Saturday, October 17, 2015


Have you noticed how Satan easily gets his followers to threaten another intifada, more violence and murder to keep the shrine honoring him, (Dome of the Crock) and the Temple Mount where it stands over the ruins of a Byzantine Church they destroyed, under his evil domination.

Violence and bloodshed of the innocent are the hallmarks of the religion of hate and intolerance, also known as Islam.
Muslim's always use violence to intimidate those who will not submit to the teachings of their false prophet because their god is an invalid who cannot defend himself, so they they must play 'the god of vengeance' themselves.
Christian's and Jews reserve vengeance to the living God who is quite capable of taking care of the wicked, thankfully He is full of mercy and compassion unlike the false god allah who is all about no mercy and no compassion and is only a god of death and bloodshed.
To the fools who call allah and God the same, I say wake up and test the fruit.
Islam does not pass the smell test because it is a lie.

So far the devil has been successful in keeping anyone visiting the Temple Mount from even praying to the true living God, with a weak, faith challenged and compromised Israel in compliance.

The latest wave of Palestinian violence is due to the lies and false rumors that Israel and wimpy Netanyahu plan to change the status quo over the Temple Mount. He's too weak a  leader politician to do much of anything except make nice, empty speeches.

Eventually God will remove this abomination from His Holy Mount Zion.

The cult of death along with incessant, meddling pressure from bully empire America has reduced Israel to dhimmi-state by way of threats and violence under their scam peace process.

The Palestinians always revert to violence and murder to threaten and get their way and this is how they have dominated a weak and appeasing Israel for decades under the ruse of 'peace talks'.

Don't trust or believe the lying media and their evil agenda

Who is the real victim and who are the real perpetrators in this never ending Islamic jihad against Israel ?
Satan's propaganda media has made sure to blur and confuse the truth and reality for the masses as they keep feeding us the devils big lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

 evil nations

Have you noticed how the evil nations always reward the Palestinians for their genocidal ways against the Jews and Israel is always pressured to do more after they are slaughtered?

The location of the first and second temple is a flash point for Satan and his Islamic world because this is the place that God said His presence would be, Mount Zion, and the devil knows as long as he can control this location he is impeding God's redemption plan for mankind.

Messiah Jesus is returning to Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives and will enter the Temple Mount by the Eastern Gate which was long ago blocked up by the Ottoman Turks, now back to their evil Caliphate ways and the latest friend turned enemy, supporting IS and targeting Israel and Jerusalem.

The big lie I keep hearing the US media reporting the big lie of the Palestinian's ; "end the occupation''.
Gaza has been under the complete control of the Islamic terrorist army of Hamas for a long time now and the Palestinian Terrorist Authority are in control of their cities in Judea and Samaria.

So the lie of occupation that the evil media keep brainwashing the American public with is just more Satanic propaganda meant to place blame on Israel and the Jews for the genocidal behavior of the mad dog Palestinians whose only contribution to the world has been the suicide bomber first used against Israel by Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat and his Islamic terrorists. 

The US and the world had a long and passionate love affair with this lying, murdering pig of a man, even giving the unrepentant and ugly Islamic terrorist the Nobel Peace Prize for killing Jews while talking peace.
The latest Haman's and Hitlers are here now and they run the UN, EU, and UN.

The Muslims want all of Israel and they will stop at noting to reconquer Israel for their demon god, Obama and the rest of the world know this and they are happy to sacrifice the Jews to their enemies to appease the Muslims.
 When the devious, lying Muslims and their supporters talk about Israel's occupation what they mean is that Israel's land once under the control of Islam is now under control of non Muslims (infidels) and this makes allah their false god and Islam look doubtful and the big lie that it is.

If allah is truly God, then why is an infidel nation, Israel, existing on land that was long ago conquered and dominated by Dar al Islami ?

Now that the Muslims have been unable to retake this land after many many wars ,they themselves have to question their religion and false prophet Mohammed.

The reality is that Israel's continued existence proves Islam to be false, a lie and this is why they are so mad, so insanely driven to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.
The US, UN, EU, and the rest of the nations are united with evil Islam in this goal by calling for a Palestinian state on the small, meager piece of land the Israel is.

When they talk about peace process, two state solution what they are really saying is slice and dice, into the blender for Israel, because Israel will not survive their two state solution.
Look at what happened to Gaza when President Skull n' Bones Bush threatened PM Sharon in order to get him to expel fellow Jews from a peaceful and prosperous Gush Katif, now an Islamic terrorist haven.
(No one has thanked President Bush for his great accomplishments for Islam at Israel's expense under the lie of 'peace process'.

 I heard US Ambassador to the UN, the radical, extremist Samantha Powers call Islam's war against Israel 'cycle of violence',as if Israel bears some responsibility, another big lie. What she and her cohorts are saying is the id Jews were to simply disappear there would be no problem in the Middle East. Syria,
Iraq, IS, Afghanistan, Yemen,Saudi Arabia, Iran,Libya, Somalia, Sudan, etc. all prove the anti-Semites wrong, Mr. Hussein Obama. Israel is the solution to the problem of Islam.

It is Islam that is the cause of ALL the violence and Islam alone.

Everywhere where Islam rules there is injustice, war, genocide and bloodshed.
The Palestinian's are just the front line shock troops for Islam's war against Israel and this is why they get so much support from the US and the rest of the (evil) world.


UN Assistant Secretary General Zerihoun's garbage talk against Israel

A second factor behind the recent escalation in violence was the "heavy handed approach by the Israeli security services", he said.

Like the other hypocrites who have never once called IS head cutters "heavy handed" he would prefer that the Jews once again go silently and without resistance to their death.
These bastards, and there are many, always go after Israel only for defending themselves.
They hate to see Jews fight back.

No mention of the "heavy handed" crimes against humanity, drone attacks and bombing of hospital's and wedding parties by Obama,
Drone Vader and destroyer, no mention of heavy handed Saudi bombing attacks in Yemen of civilians. of course not, they only target Israel with their biased attacks.

I say Israel has to get much much tougher to survive in this neighborhood where Islam worships death.

" I took a step back and I shot the terrorist without hesitation ", she said.

The world does not like to see Israel defeat their enemies, it really bothers them, just as it bothers Satan.


Anonymous said...

Good and firm article. The MSM are paid liars. They will say nothing truthful about Israel. Now in the U.S. they are beginning to attack Christians in that way. No truth is spoken about GOD'S Children.

The supporters of islam in D.C. are marked by The LORD GOD. HE knows their false and lying hearts.

Everything is on schedule. The LORD+ is drawing the nations down to the valley of Jehoshaphat ( YHWH Judges )

I was reading some of Zechariah today. It seems that it will get rough for Israel proper, and also for the "grafted-in" Israel too. MESSIAH is on the way. All things are coming into place. Let it ALL COME. Even so COME LORD JESUS!

Anonymous said...

we're living in the days the prophets wrote about and it will not go well for the nations who are a thorn in Israel's side.

Anonymous said...