Friday, October 16, 2015

Happy Clock Boy Meets With Sudan's Genocidal Killer

It has proven fashionable for the American Muslim troublemaker to visit with Omar al- Bashir.

Chances are that you won't hear about this in the US media as their propaganda, slant is to make the bad boy look like an innocent victim, a Muslim American hero, much as they do with the Palestinian terrorists who are all 'good' Muslims obeying their Islamic duties of jihad against all infidels.
The picture of little Mohammed, smiling with his arm around a genocidal Muslim butcher might wake up the sleepy sheep of America to what is going on
Genocidal butcher of Darfur the hypocrite nations and ICC won't touch because he is Muslim  

Someone who has had an arrest warrant issued by the ICC for his war crimes in Darfur.
The worthless and despicable world court in the Hague is too cowardly to go after this genocidal Sudanese leader because he is a Muslim.
They only go after non- Muslim's as we saw with Serbia's Slobodan Milosevic.
This injustice is unforgivable and reveals what evil people we have leading this world.
They are too busy going after Israel and targeting the Jews for false charges, so they give the followers of the false prophet a pass.
Soon God will end this farce, permanently! I am looking forward to His justice descending on these wicked, godless dogs who know nothing of justice.

Only a perverse media could spin this bad boy's (who has been celebrated by our evil President Hussein Obama) visit to a mass murderer under an international warrant of arrest as something good and respectable.

Smiling American Muslim boy's joy at meeting mass murderer hero

While the rest of us are given extra scrutiny, Muslims like this boy will be treated as a hero for joyfully visiting this modern day Hitler of the Islamic persuasion.
This despicable double standard by our corrupt government and perverted media is a crime and I am grateful that God will exact His own, personal vengeance on these hypocrites who coddle Islamic terrorists and go out of their way to never identify them as Muslim's.


3,000 Iranian Troops land in Syria along with 2,000 Cuban troops

Soon their focus will turn from Syria to Jerusalem

Muslim's To Take A Break From Killing Each Other to Focus on Killing Jews ?

It does seem like Satan and his hordes from hell might be getting ready to unite and target Israel and the Jews, their first and foremost infidel enemy.
The one and only thing that can unite Sunni and Shiite for a short time is their desire to genocidally exterminate Israel.
It looks  like this is now on the devil's front burner along with his UN, EU, US partners, all united against Israel and the Jews.
I think this is going to blow up, out of control very soon.
Already the Muslims of Jordan are tired of peace with Israel and the Egyptian's are not far behind.

Palestinian Posing as Journalist Stabs Israeli Soldier

They love to murder so much ,they spend their time thinking of new and more effective ways to kill Jews... and the nations of the world and their dark media always portray them as poor, innocent victims.


Anonymous said...

True! Islam is a "death cult" for sure. Those in power in America love it!!

The serpents in D.C. are supporting them ( the muslims) because they will help them with their Agenda.

D.C. is accountable. They know what they are doing. Let every one of their lying plans be struck down by the LORD GOD, both the Islamic lie and the supporters of it in the :" city of baal ".

LORD+ save your people and lift them up to you forever. Strike down the kingdom of death and darkness. Amen.

Anonymous said...

No surprise that the nations of the earth have chosen to stand with evil against the Israel of God. They are all in league with Satan and will eat the ugly fruit of their deeds.