Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday on the Rebel Planet

Hitler only wished he had this kind of control and instant power over the masses.
This is ;

and the sheep are for the most part naive,silent, sleeping sheep headed for the great slaughter.

bIG BrOther- MicroSoft,GOOgle,FacebOOk-Police State

IAF Targets Hezbollah in Syria

Air space over Syria getting busier by the day, maybe the most bombed place on earth at the moment?
A coming global war magnet indeed!

There's bound to be an 'accident' and no doubt the number of US ground forces entering the Syrian battlefield is more than 50.
(Loose lips sink ships) The US military can not possibly be that stupid to divulge the exact number of special forces they are inserting unless it is a 'low ball' number.

updates: Russian Airliner crash in Sinai

Hasty assertions?

Posted at 14:33
What is worrying a lot of people in the aviation safety community is the haste with which both the Russian and Egyptian authorities seem to be saying: 'We know this was mechanical failure.' In the event of any disaster like this, particularly when the aircraft is at high attitude, there's generally the need simply to wait until the black boxes - the flight data and cockpit voice recorders - have been analysed and then start to work out the sequence of events. And it has been asserted that perhaps they want to do this on the Egyptian side to rule out any terrorist-related activity, because the area in which the aircraft was flying over is a hotbed of Islamist fighters who are taking on Egyptian forces."

Simon Calder BBC Travel Show


IS Claims responsibility in downing of Russian Plane over Sinai

The fact that Islamic State in Sinai had their media (cameraman) taping the downing of this plane is quite damning to the ongoing media spin of 'technical failure'. 

This Airbus can fly on one engine. What is beyond any spin is that this jet came down right over IS held territory that Egypt can't seem to clean up. 'IF' this was a Muslim terrorist attack, it would make Egypt look real bad indeed... kind of like another failed Muslim nation over run with extremist Muslims who with ease outwit the Egyptian and world governments.

It's very easy for the powers that be to lie to us

 The global government media will need to deny this if it is true as it would be bad for Egyptian tourism and make those fighting IS look stupid and careless to the growing Islamic threat which has spread into Egypt and the skies above 30,000 feet which were presumed safe before today.

 They don't want to look stupid and incompetent and maybe this is why they were so quick to claim 'other than Islamic State terrorism'.

Heating up and expanding war ?

If it was downed by IS in Sinai, then you can bet that we will see a big push by the Egyptian army against them in the Sinai shortly and for sure Russia will get it's pound of flesh.  


Anonymous said...

This seems fairly obvious to me that given the filming of the crash or SHOOT DOWN by these bloodthirsty devils, that it was NOT mechanical failure.

As the islamic servants of satan have sown may they reap. If this is a shoot down Russia will surely go after this scum, since it seems that they are the only ones willing to exert real effort in doing it. The U.S. certainly does not do anything except LIE about every crime it has sponsored.

Anonymous said...

When they had more control over the media they could get away with saying whatever they wanted, now most people have learned to question the party line of the liars aka politicians.

External influence - another name for Islam's jihad against the world.
from BBC
The Russian airline Kogalymavia has blamed "external influence" for Saturday's Sinai plane crash which killed 224 people.

A senior airline official said: "The only reasonable explanation is that it was [due to] external influence."