Thursday, September 24, 2015


God is sending a message to the followers of the false prophet

Just a few weeks ago we had the unusual storm that swept through Saudi Arabia and toppled a German owned construction crane right on Islam's number one Mosque in all the world, the Grand Mosque in Mecca killing more than the media last reported.
The few Muslims with a humble heart must be asking serious questions about their god and what is happening, especially with the Muslim on Muslim civil,religious war going on and spreading.
Today we have a major stampede where another accident has claimed the lives of seven hundred plus Muslims who inadvertently killed each other out of panic.
I wonder what caused the stampede, did someone see the devil ?
That would be the place to see him. Will we ever know the real cause ?
 YES, God is at work in the heart of Satan's chief religious empire. Read Ezekiel 35 for the details.

Muslim on Muslim death has become the staple of this false religion of hate, especially towards His people Israel.
 It's not just the religion of hate,violence and death anymore. Add panic to this strange and evil religion of the false prophet Mohammed.

What I can see clearly is that God has begun to judge this false and evil religion at it's seat of birth and death and bloodshed at the hands of stupid and careless fellow Muslims is increasing.
The ongoing internal Islamic war of murderous Sunni Muslim against murderous bloodthirsty Shiite Muslim we have been witnessing for decades in Somalia has spread to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya,Yemen, Egypt and the Sinai and Lebanon, and it continues to spread.

Anyone who cannot see that this is the hand of God as His judgments on this scourge across the earth, masquerading as a religion is not just blind but spiritually dead.
There is a great end time final showdown between the false religion of Islam and Israel.Only one will survive. The crushing defeat and end of Islam is not far off.

We have already seen God drive out the inhabitants of Syria, Israel's oldest for and nemesis which had started many wars against them since 1948.
Payday has arrived upon the Syria people as those who have survived the Muslim on Muslim genocide have fled for their lives away from what was once their ancestral homes.
This is the hand of God at work against the death cult, Islam.
Ezekiel 35 is where you can read about this judgment, just replace Mount Seir with Israel's latest mortal enemies, Islam of the big lie.
God is soon to show the wicked inhabitants of earth the true from the false. Israel will survive, Islam will not.
Pope Francis, his groupies and world leader are in this group of the blind leading the blind, the spiritually dead. Instead of speaking the truth and warning the ignorant about the real threat of Islam they parrot Satan's agenda of 'man made global warming' or what they now call 'climate change'.

The diversion of Obama, the Pope, U.N., E.U., U.S., and other world experts and leaders away from the true danger to life, Islam, towards such nonsense as climate change is easy to see as it is they who have helped to create and strengthen Sunni brand, Islamic State Caliphate in what was once part of Syria and Iraq. How is it possible that so many continue to believe the lies of these world leaders that Islam is a religion of peace after so many hundreds of thousands of examples of Islam in action to the contrary.

There is no mercy or compassion in Islam or with their false god, allah, none.

A Muslim protest of hate in no longer free U.K.  

The masses of people really are stupid to fall for this over lie and so many others. Jeremiah 51:17 is a fact. Apart for Jesus removing the scales from our eyes we are all blind to the truth and living in Satan's matrix of darkness and confusion.
Sadly too many are content to stay trapped in the web and not seek God and the truth. with all their heart and mind.
Content is a bad place to be in this present evil world system soon to be destroyed by the Holy One of Israel, the only Way, only Truth and only Life.
Common sense has fled the building and fantasy and delusions darken the face of the earth, scattering lies across the airwaves to all four corners and the majority love the sweet tasting but toxic Kool-Aid.

birds of the same feather

When the Bible warns of spiritual wickedness in high places, it meant all of these high places of man's global rule and dominion overseen by demonic principalities in open warfare against God, especially religious 'high places' like Rome, Salt Lake City and Mecca.
Those of you who honor and respect what is evil and are offended by me and the truth I present, there is something the true, living God has spoken to you and your ilk long ago.
When He says ; "WOE", it's a really bad thing for you. I hope you do escape the delusion and wake up before it is too late. That is my purpose here.
Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Isaiah 5:20
You who have sided with bitter Islam against Israel are without excuse on judgment day when you face the wrath of almighty God.


  1. AMEN! I could hardly believe the HIGH amount of dead in this latest Judgment against Islam. Surely they must be getting the message. Something is VERY WRONG and VERY EVIL in the Islamic LIE.

    This battle is for Eternal Life or Eternal Death. I pray that millions will FLEE for their lives from the LIE of Islam, and FLEE to the SON of GOD for Light and Life.

    The Pope tour is a big charade, timed in sync with the U.N. plan for the human race. It could be that we are seeing at least the fore runner of the two "man beasts", one secular, one religious, or possibly even the warm up of the actual fulfillment. Let us watch and see..

    Thank you for this good article.

  2. God bless you,for the truth you endeavour to spread

  3. thanks, they google gang are making it hard for me to post a response here.
    I do not think they like what I am writing.