Monday, October 12, 2015

The Bloody Religion of Hate and Intolerance Targets Jerusalem

They hunted our steps So that we could not walk in our streets; Our end drew near, Our days were finished For our end had come. Our pursuers were swifter Than the eagles of the sky; They waited in ambush for us in the wilderness.
Lamentations 4
We've been told for many years by our lying political leaders on the left and the right that Islam is a religion of peace.
It is a bold face lie from the pit of hell that they have fed to the masses to dull their sense of reality and keep them far away from the truth. Today America and the west, having abandoned God is a kingdom of lies.
All Muslims are forbidden to make peace with infidels and are required to make jihad against them. This is why US foreign policy and never ending wars have failed to bring any real peace to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and every other Muslim country where it has intervened.

Peace with the big lie Islam is impossible, it must be destroyed like any ugly nonredeemable cancer but sadly the West is saddled with stupid, reprobate leaders and Israel will have to do the job as God has always intended.

The foundation of our Western civilization has been destroyed and replaced by gross darkness.

Israel, so keen to imitate the wayward Western way of self destruction and godless insanity has fallen into weakness which destroys nations.
Israel shows kindness and mercy to evil and even rewards it's enemies instead of sending a loud and clear message to the followers of the false prophet Mohammed.
Israel's policy of appeasement has failed and as the Jewish people get squeezes into a corner they must and will strike back hard, damn the public outcry from the hypocrite nations, something they should have done long, long ago.

Fear is a good thing when it is your enemies who fear you.

Tragically, the Palestinian's no longer fear weak, dhimmi-land Israel and this will be very costly in the death of many innocent Jews as we are seeing now in Israel and especially Jerusalem. I have no doubt that God wants Israel to wipe out their evil enemies as peace is impossible with the followers of the devil god, allah.

By compromising with evil, Israel has become weak and an easy target for one and all.
Being kind to the cruel is not God's way.

Those who lead Israel presently are not led by God but by their pimps in Washington and Brussels.
To please the false gods he serves, Netanyahu and Israel have become nothing more than a dhimmi nation, subservient to Islam's threats of violence.

Soon the status quo will have to change and Israel will have to shower the followers of allah with merciless destruction in order to survive.

Weakness, appeasement and retreat has opened the door for the present Islamic bloodletting on Israel's citizens by Arab youth raised and taught to hate by their parents and fellow Muslims as part of their religious upbringing.
The nations of the world are silent towards the murderous, Nazi like genocide that drive the Palestinians to murder and butcher the Jewish people. They only pressure and threaten Israel to 'do more' for their phony peace and never the followers of the religion of hate.
God has already begun to send judgment upon the nations for their evil hypocrisy directed against Israel and much more is on the way.
Of course Israel and the Jewish people will be blamed by every reprobate nation for the fallout from this coming great war against Islam when it is the false religion of hate, bloodshed and intolerance that is to blame fully.
Rest assured ,God will require SEVERE judgment against this violent, evil religion, all who truly love justice see and understand this.
They do not suffer the delusion of showing mercy and kindness to such unabashed evil.

Dramatic footage release of Jerusalem stabbing attack


Anonymous said...

I can see this coming. The Islamic crowd are being whipped along by the demon they serve, but are running headlong into an IRON TRAP. When the Trap springs shut it will be TOO LATE. Both the islamists and the U.S. are operating under a Divine curse from YHWH. The U.S. is openly supporting those who have sworn to destroy Israel. What is going to happen to Babylon America. Dust and ash!

I read this morning that the U.S. has dropped 50 tons of small arms ammo and grenades, 112 pallets, to the U.S. supported isis / rebel forces in Syria. They were doing the same thing for isis in Iraq. and the Iraqi army was aware of it.and could do nothing much to stop it.

I also read this morning that when Mr. Erdogan of Turkey, the hater of Israel and of the grafted in Christians, threatened Mr. Putin for interfering in Syria, Mr. Putin told him in part to go to " the place of Great Heat", among a few other choice comments, referring to him as a dictator as bad as Hitler. .
( see / Putin-to-Muslim )

I am thankful that The LORD our GOD has left us a perfect picture in Scripture of what is taking place in our lifetime. It is certainly a sobering picture. Let us keep our eyes on our TRUE COMMANDER+ and CHIEF+, at HIS+ FATHER'S Right Hand, making intercession for us continually, thankfully so.

Anonymous said...

"Go to hell" Putin to Turkey's threatening, fool president.

I heard that about Putin/ Turkey also. I believe the Islamic extremists, good friends of Obama, who rule Turkey were behind the bombing there last week.
From bible prophecy doesn't Turkey fall to Russia ?
It wouldn't take much for the Russian Army to swoop down south to remove the enemy of their friend Assad and send a message to the pervert in the White House.