swords And your pruning hooks into spears; Let the weak say, “I am a mighty man.”

Hasten and come, all you surrounding nations, And gather yourselves there. Bring down, O Lord, Your mighty ones.

Let the nations be aroused And come up to the valley of Jehoshaphat,(God is Judge) For there I will sit to judge All the surrounding nations.
Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Come, tread, for the wine press is full; The vats overflow, for their wickedness is great.

Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision.
The sun and moon grow dark And the stars lose their brightness.
The Lord roars from Zion And utters His voice from Jerusalem, And the heavens and the earth tremble.
But the Lord is a refuge for His people And a stronghold to the sons of Israel.
Then you will know that I am the Lord your God, Dwelling in Zion, My holy mountain.
So Jerusalem will be holy, And strangers will pass through it no more.
Joel 3

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Very, very close


By arming,training,financing the war against Syria's Assad, this is what America has accomplished in Syria

something else the perverted US MEDIA is covering up!

God warns destroyer Obama ruler of Empire America, the 'Hammer of the Earth' ; As soon as you stop destroying, you will be destroyed.

See Isaiah 33
Woe to you, O destroyer, While you were not destroyed;
And he who is treacherous, while others did not deal treacherously with him.
As soon as you finish destroying, you will be destroyed;
As soon as you cease to deal treacherously, others will deal treacherously with you.  

Jeremiah 51

As I have written many times before, without Turkey's financial help and open border policy Islamic State would not be the extremist Islamic Caliphate threat that it is today.
In the past, the Islamic terrorist in the White House used to brag to us and the media about how close he was to the extremist,radical Islamic leader of Turkey, Herr Adolph Erdogan.
He bragged how he called him often, while ignoring Israel's plight at the hands of HIS radical Islamists.

I sure do hope Netanyahu has waken up at this very late hour that Israel's help will only come from the Lord, Messiah Jesus.

Hussein Obama has been a bit more silent about his love affair with Islamic State's co-creator (along with the U.S.)
It will be interesting to see how Hussein O. and NATO deal with their bastard NATO child, Turkey after they shot down a Russian Su-24 fighter jet that was flying inside of Syrian airspace.

Since my Bible readings of prophecy in the early 70's I've been aware that Turkey would be under Russia's umbrella when their combined armies attack Israel.
 Ezekiel 38-39

As Syria goes, so goes all the nations that come against Israel

This could be where God judges Turkey for their fanning the flames of hatred against Israel when the Jews have worked so hard for peace with their evil,bloodthirsty neighbors. This is why Syria has been under God's judgment for so many years and it is now a pile of rubble.

This is nothing less than an act of war by NATO member Turkey that can easily lead the world into WW III.

Do the western leaders realize that Putin is not a  NWO game player but an extremely serious person to make angry. Sure they do. If I can see it, they sure can ,

We are on God's hairpin trigger for massive nuclear destruction,nuclear war, as it is He who removes peace from the wicked,perverted nations, especially the Sodom and Gomorrah nations that push their perverted, satanic marriages, blaspheming and perverting God's holy institution of marriage.

They can't help themselves

The reason NATO,Turkey, ObamaNation shot down one of Russia's Air Force fighter jets is because he has been doing great damage to their Islamic State and their agenda to remove Assad in order to make it another extremist Islamic controlled nation like Libya,Iraq,Somalia. and on and on.

In case you did not know, evil people have long ago taken over America, even before ignorant, blind, clueless Christian's helped to elect Mr. Skull n Bones, G.W. Bush.

These evil globalist's who only serve Satan and his agenda are leading us into WW III where massive population reduction is the plan.

This does not happen without God allowing it. So great judgments are at our doorstep like the rebel planet has never seen since it's Creator spoke the universe and this earth into existence.

Life as we know it is about to change forever and it's time to pray and seek the Lord and end the insane pagan practice of shopping.... because where you and I are going after we die.we can take nothing, not even a toothbrush.

How far will Turkey go to lead the West into nuclear war with Russia ?

Well, Islamic terrorist supporting Turkey showed us how far they would go today.

"European Union President Donald Tusk said: "In this dangerous moment after downing of Russian jet, all should remain cool headed and calm."

For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the earth.
Luke 21:35

Monday, November 23, 2015

Obama's Phony War on Islamic State

The truth you will never hear in the Goebbels' US Propaganda Media

Obama Gave His Islamic State Pals 45 Minute Warning Before Bombing Their Oil Tankers

...because he wants his Islamic terrorists to live and fight another day, he has no intention of defeating them.

Now with Putin that's another story.

As America removed Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Libya's Qaddafi in order to create the present chaos and Islamic Caliphate (with Turkeys help)Obama is working hard to do the same with Syria by removing Assad and filling the void with his Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, (which includes Lebanon and Israel)
By using the term ISIL, Obama is telegraphing his plans... and this is where Obama and Putin are headed for a major, nuclear showdown, WW III, is coming.
America against Russia, China, Iran and their partners.
Are you preparing ?

Now, who do you think is the evil empire ?

from above article link;

While it took the U.S. fifteen months to even begin targeting ISIS’ oil refineries and tankers, air strikes by Moscow destroyed more than 1,000 tankers in a period of just five days.

$800,000,000 worth of ISIS oil has been sold in Turkey, a supposed U.S. ally. ISIS trucks are routinely allowed to cross back and forth between the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa and Turkey, while the NATO country facilitates black market oil sales on behalf of the terror group.
Unlike naive and extremely gullible American's, the Egyptian people know who and what Obama is

America has a Trojan, Islamic stealth warrior in the White House who is now dropping fellow Islamic warriors form the Trojan horse into America's cities while the idiots of the left and gullible, naive Americans sleep.

All you have to do is look what he did to Libya and what he tried and failed to do in Egypt with his Muslim Brotherhood partner Mohammed Morsi.
Every Arab dictator which the Bush/Obama cabal has removed has made these Middle East countries and Islamic terrorist haven and our Muslim Commander and pathological liar in Chief Obama cannot bring himself to use the term Islamic terrorist.
The reason is not hard to figure out as he has no such restraints in attacking Christian's and Israel.



Two Crazed Muslim sisters with knives going out to the Mahane Yehuda market to kill Jews. Oops, they mistakenly stab Palestinian man from Bethlehem thinking he was a Jew. One of the cult of death Muslim girls is shot dead by armed non Muslims while the other is wounded.

What are the Palestinian/Muslim parents teaching their children?

Answer- Hate, Jihad, kill infidels, kill Jews and America sends them more money,billions and billions of dollars and support FOR DECADES knowing full well their hate and evil ways... while they force Israel and the Jews to surrender and appease this evil.
God shall repay America for this evil as he is doing to Europe and every nations that assumes to sacrifice Israel to the followers of Satan/Islam.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

on ne fait pas d'omelette sans casser des œufs

'You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet'

meaning :
Some things may have to be broken or torn down in order to build somethingbetter.much, much worse.

Stalin's red slogan, on the Socialist's and Communist's need to kill off much of the population in order to create their paradisehell on earth. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot. All Obama needs to accomplish what they did is martial, dictatorial power, and he's on his way there with his rule by pen and phone with a neutered citizenry, Congress and Supreme Court.
Look for the Washington Omelet Chef to push more seizure of guns from the law abiding public soon.

In France, Belgium and across Europe, the specialty Socialist Chef's have been cracking many eggs to create their exotic New World Order Omelet.
Here is a little taste of what they have cooked up for their naive citizens (only awakening when it is too late) and the everyday, new normal streets of Europe.

Pictures of Belgium on Terror Lock Down

Coming to America - Must see-scroll down half way at above link for video
get used to it America, this is what Obama wants for US.
I used to love going to the Old Europe, New Europe, forget about it!

Obama the ever challenged community organizer, leading from behind, just wants to catch up with Europe.

We are on our way there with our very own destroyer,omelet maker, Obama.

Pushing back against efforts to bar Syrian refugees from resettling in the U.S., President Barack Obama vowed Saturday that his country will be a welcoming place for millions fleeing violence around the world "as long as I'm president."

you can be sure that Obama and his gangsters know how to make and omelet, they've been preparing for it many decades!
Get used to living in a police state with lock downs,your papers please, martial law, high level threat alerts,army, tanks in the street, Islamic terrorist bombings, attacks, from within,just like the idiot leaders of Europe have now created under their new world order delusion's. Obama is desperate to catch up to them.

Belgium goes into high alert because of their religion of peace immigrants unexpected need to slaughter and kill them.
Belgian, E.U. leadersincroyable!!! we did not know Muslims were like that, we thought they were peaceful followers of the genocidal, mad, false prophet Mohammed.

Friday, November 20, 2015


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.Proverbs 9:10

One sure thing I have learned in my threescore years on this planet in rebellion against God is that His word is true and certain.
It took a long time for God in His love and mercy to get through my stubborn and rebellious head to teach me to fear Him, but I thank God He did not give up on me.
This helps me to understand His eternal covenant with Israel and the proud idiots of Islam and replacement Christianity who assumed to replace the Jews in God's ongoing plan of redemption for Israel.
The fear of God releases you from the fear of man.

What we are seeing in Europe and America are the sure signs of His judgments upon the godless West which has turned away from Him to idols.
Many of Europe's churches have been turned into Mosques of the religion of hell and death and the cursed people of Europe are clueless to the many signs of their impending slaughter.

"Every man is stupid, devoid of knowledge;

Jeremiah 10:14

The terminal disease affecting all of us, all of humanity is that we were all born stupid and in sin.

Too stupid to seek God, too stupid to seek the truth, too busy attempting to play God or deny Him. The pride of Lucifer, Satan, has blinded mankind and this (evil) pride fills the hearts of most of the inhabitants of the earth.

This sin dooms them to hell.
God can only deal with humble, broken souls and they are few, very few. And this is why proud America is headed for hell.

...and assume we did it with our own hands. What fools we have become!

We're on the stupid planet and it won't end well for the inhabitants who assumed to have replaced Him and His eternal laws. The little gods will learn terror and fear as a Holy God rains down death and destruction on those who have rejected His loving cure for their sin and stupidity.

The masses are so easily deceived by a crafty, malevolent, spiritual being who is behind all the wars and divisions and every imaginable evil that infests this planet in rebellion against the Creator.

Under his dark spell, all of earth is enslaved to Satan because all of us have rebelled against God and His law.

We have leaders across the globe who serve Satan and his agenda. The lying power hungry blind leaders of the blind practice lying, craft and deception to deceive the people who easily fall under their spell.

We see this in America today like we've never seen it before, an evil leader who mesmerizes the wicked with his smooth lies and crafty speech. Because the masses are so easily seduced and fall for Obama's constant flood of lies, it tells me that God has marked them for His wrath and severe, impending judgments. God has blinded the idiots who put their trust in pathological liars.

See Ezekiel 7-9 and 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12

Highway to Hell

God has allowed President Obama to arise to great power for one purpose and one purpose only;
'The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God'
Psalm 9:17

Over time I have come to the conclusion that most Christian's in America really do not believe God or His word, just like His people in Israel in Jeremiah's day and Israel today.
God is in the process of turning wicked America into hell and Obama is the instrument of His destruction.
Satan has been given free reign over America because the righteous have failed to uphold the holy standard, the hedge of protection has been torn down and the wicked flood into every area of American life and pervert it .

We have already been defeated and taken over because we did not heed God's many warnings and compromised with evil just like Israel did before us.
Hell is here already and the flames will only grow as Obama the destroyer does what God has promised in His word.
There is no political power, Cruz, Carson or Donald who will stop what God is sending to reprobate America. He will neutralize all those who get in the way of His just judgments on a wicked nation that has turned it's back on Him and embraced Sodom and Gomorrah as their path.

I try to warn the deceived but they aren't listening they're too busy listening to Satan and his mouth pieces, and they don't want to hear the truth.
They have brought what is coming upon themselves and will eat the fruit of their evil deeds.
God does not change.
In Jeremiah's day he told the lone voice of truth, Jeremiah to stop praying for His people, that He would not hear his prayers and the prayers of His rebellious people in their time of need.

There comes a time when it is too late for repentance, something the apostate church will never teach their flock.

I believe God is a just judge and that He must judge America severely, because; 'to whom much is given, much is required'.

We need to be thankful for the calm before the hell storm that is now descending on this nation and prepare our hearts for what is coming with much prayer and fasting, seeking the Lord like we have never done before.

allah is not God but an impostor created by the false prophet Mohammed under the direction of the devil who is all the rotten fruit of Islam.

This is why Obama is so in love with the Islamic hordes whom he has given the green light to invade Sodom and Gomorrah, America.

Many were easily deceived and voted for the man who will be directly responsible for their untimely death. So many failed to understand that 'hope and change' was all about Psalm 9:17.

I believe God and His word and do not trust any man, especially lusting for power and wealth politician's.

"Thus says the Lord, Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, And whose heart turns away from the Lord." Jeremiah 17:5

The lost are already cursed. This warning from God goes out to all His people who are looking to an election instead of Him.

Sadly many, many of God's people are now cursed, ripe for judgment and do not even know it because they follow stupid shepherds who lead them away from God and to hell. Just like Israel did, they have forgotten God with their vain and empty religion that has them on the throne of their lives and not God.

"For the shepherds (leaders) have become stupid and have not sought the Lord; Therefore they have not prospered and all their flock is scattered."
Jeremiah 10:21


I just can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to believe me about anything, unbelievable ?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Eavesdropping on the Islamic Terrorist in the White House

We have all heard (thanks to Edward Snowden) how far the criminal regime in Washington has gone by spying on it's non Muslim citizens while they flood the land with the follower's of the false prophet Mohammed and give them special treatment, housing, food stamps, welfare and even free university education as we saw with the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston... while our homeless veterans sleep in the streets.

The shut down of Boston in April of 2013 gives us a glimpse of their plans and why they have created the 'terrorist' problem here in the U.S. and in Europe.
They are getting us used to the Police State of the emerging Fourth Global Reich.

So that a totalitarian police state, their New World Dis-Order, can arise from the ashes

This is what the American people get when they serve lying idols and turn away from the living God.
An evil leader with an evil agenda.

Obama talking to his boy Friday on Air Force One on his way back to Washington from the Philippines;

Crafty Obama
"'Those damned Republicans are trying to block my evil agenda of flooding the US with Islamic terrorist's.
Damn, I hate those Christian's, lets not get started on Israel.
That is why I'm keeping Islamic State strong and intact.

I sure hope the French and the Russian's don't mess up my plans for an Islamic invasion of Israel.

That's why I'm doing nothing about Islamic State in Sinai.

I told AG Lynch to sell the public on the lie that we would vet the Syrian fifth column "refugees", ha,ha,ha, just as well as we vetted the Chechen,Islamic terrorist, Tsarnaev brothers whom the Russian security services warned us about twice, ha,ha,ha.
We intentionally ignored them so that we could BETA test shutting down a large American city and imposing martial law.
We're ready for the next phase but we need many Paris's in America's cities.

These thousands of BLACKBOOT, Martial Law police failed to find Dzhokhar, it was a private citizen who found him hiding in his boat in the back yard.
They were too busy targeting law abiding,non Muslim American's

"My immigration policy has always been Islamic terrorist friendly", B.H.Obama.

City of Boston shut down by black boots,4/13, pre planned, prepping for martial law in America's cities

My plan is to make American cities look like Boston did in April of 2013, a city under martial law and under siege with only two Muslim terrorists doing their religious jihad duties and no one will stop me, especially not the State Governors or Republican's in congress.

How else will I get the martial law I want so bad in place so that I can rule like the ruthless despot I am and without any interference from the courts or congress.

Hillary and the gang are of the same mind that we must bring chaos to the land.
Islamic terrorists attacks on our cities is the plan so that we can impose our draconian, iron fisted tyranny, completing our radical Marxist change of America.
This is the last phase of the change I was put in office to accomplish and the time is now.

So the media and I will not allow anyone to stop my plan to flood America with Islamic terrorists.

There are already many Islamic terrorist cells here in place thanks to my open borders plan to infiltrate them in, but we need more of them especially my favorite, Islamic State.
Dear law abiding, non Muslim terrorist, your papers please 

We've already prepared the American people for our intrusive, totalitarian, martial law phase and so they will cry for us to shut down the cities as we did in Boston after our Chechen brothers set off the pressure cooker bombs.

TSA pervert looking for bomb
Look what the stupid American people have let us get away with already.
When they start getting the Paris treatment on steroids from our imported Islamic terrorists they will embrace our evil agenda for them.

We give the Islamic terrorist a free pass as we did with the Chechen bombers and make the non Muslim American citizens feel like criminals and terrorists and freedom and America are dead on arrival.

That is our plan!
Your's truly,
B. Hussein Obama

 Obama and his goose stepping UN psychopaths and fellow globalist Sodomites are way behind schedule in disarming the law abiding American public. (not his cherished inner city gangsters)

This is a critical part of the NWO agenda already in force across the rest of the globe.
He has to implement martial law to accomplish this and he needs a credible pretext.

Enter the Syrian refugees Islamic State terrorists. 

I believe this is what he is using the Syrian refugees for. Just look at what two junior varsity Islamic terrorists did in Boston, they shut down the whole city, and it was only because a private citizen found the Boston Marathon Bomber that the city wide lock down was ended. imagine what just a few well trained Islamic State Muslim jihadists can do as we saw in Paris last week. The useful idiots will go along gladly as we are herded into the tyranny of the followers of Satan.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An Open Letter to President Obama and Islamic State

Dear Corrupt and Lawless One,

In these trying times, the burden of leadership that you are under and the many difficulties you face would be hard for any tyrant to deal with, even if he has mastered the craft of deception as well as you have.

Many of us can see through your agenda and the dark hand of evil that guides you, especially when it comes to your religion of choice.
You affection for the false prophet Mohammed and disdain for Jews and Christian's is all we need to know about who and what guides you.

To your benefit, the masses are naive and slow to grasp reality and the simple truth, especially with your pathological ability to lie with a straight face.

Goebbels would be impressed.

Today, thoughts of other leader's who made similar, stupid decisions during dark days come's to mind.
Mussolini eventually found accountability at the hands of his fellow Italians.

Romania's evil dictator Nicky Ceausescu and his wife finally faced accountability with their citizens whom they ruled over abused and brutalized.
They along with so many past dictators had absolute media,state security and military control as you do presently.

The reason I've brought these two example's of leaders running afoul of those they rule over is not to threaten or intimidate you.
The concept of accountability that is so lacking in your corrupt regime is so evident to me and many other American's.
I know beyond any doubt that the Holy One of Israel will have the final word on you and your dark and evil reign.
We all understand how the pendulum swings and the party eventually comes to an end when daylight dawns.
The Fascist Italian dictator and the Romanian communist tyrant couple both had total control and yet God turned their world upside down in a day to remind them who is really in control.

Sadly, proud arrogant fools with great power always miss this eternal truth which always leads to their ugly end.
Eventually you will be held accountable as everyone is on judgment day by the King of Kings, the Alpha and Omega,Israel's messiah Jesus.

Obama and his pet monkey Akbar
I don't know your specific fate except that it will not end well for you as it never ends well for pathological liars who double down as arrogant fool's with great power.
Drunk with power never ends well

I do have a suggestion in light of your Nobel Peace prize award some years ago.
Your crafty speech and ability to seduce and mesmerize the masses with your smooth, slippery and buttery words works until God pulls the plug and pull the plug He will.
You can count on it.

While you are able to, I encourage you to get on Air Force One and head to Raqqa with pen and phone in hand and engage in dialogue with the followers of most merciful and compassionate allah.
I have no doubt that IS will fall under your spell and follow the peaceful ways of Mohammed, returning to the fold of the religion of peace, Islam.

First, declare a truce and stop your very limited, shuck and jive, bombing of Raqqa so that your arrival there will be a peaceful one.
I know you can do it as you are a crafty and seductive man of pseudo-peace and know so much about Islam and how it works and they will welcome you with open arms, American made Arms, Manpads, Tanks, Humvee's, Ford pick up's and everything else you left behind for them.

You da man!


Islamic State, Islam and all Israel's enemies - I can see your future -A big feast for the birds.
Islam's future is bird food!

The Coming of Christ

And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself. He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. And the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses.
From His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may strike down the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty. And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

Then I saw an angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with a loud voice, saying to all the birds which fly in midheaven, “Come, assemble for the great supper of God,
so that you may eat the flesh of kings and the flesh of commanders and the flesh of mighty men and the flesh of horses and of those who sit on them and the flesh of all men, both free men and slaves, and small and great.”
And I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies assembled to make war against Him who sat on the horse and against His army.

Doom of the Beast and False Prophet

And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone.

And the rest were killed with the sword which came from the mouth of Him who sat on the horse, and all the birds were filled with their flesh.
Revelation 19:11-21

Before the big feast for the birds there is another major wipe out of Israel's enemies who come against her.
This is the coming ,next war on God's calendar and where the majority of jihad Muslims meet their end.

“On that day I will give Gog (coalition of Israel's enemies) a burial ground there in Israel, the valley of those who pass by east of the sea, and it will block off those who would pass by. So they will bury Gog there with all his horde, and they will call it the valley of Hamon-gog.

For seven months the house of Israel will be burying them in order to cleanse the land.

Even all the people of the land will bury them; and it will be to their renown on the day that I glorify Myself,” declares the Lord God.
“They will set apart men who will constantly pass through the land, burying those who were passing through, even those left on the surface of the ground, in order to cleanse it. At the end of seven months they will make a search.
 As those who pass through the land pass through and anyone sees a man’s bone, then he will set up a marker by it until the buriers have buried it in the valley of Hamon-gog.
 And even the name of the city will be Hamonah. So they will cleanse the land.”’

Monday, November 16, 2015

The West Has Become Too Stupid To Survive

We elect idiots who tell us all the sweet little lies we want to hear and have become very tolerant of evil and this stupidity spells the doom of the West.
The same nation that bombed the cities of Germany and Japan to win and end WWII does not have the sense to defeat IS as we see with Obama's fake war on IS.
 Are they too stupid to send a clear message to all Muslim terrorists and erase Raqqa (IS capitol City) from the face of the earth, shut down IS internet and financing or are they keeping IS alive for their nefarious agenda?
That answer is easy to see.

When I see the fools in the West with their calls for tolerance on our part and never on the part of Muslims, they ignore the reality that Islam is based on intolerance and the only duty infidels have is to submit to this evil religion or die. How brainwashed the people of the West have become, ripe for destruction.
The invasion is under way in Europe and here in America. God's judgment on the wicked and there is nothing we can do to stop it. He has given us wicked leaders to lead this godless nation to destruction.
See Job 12.
Moderate Muslim's protest in London, UK
Islamic Crusaders have free reign in Europe and America because our godless, stupid and perverted leaders have left the welcome mat out and the door wide open to them.
Our idiot leaders in Washington refused to learn from the free and open access of the MUSLIM terrorists who attacked us on 9/11/2001 and instead focus their Orwellian NSA spy network on us non Muslims who expose their duplicity and lies.
The evil one Obama is planning to flood America with more and more Islamic terrorists from Syria who are coming in under the lie of 'refugees'.
The perverts in the media fail to report that the majority of these Muslims are young men of jihad age coming in.
Europe is finished and lost because of the stupidity and tolerance of the Socialist left who are in national suicide mode.
The same goes for America which has thrown off it's Judeo-Christian foundation and elected wicked, evil men to lead the nation to hell.
See Psalm 9:17
I heard an Arab man on the radio this morning who said something that none of our worthless leaders of either political party would ever have the sense or courage to say. Here it is ;
"A moderate Muslim will always side with his fellow radical, extremist Muslim brothers against an unbeliever, infidel westerner"
That is the truth that the media and the pathological liar in the White House will never tell you... and this is why the so called moderate Muslims do nothing to stop their fellow terrorist Muslims except lie and tell us 'this is not Islam' when it is pure evil Islam.
Here is Islam and what the God of the bible says about it, we can already see God's judgments on evil Islam in Syria with Muslims killing fellow Muslims enmasse
Mt. Seir, Israel's old enemies are toast, just replace Mt.Seir with Israel's new enemies, Islam to learn what God who never changes is doing now.

Ezekiel 35
“Behold, I am against you, Mount Seir, And I will stretch out My hand against you And make you a desolation and a waste. “I will lay waste your cities And you will become a desolation. Then you will know that I am the Lord.
Because you have had everlasting enmity and have delivered the sons of Israel to the power of the sword at the time of their calamity, at the time of the punishment of the end,
therefore as I live,” declares the Lord God, “I will give you over to bloodshed, and bloodshed will pursue you; since you have not hated bloodshed, therefore bloodshed will pursue you. I will make Mount Seir a waste and a desolation and I will cut off from it the one who passes through and returns. I will fill its mountains with its slain; on your hills and in your valleys and in all your ravines those slain by the sword will fall. I will make you an everlasting desolation and your cities will not be inhabited. Then you will know that I am the Lord.
 “Because you have said, ‘These two nations and these two lands will be mine, and we will possess them,’ although the Lord was there, therefore as I live,” declares the Lord God, “I will deal with you according to your anger and according to your envy which you showed because of your hatred against them; so I will make Myself known among them when I judge you.

Then you will know that I, the Lord, have heard all your revilings which you have spoken against the mountains of Israel saying, ‘They are laid desolate; they are given to us for food.’ And you have spoken arrogantly against Me and have multiplied your words against Me; I have heard it.”

 Thus says the Lord God, “As all the earth rejoices, I will make you a desolation.
15 As you rejoiced over the inheritance of the house of Israel because it was desolate, so I will do to you. You will be a desolation, O Mount Seir, and all Edom, all of it. Then they will know that I am the Lord.”’

Sunday, November 15, 2015

All Those Who Hate Me love Death

"For he who finds me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord. But he who sins against me injures himself;  
All those who hate me love death."
Proverbs 8: 35-36

This is why Islam is so in love with death, dying and killing and why the youth from the dying West are so into the death, walking dead, zombie and vampire culture

The skulls of death are everywhere, and on everything in America and the West.

Some thoughts on the West's love affair with death and Islam's attack on Paris Friday night.
Be careful who and what you identify with.

  The band had just finished playing a number; Save A Prayer

"An hour into the rock concert, the atmosphere was frenetic. The band had just finished playing a number called Save A Prayer and - having told their raucous Parisian fans they loved them - they were launching into another favourite, Kiss The Devil..." and then death came to take them.

Most of those who crossed the line to attend the Eagles of Death concert met death on that dark day in Paris, a very ugly death.
What I'm saying is; Do not identify or celebrate with the culture of death which is now 'cool and in' with the doomed youth of our dying culture. Run far away from this doomed culture of death.
God sends a message and most are too blind to see it right under their noses.
You know that the media will try and whitewash Islam's responsibility for this attack, don't you ?

 If they could get away with blaming it on Christian's or Jews, they would, in a second.
That's how evil and full of lies and deception the Western media are today.
Do you remember when Obama was being interviewed by George Stephanopolis of ABC news many years ago when Obama accidentally let the truth out about his religion of choice and not his religion of deception?
'my Muslim faith'
Geroge had to come to his rescue and remind him; 'You're a Christian, not a Muslim' in order to keep the Government/Media deception going.
The liars and deceivers (EVIL) protect their own and go after everyone and everything good as they do with Jewish and Christian believers like Israel, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.
Trump has only exposed himself as part of the evil cabal by going after Carson has he has done. It's always been evident to me who Trump really is by his arrogant, proud boasting.
That's Lucifer, front and center stage just like proud and arrogant Obama, Bush, Clinton and on and on.

'All those who hate me love death'.

It's no surprise to me that the 'Eagles of Death' rock concert in Paris was the location of the greatest loss of life in Paris during the attack by the cult of death, Islam.
I keep hearing from the taqiyya practicing Muslims and their enablers that 'this is not Islam'.
Of course it's Islam, pure unadulterated, evil Islam as everyone of these Satan led Islamic terrorists are practicing the teaching of the founder and writer of the Koran they follow.
Those Muslims not blowing up and killing non Muslims are considered apostates by the true followers of the false prophet, Mohammed.
Getting back to America and the West's obsession with skulls and death and everything dark and evil. It's just more evidence that a culture that has rejected God and the truth is on it's death bed, sliding rapidly down to hell.
This is why we have so many pathological liars and evil men and women deceiving us with their political speech in their insatiable quest for power.
There is no getting America back. It's not hard to see that the window for repentance has closed with the major population now reprobate and resistant to God and His holy laws to the point of hating Him.

We are living in dark days where good is now evil and evil is now good.

Isaiah 5:20

This is where the the hopeless,ugly, death culture has replaced everything Godly and good.

No matter how pretty and cool they make Eagle's of Death, we all saw the outcome of this culture of death and lies on Friday night as the deceived and doomed youth who follow lies came to their ugly dead end at the hands of the cult of death which has been billed a religion of peace by our lying, death loving politicians, statesmen and lying religious leaders.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


(before the "memo" which is below, a direct connection as to why France was unprotected )

What grabbed my attention after the IS attack on France is how easily and unrestrained the Islamic terrorists attacked. For decades the French, British and American's have restrained Israel in their fight against the same Islamic crusaders with an incredible double standard they don't even follow.

Now the hypocrites in FRANCE get a taste of what they have put Israel thru for their support, encouragement and assistance of the Palestinian (Islamic) terrorists against Israel.

Another thing , this attack came right after the EU passed a Nazi like law to label all Israeli products from Judea and Samaria for the sole purpose of helping Israel's enemies.

Now France and Europe are being rewarded for their evil efforts against Israel


God is swift in His retribution to those who hop into bed with Islam against Israel under the con job of peace process.
He is sending Islam to destroy them as we see Muslim on Muslim death and destruction in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Somalia, Libya  and spreading.

His promise to cut in pieces (Zechariah 12:3 and 9) all who meddle with His plan for Israel is in play now

News reports today said a Syrian passport was found on one of the dead MUSLIM terrorists.
That means the stupid Europeans (the French especially) have been letting these IS fighter return and easily cross their borders to fight and terrorize them across Europe.

Obama has also allowed these Islamic terrorists to return to America to fight instead of rounding them up.
The enemy is in the White House and cursed American's elected their destroyer twice.
Obama has been doing an excellent job in bringing America to her knees.

This is only the beginning, thanks to the stupidity of the godless left who rule over Europe and America.

'the truth is harder to accept than the lie's we are being fed'
Marcel Cousineau

from the desk of B. Hussein O.
Destroyer in Chief

CLASSIFIED: SLOP SECRET - for your eyes only!

First, What a great job you all have done in covering up my work of turning Libya into an extremist, radical Islamic terrorist hell hole. Thank you so much, my dear media prostitutes and whores.

 I also want to thank all of you for keeping Turkeys' invaluable assistance in overrunning Europe with its second Islamic invasion off the headlines and front pages, especially their able bodied assistance in helping to make ISIL what it is today by keeping their borders open for so long so that Islamic terrorists from across the globe could pass into Syria and join up.
You Turks are responsible for the attack in Paris as much as IS is and we shall cover up this truth in our controlled media.

I am thankful to NATO for keeping Turkey in the fold in spite of Erdogan's extremist Islamic efforts at toppling the West and his great devotion to his Islamic jihad duties against all unbelievers.

Our time is ripe as the West is very weak and stupid in a suicidal way. They have given us unimpeded entrance in our invasion of Europe and with my executive orders I shall over run America as well with the death cult of hate, Islam.

Truly their godless, leftist ways is a mental disorder that works greatly in our favor as Europe falls into chaos and destruction.
Thanks again Turkey and Merkel for making this Islamic invasion a reality.

In light of the recent Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris and on the Russian passenger jet I want to remind all of you to never,never, never use the words Islam or Muslim when identifying those terrorists and all who do are smeared,discredited ,marginalized and attacked with the full weight of the press as Islamophobes and worse.

Follow my lead, remember when I called ISIL junior varsity, lets keep the lie alive as my fellow jihadists ravage the west with a little help from you and I.

As America's Pathological Liar in Chief, I can tell you from many years of this that the majority want to hear my smooth, slippery lies more than they want the truth, so lets keep up the good work. Cowered America is ripe for destruction and my agenda is proceeding smoothly with no real resistance.

If I knew I could get way with it, I would order you to not even use the word terrorist in describing my fellow jihadists and only use the term 'activists'.
tell a lie often enough and they will believe it
We have been quite successful in deceiving the public with our big lie that Islam is a religion of peace.
Hitler's Third Reich, Minister of Propaganda, Goebbels was correct in saying; 'tell a lie enough times and the people will believe it'.

The public are now like clueless, dumb sheep headed for slaughter as they were stupid enough to vote for me twice. Now they will receive what they have elected me to do, change America into hell on earth. We must keep the lie alive my fellow revolutionaries in the media so that the sheep go quietly without much resistance.
The worst thing would be for them to wake up at this late hour, so keep the propaganda machine pumping out our big lie about my favorite and dearest religion of death and utter destruction.
The doomed fools will eat it up as they always have.
It is important that we not round up all the ISIL fighters returning her to the U.S. from Syria and Iraq. I've ordered the FBI to do nothing, just watch a few of them from a distance, and they are good at following my orders.

Even though I failed to keep my dearly beloved Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt,I have paved the way for destruction by way of Islam to spread more rapidly here with many Islamic terrorist cells already in place and waiting for the go, this as I import thousands of these jihadists into the US as we have successfully done in Europe, now in it's final stage.
Remember how easily I got away with releasing 5 major Islamic terrorist, Taliban leaders for one fellow traitor and Islamic convert.
I can get away with much more treachery with this present, silent, impotent opposition who never hold me accountable for my high crimes. If they try, I will get my strategically located fellow revolutionaries to burn America's cities down.

Also very important, we must find a way to place the blame for these Islamic terrorists attacks on Israel and the Jews.
Push the lie that if Israel were to appease Islam with more surrender, retreat and release of my fellow terrorists that there would be no justly angry Muslims and peace would break out everywhere.
Stay on track with the agenda of our god, Lucifer and his false prophets, Mohammed, Lenin, my dearest Frank Davis Marshall and S. Alinski, order out of chaos.

Chaos we shall have here on the home front with your much needed help. Only after this destruction we have planned can we introduce the globalist wet dream,the tower of Babel, second edition, for our god Lucifer.

In closing I want all of you to keep this news story on the Paris attack short lived.
I want it to be forgotten by the public in a few days.
This will be easy as my American sheep headed for slaughter have very short attention spans and will soon forget this thanks to the many distractions and garbage we feed them.
Lets get the focus back on attacking Ben Carson, Israel, and those exposing my evil agenda, and off my fellow jihadists ASAP.
Remember and repeat after me; 'Islam is a religion of peace'.
hahaha this is so easy thanks to the many useful idiots and fools that America is over run with now.

Ephesians 5:11


Why did NSA and ECHELON fail to intercept this Islamic attack on France ?

Because the perverts are too busy watching us non Muslims who pose no threat

Friday, November 13, 2015

A House Divided Will Not Survive

The good news today is that divided Islam is coming to it's end, thank God !!! ... but not before He uses it to thrash and trash those nations who have pushed Israel into their false peace agenda to divide the land He gave them.
America and Europe will pay dearly for their evil against Israel.
But He will use Israel to do it and not divided, cursed, reprobate America which is also set for the ash heap and rubble of all once great empires.

But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.
Matthew 12:22-28

Muslims at war with Muslims

The Muslim vs. Muslim wars today has Sunni IS bombing the assembled funeral procession of a Shiite fighter in Baghdad, Iraq and the Peshmerga, (Kurd's) and Yazidi's retaking their town of Sinjar
from the 100% Muslim followers of allah, demon god of Islam.

The Battle for Sinjar

It's not 'radical' Islam but regular Islam, the fruit of the evil tree
...cannot be separated from what Islam has always been since it's inception under the direction of the false prophet and child molester Mohammed.
We have been lied to by the globalist elite who are using this totalitarian death cult,false religion of tyranny to advance their evil and Satanic agenda.

If you really love or care for those enslaved to this lie you would warn them to flee from Islam because it is false, a big lie built on violence, murder and an unmerciful and bloodthirsty god with no compassion.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

So the leak may not have been accidental

I was reading this morning in Isaiah where God raised up an extremely powerful enemy to come up against His own people Israel to utterly defeat them because they did exactly what America has done.
Because I believe God and have no confidence in man, I know with certainty that He will judge the wicked and it is He who has blinded them to it.
When you seek the LORD with all your heart and serve Him alone, you are not blind and can see without all the confusion and clouds of lies that fog the brains of the doomed, the unrepentant lost who have rejected Jesus Christ and serve lying idols instead.

God does not change and it's easy to see Him raising up Russia, Iran,  China and others to come against Sodom and Gomorrah, America.
What is amazing to me is how asleep the sheep headed for slaughter are... just as they were in Isaiah and Jeremiah's day.
The denial and absolute ignorance then was just as we are seeing today with the lying, corrupt US media doing it's part to keep everyone asleep to the impending cataclysmic destruction.

But we do get a few tidbits of information in the middle of this gross American darkness to put together paint a clear picture of what is soon to come to Queer Nation.

Putin is a very busy man with a clear agenda to put a stop to America and the agenda of it's demonically inspired, queer as hell leaders.
I hope you can see what is soon to come to our reprobate nation that ejected God and the idiots now in charge have assumed to replace Him.
I wish Ben Carson and Ted Cruz the best but they will not stop what God has prepared for US.
The nation is too wicked and the people bent on evil and more evil.

Such a weapon would guarantee "that everything living will be killed", the paper said - there would not even be any survivors in bunkers.


Muslims doing what they do best

Muslim Terrorists Blow Up Fellow Muslim Terrorists in Beirut double Suicide Bombing

A 3rd Muslim terrorist suicide bomber was killed prematurely when the 2nd Muslim terrorist suicide bombers bomb went off too close to him before he could detonate his bomb.

Does this dead terrorist of Islam forfeit his reward of 72 worn out whores ?

Every day we see the fruit of Islam

More evidence that Islam is evil, bloody and that these followers of the false prophet and his god Satan cannot even live in peace among themselves and why it is evil of the US,EU,UN and everybody to push Israel into a false peace with these followers of death, the and hell. 

IS (Islamic State) claims responsibility for homicidal attack on fellow Muslims

Maybe this is why Hussein Obama is so keen on advancing Islam in America and selling us on it as a religion of peace. There is a good reason why the Nobel Committee gave this president and promoter of evil Islam the Nobel Peace Prize.
"When they say Peace,they mean war"